George Soros’s Journey To Prosperity


George Soros is a man of many different qualities. He is a successful entrepreneur, investor, a philanthropist and human right activists. His journey to prosperity didn’t start yesterday, but many years ago during the World War II. Hungary, his native country, was occupied by armed forces of Nazi something that made him free to England. While in England, he studied economics and sociology at the London School of business.
Soros’ success story after graduating from university has been an incredible one. Upon graduation, he got his first job to work as an investment advisor in a brokerage firm. In 1956, barely after working for four years in his first job, he left England for the United States to look for greener pasture. While in the United States, George worked for several New York-based firms. He rose to become the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC, a successful hedge fund firm located in New York City. Currently, he is serving as its Chairman but there are reports that he recently left the management position to concentrate on his philanthropic work at Open Society Foundations.
His expertise and knowledge in finance and economic matters have helped him become one of the best-selling authors in the world. To date, George Soros has authored 14 books that cover a broad range of disciplines such as economics, global market, politics, investment, finance and democracy. Many readers read his books because of his financial wisdom. Some of the subjects that his books cover include the Crash of 2008, the Soviet system, European Unions, global capitalism and many other subjects.
George has proven to be a successful investor due to his rare talent of analyzing economic trends and how they affect the investment market. He has been making risky predictions, which in the long run have proved accurate.
As stated earlier, George is an active philanthropy. He has dedicated his life giving much of his wealth to the society. He founded his Open Society Foundation in 1979 to champion for open societies and democratic governments that protect human rights and values. He has been against governments that apply the authoritarian style of rule. His philanthropic work was seen when he supported a group of oppressed black students from South Africa to study abroad. He gave them scholarships to enable them to accomplish their educational goals.
In the United States, Soros is one of the eminent personalities who are fighting against voter restrictions and various voting blocks. Currently, they are funding a group of lawyers who are involved in a legal battle that they claim would bring equal voting rights for all American citizens regardless of their backgrounds. George ensures the Democrats have enough money to continue being in the government for years to come.
His success in entrepreneurship and investment has given him the freedom to continue pursuing his philanthropic goals. His success in the financial industry and philanthropic work is certainly something that is admired by young and old generation.

Yeonmi Park: A Voice and a Vision of Freedom

Yeonmi Park‘s upcoming new book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is already gaining acclaim for its stark, realistic portrait of this young woman’s life. Focusing on her time as a North Korean citizen, Yeonmi’s book details her life with stunning honesty. She also discusses how her life was forever changed by the ravages of human trafficking, a crime that knows no boundaries. As she herself admits on BBC, after so many years of living as an oppressed person, it is still strange to her that people want to learn about her feelings and personal preferences. Indeed, this is a book about the triumph of the human spirit over the people and places that would rather squash someone and make them feel insignificant. Ever since Yeonmi has made her way onto the global stage, people have been clamoring for this book—and it does not disappoint. In this vivid account, Yeonmi chronicles how and why her family first left North Korea in the first place. Due to her father selling metals to the Chinese, the entire family had been forced to live in disgrace. Not only were they ostracized from their community, but they were also broke and unable to find any food. Forced to subsist off the grass in their backyard, as well as some frozen potatoes, it wasn’t long before Yeonmi and the rest of her family were starving. Yeonmi and her mother knew that if they didn’t flee North Korea, they would die. But making it over the border was a dangerous proposition—they could be shot dead for trying to escape their country, which was illegal. Anyone who wanted to leave needed papers from the state saying that they could. Fortunately, Yeonmi and her mother figured out a way to bribe some of the guards, and their safety was then assured. Unfortunately, it was when they crossed over to China that their tale took on an even more sinister tone. Yeonmi Park’s story on Youtube is a stunning tale of survival, one that everyone should read.

Dan Newlin Offers Experience in Law

A Team that you Can Trust
Dan Newlin and his team of experienced lawyers is one team that you can fully trust because they strive to help their clients in their time of need. These are super lawyers on a mission. Helping injured people with a passion for justice. Experience with the law is what every client can expect to receive from this team. You wont have to fight for justice alone because this team will be right with you every step of the way.

A Firm and Strong Dedication in Florida
The Law Offices of Dan Newlin provides their firm and solid dedication to families all throughout Florida. Those who have been injured can count on this firm to ensure that justice is served. This is a firm that is 100 percent dedicated to their community. Florida can count on this team of dedicated lawyers to provide passion and experience when they need it the most. Those who sustain an injury through no fault of their own can rely on this team to ensure that every expense will be compensated and accounted for. Every injury has a solution.

Dan Newlin and Public Service
Dan Newlin deserves full recognition for his public service. This is an individual who has dedicated his adult life to serving the public. He has done this with integrity and dedication. This is a man who has earned the trust of many. When he was a younger man of only 18, he obtained a job as an Emergency Medical Technician. This was for the City of New Chicago, Indiana. He is well informed of the injuries that people must endure due to the carelessness of others. He then went on to become a police officer. He did not stop there because he had accepted a position as Deputy Sheriff. Dan Newlin’s public service can speak volumes of his commitment top every community that he has resided in. There are many great reasons to place your full trust in Dan Newlin. He deserves admiration and full respect.

The Benefits Of Renting An Apartment When Visiting London

The majority of people who give attempt to apartments rather than hotels find that they incredibly lean toward them. Say farewell to little rooms, questionable cleaning, overrated mini-bars, extortionate Web access charges and housemaids who think more about their timetable than your protection! Hiring apartments in London will offer a level of solace, space, cleanliness, security, quality and individual appeal that hotels and inns basically can’t contend with. Hence, the aim of London Escape is to offer you some assistance with finding the absolute and best-overhauled apartments in London. Our task is to get you your “home far from home” in London.
LondonEscape is amongst the agencies that have operated for a long time, and it will assist you to book for apartments, lodgings apart from offering other settlement arrangements in London. More so, it will take into account all financial plans and giving everything from basic spending plan studios to whole houses in the capital’s top territories. With WorldEscape or London Escape, you can now have instant booking and communication. Most of the apartments can be booked online, rapidly and safely with your reservation being affirmed in a flash using email with all the required details.
Save your money, time and ensure health with a kitchen. London has a portion of the world’s best eateries in any case. For some individuals, an essential element of an overhauled apartment is that you have your particular kitchen. Simply, not having a kitchen and being compelled to eat any meal. That wastes a lot of time and seriously affects both your wallet and your waistline. Another favorable thing about apartments is that they exist all over London, including parts of the city where you cannot get hotels on account of their sizes and the principles securing imperative structures. But for an apartment, you can end up staying in the most astonishing areas and probably the most popular roads.
There are an accumulation of London apartments and get-away rentals for gatherings of all sizes and spending plans. Most apartments are situated over all London regions, and getting to London is simpler than ever before. Apart from LondonEscape, WorldEscape is another accomplished and family-run organization, where you can get help having been in the online booking business since the beginning of the Web furor. Now with the comfort of a nice rented apart, you don’t worry to make a comeback in London with everything you need readily available for you.

Sergio Cortes Is Bringing One Of The Greats Back To People’s Lives

There’s times when the greatest artists of a generation can almost be seen as a mixed blessing. On one hand they’re obviously the source of great wonder and joy for millions of people. But on the other, there’s often a sense of sadness for the people born too late to be a part of it. A good example of this is Michael Jackson. He’s widely known as the King of Pop, and for good reason. He managed to take several existing musical and thematic ideas and push them to the next level. It’s rare that one can look at any form of performance art and say that it was totally different before and after a single person’s participation. But there’s one thing clear whether one’s talking about pop, dance or even live musical performance in general. The world was changed by Jackson’s presence within it.

But one man is bringing hope to those who feel they missed out on experiencing the legend in action. During Jackson’s rise Sergio Cortes was experiencing some very similar events. The way their lives were mirrored might seem strange until one remembers just how public Jackson’s life was. This allowed people to be influenced by him in areas quite far removed from his geographic area. And it meant that a young boy named Sergio Cortes was able to catch a recording of a Jackson 5 era Michael Jackson performance. To Sergio it was simply a great performance. To his mother, also in the room, it was a huge shock. She was looking at a child on the screen who was almost the mirror image of her own son. That was the first time that someone would notice the uncanny resemblance between Sergio Cortes and Michael Jackson. But given that he’s now known as MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes, it’d hardly be the last.

Cortes would go on to play around with the resemblance. His schoolmates, in particular, were taken by his ability to pretend to be Jackson on occasion. But it wasn’t until he’d grown older that it became more a calling than a hobby. One might expect growth to lesson the resemblance. But instead time made Cortes look more and more like Jackson every year. The boy who looked like Jackson in his own youth began to look like the grown up Michael.

Today Cortes sits on a lengthy career of careful study of Jackson’s art. He’s learned all of the techniques that Michael perfected and has even been able to add a touch of his own unique style as needed. And this is the true beauty of Sergio Cortes. He’s been able to bring Michael Jackson to a whole new generation of fans. If Jackson was the King of Pop, Cortes might well be considered the king of Michael Jackson impersonators. People who once were saddened by having never been able to see Jackson in concert now have the opportunity to do so. And in that way Cortes has been able to keep the legend of Michael Jackson alive even after the artist himself has passed away.

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CEO Philanthropist Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and was recently appointed chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth has been involved in the Lake Tahoe area for many years and continues to have a positive impact on the community.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings was given its own episode on the CBS reality series Undercover Boss. In the episode, Wirth disguised himself as “David,” a computer programmer hoping to win enough money to start his career. The episode also features Wirth’s other slope, Alpine Meadows. Wirth was given the opportunity to work with 4 employees, all of which were told that Wirth was a contestant on a reality T.V. show hosted by professional skier Jonny Moseley. Through their interactions, Wirth received honest opinions about his company and gained valuable insight. However, one employee was able to identify Wirth even while disguised, due to his frequent involvement around Squaw Valley.

Besides serving a major role in the skiing industry, Andy Wirth now holds a significant position as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. A position appointed to him by the RSCVA Board in 2013. Unknown to some, Wirth has experience working as an international resort manager. During his management, Wirth collaborated with many airlines to schedule more flights bound for ski resorts based in Utah, Colorado and Canada. Wirth is quoted saying, “Enhancing air service is vital to the ski industry, gaming and business community, and I am looking forward to working with a great staff and board to attract more flights to our region.”

As a person who enjoys giving back to the community, Wirth setup a fundraiser named Special Warfare Warriors on to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation. In October 2013, Wirth was unfortunately involved in a skydiving accident where he landed in a vineyard. The incident left his right arm almost completely severed. Fortunately, it was saved. During the process of recovery, Wirth decided to train for the Ironman triathlon. It was through his training that he met and befriended a group of Navy SEALS who were training in Squaw Valley. They became an inspiration to him, as well as an integral part of his recovery. The fundraiser has raised $14,460 to date.

Who Is Greg Hague?

Want to finally sell your home at the price you deserve? Are you tired of not knowing where to go or look in order to get your home at the right places and listings? There are countless people who are missing out on seeing some serious buyers into their home because they don’t know exactly where to look. The 990 Company is here to help you get your home in front of the right people without having to take your money upfront to get the job done.

Professional Listing

After you have met your agent and everything is ready for your home to be sold, the best step is making the listings and taking your home to new sources online and in other advertising sources to get buyers. The 990 Company is here to help you out and succeed with your marketing choices. They can help get your listing on places like MLS, Trulia, Zillow, photo brochures,, print advertising, and other online advertising methods. The 990 Company works hard towards finding the right sources for your home to help you locate all of your amazing buyers.

Low Prices through the 990 Sells Homes Plan

The 990 Company reason behind is the fact that they really strive to help their clients by only asking for a commission as low as $990. They strive to get as low of a commission as possible. With no upfront fees at all, you never have to worry about having this company force you into paying big money upfront when you have one of their agents helping out. Gregory D. Hague is the person behind this company, and as the founder, he has worked hard to help give homeowners around the United States the chance for quality services at low commissioned prices.

Gregory founded the WHY USA company back in 1988, and they basically worked with homeowners to help them sell their homes for a small fee of $990. Eventually, the cop,any became this huge corporation that has been franchised to more than 100 offices around the US. The company got their first start with just three people in operation, and after being advertised in a few books back in the day, it developed some of their traction and got them to the company that they are today. The 990 Company is here to help you save money and make wise choices for your home.

Selling your home can be quite the hassle when you’re getting started. It’s a stressful experience if you’re just a completely brand new person to this business and you don’t know how to get your house sold. With a little experience and this company, you’ll be selling your home in no time and make some seriously good money.

Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Backs Program to Help Underprivileged Youth

Bruce Levenson, former owner of the Atlanta Hawks supports an education initiative that targets disadvantaged youth. Bruce and his wife Karen were instrumental in the creation and funding of this initiative. This program, the “Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management” ( instructs and empowers young people to become leaders of non-profit organizations. The center provides potential leaders with the skills and resources that they need to succeed in leadership roles. The center also strives to make sure that students are informed and motivated to give back to others through philanthropy when they graduate.

The University of Maryland is the home to the program. This center provides students with interesting, experiences that are focused on philanthropy. These opportunities include the Do Good Challenge which thousands of student participant every year. This challenge is a competition that encourages students to do good deeds for others.

The program also offers college courses in public affairs and philanthropy. Guest lecturers include well-known philanthropists. Students also have the opportunities to work on grant development. Each class assesses grant proposals, visits sites, and finally awards funds based on a class vote. Thousands of dollars in grants are awarded each year through this program.

Students from the center also have the opportunity to assist at non-profit organizations throughout Washington DC. There are also opportunities for students to go overseas to Jordan, India, and Israel. There they work in local organizations.

The center continues to quickly expand at the University of Maryland. The program hopes to inform and motivate all students to become philanthropists.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman. He co-founded United Communications Group. This company was started by Levenson in the 1970’s. He began the company out of a storage room in his father’s liquor store. United Communications Group has won numerous journalism awards. It became one of the first business information companies to use the internet to provide information to customers. Levenson still assists the company with business development.

In 2004, Levenson became owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson also owned the Atlanta Thrashers. In 2010, Levenson sold the Atlanta Thrashers. The team then moved to Canada.

Under Levenson’s leadership, the Hawks have enjoyed numerous opportunities in the NBA playoffs, and had a very good record in the NBA. In 2014, Levenson publicized his intent to sell the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks were sold for more than $800 million to a group that is headed by billionaire businessman Tony Ressler and includes former NBA player Grant Hill.

The Light In Ones Heart Is Opened When Sergio Cortes Heals Through Emotional Song

A little boy, in Brazil watches the television, on it is another little boy whose name is Michael Jackson. To many it is often wondered if Michael lost his childhood almost before he ever arrived at it. He often seemed to be a sad and perhaps even a tortured soul. It is without a doubt that every time this is thought by an outsider to MJ’s real life, the truth is left unknown. So then we must only assume that it was just a vicious rumor held. Michael Jackson was thrown into the limelight at a very young age. It is completely impossible to assume without direct knowledge from the source.

Its light was plagued often by scandal which was ridiculous considering his kind spirit and need to do so much for others. If we take a moment to think about it, one of the most important song of his life and most highly recognizable was his “We Are the World”. It is a song where he got probably close to one hundred famous people together in order to try and do something to make a change in the world. It is often seen as one of the best song ensemble. It has a way of provoking emotion about those in the world that need a bit of understanding and love.

Sergio Cortes is someone that also can be recognized as someone that wants to change the world. It is often done one step at a time. Sergio is changing the hearts of millions. It might take a spike hit like MJ’s but it often takes only the ability to make others happy. The impersonator does just that. He brings people to their feet clapping, singing and dancing but above everything else he brings heat and soul to millions that once mourned the loss of their idol.

Now instead because of this wonderful performer Sergio Cortes, he brings joy and love to these fans because they see Michael in them. What he does puts smiles on the faces of many and in that it allows people to heal. There is nothing more powerful than the impact one has on his audience when he enables them to open their heart and to bring relaxation and joy to their internal house. It is beautiful that his talent affects so many in such a special way.

Selecting A Trusted Home Cleaning Company

Are you looking for an established home cleaning company? Need to have your residential place thoroughly cleaned and kept in great condition? If you are very busy or do not have the inclination to handle the cleaning of your home, Handy Home Cleaning Company can help you.

With today’s hectic lifestyle most people do not have time to take care of tasks like cleaning. They are busy with their careers and taking care of their children, making it difficult to maintain a clean home. That’s why professional home cleaning services are in high demand. Whatever your home cleaning needs, these professionals can design a customized cleaning program that is just right for your situation.

Handy has been known to provide the best quality home cleaning service in the country. When it comes to keeping your home in tidy and appealing, it’s extremely important that you hire a reliable company. There are many residential cleaning services across the country but Handy is regarded as the most reliable and reputable home cleaning company.

Itunes app Handy has a professional team of residential cleaning service providers around the country. They specialize in residential cleaning, and they have been in business for many years. They pride themselves on the quality of their service and the fact that they have numerous satisfied customers.

They start by getting your house thoroughly cleaned on your first cleaning service. The first cleaning provide you with an in-depth cleaning of your residential place. After this cleaning, they follow with their ultra cleaning system in specific areas, which allows them to meet your home’s cleaning needs.

Over the years Handy has striven to perfect how to provide residential cleaning service and has a proven record in the industry. Their customers enjoy the security and reliability of a reputable home cleaning service provider, combined with the personal attention required to render outstanding home cleaning service for each and every residential place they clean.

When you contact Handy, they will ask you some questions regarding your home and your home cleaning needs. They will want to know how much area that needs to be cleaned, and how often you want your home cleaned. Based on the answers to these questions, Handy will give you an estimate of the cost. If you like the estimate and are ready for the service, you can schedule service right away. At that point, we will work with you to create a customized program that will meet your home cleaning needs, and provide you with a final price.

Handy stands out above the rest. Their price is reasonable, and they provide top notch service. So if you’re looking for a great service, at affordable prices, provided by highly dedicated, trained and knowledgeable professionals, then look no further than Handy; a reputable and reliable home cleaning company. Whether you schedule occasionally, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly you can rest assured they will clean your residence with a strong commitment to render the most outstanding and expert home cleaning service available.