Dan Newlin Super Attorney Wins Another Big Accident Case

The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners are in the news again, and the super attorney Dan Newlin wins another battle against an unmoving insurance company. Back in 2013, a terrible auto accident took place in Seminole County. Edward and Tisha Krutsinger were turning off Interstate 4 onto a west bound exit ramp when at a stop light, a Ford F150 smashed into his Chevy Avalanche, totaling both vehicles and causing extensive and devastating injuries to Mr. Krustinger. The police reports proved that F150’s driver was at fault because he ran the red light.

When Mr. Krustinger filed his lawsuit against Mainstreet America Group, the other driver’s insurance company balked, and the Jacksonville based company refused to pay his medical expenses claiming Mr. Krustinger’s injuries were not severe. Mr. Krustinger who suffered as a result of the accident a brain injury and fractures of the collar and pelvic bone along with deep facial lacerations. After many surgeries, and a metal plate and screws to his face, Mr. Krustinger will never walk without a cane again. Still the insurance company was contrary and balked. Dan Newlin stepped in, and with a partnering attorney Jason Henry took on Mainstreet America Group for Mr. Krustinger.

The insurance company which never admitted fault for over a year, finally settled on Mr. Krustinger an amount just under one million dollars. Mr. Krustinger will suffer for the rest of his life, but Dan Newlin speaks out against insurance companies who deny the rights of accident victims, and he speaks out hard in court where it counts and wins. Mr. Newlin stated that the insurance company never admitted fault even after the settlement, and he believes it is wrong for them to leave the victims struggling to meet medical expenses and lost wages. Check out this article on Findlaw.

The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners have offices in Illinois and Florida. Mr. Newlin is an advocate of patients and victims rights, and he is known to fight hard for his clients. Mr. Newlin and his law firm has recovered millions of dollars from balking insurance companies. Personal injuries are often brushed aside, and Mr. Newlin is constantly surprised by the coldness displayed to the victims. He believes that injury and accident victims need a champion, and he is proud to step in and represent those pushed aside by uncaring insurance companies.

Not Just For Skiing


With breathtaking views, Squaw Valley Ski Resort offers a mountain of activities to do not only in the winter but all year round. Located in Olympic Valley California (near Lake Tahoe), its 4000 acres has made this the second-biggest ski resort in the area.

Individuals who come here to hit the 3,600 acres of slopes range into the thousands annually, and are provided with about 30 chairlifts. This resort is located close to the Sierra Nevada and its base is 6,200 ft. Close to the scenic Donner Pass, the resort sees at least 40 feet of snow during the winter with ski trails always well groomed. It offers great views of the gorgeous mountains and there is an aerial tramway that allows all to ascend about 2000 feet that delivers riders to High Camp which is another area full of activities such as shopping, a roller rink, pool and hot tub.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort not only thrives during the snowy winter but the fall, spring or summer is also a joy as it is not overly crowded while visitors can still enjoy its breathtaking mountain surroundings. Throughout the year there are numerous events like concerts, carnivals and is Peaks & Paws Days offer fun activities for pets as well as food and music for owners. The resort’s annual Wanderlust festival unites top yoga teachers, musical acts and speakers, with other activities focusing on food and winemaking.

Visitors can reach the Squaw Valley Resort by plane by either the Reno or Sacramento airports (U.S.). Recently the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board has acquired new perks that ensure smoothness for busy travelers. With a new appearance, it has acquired a new group of board members and gifted chairman Andy Wirth. Selected in 2013 by the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority (RSCVA) Board, Mr. Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley USA. The former backcountry ranger and volunteer firefighter had spent 24 years as a marketing executive with the Steamboat Ski Area, was able to gain additional flights to accommodate various resorts that he was affiliated with in the U.S. and Canada. Thanks to Andy, visitors are guaranteed to have smooth travels to enjoy Squaw Valley’s natural beauty.

Whether visitors fly or drive, once they arrive at Squaw Valley, kids and adults are sure to return to ski, hike, take a hot air balloon ride and more!

A World of Art in the Sender House

“Pop-Up Exhibition” in the Sender house was a success, something Adam and Lenore Sender had been planning for quite some time. The thought of having all this beautiful art and not being able to exhibit and enjoy its beauty was difficult for the Senders to accept.

Since their move from their penthouse in the SoHo Area of Manhattan to Miami Beach, they have been working on their first exhibit in one of their homes in Miami they were planning to sell. They decided before putting the vacant home on the market for sale they would create the “Pop-Up Exhibition” they had been discussing.

Adam Sender’s Curator, Sarah Aibel, managed the display arrangements and setup. A few of the artist works on display are Richard Price, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. The Senders, of course, have artwork throughout their home, but this exhibit is for additional enjoyment sharing the “Pop-Up” with their friends too. They hope to do a second display showing other items in the Sender Collection. The entire collection consists of over 1000 pieces of select art. Adam Sender says that many of the items he has purchased have very nostalgic memories connected to their purchase. Adam enjoys memorable experiences especially when they connected to the art world.

Adam Sender has come a long way since his Hedge Fund days on Wall Street and isn’t looking back. His investments in the art have replaced his interest in Hedge Funds, and he invests in the art for pleasure and investment. Although the word is that many of the artist’s works he owns have increased considerably in value since his purchase. Adam has said that he does not buy art in the hopes of making an artist famous, but that the artist is already famous just hasn’t received the recognition as yet. Check out his profile on Whitepages.

Hopefully, the Senders will still be visiting New York exploring the possibilities of new purchases to add to an already extensive collection of art. One item Adam Sender purchased earlier this year was a surprise to everyone. A college-ruled piece of paper with the words to Bob Dylan’s ever so popular song from the 60’s “Times They Are aChangin”. This song was one of Bob Dylan’s ever popular songs written during the Vietnam War movement and is recognized even today with tremendous popularity. The extraordinary price this brought at auction was $422,000 and expected to sell for approximately $1.4M. What a return on investment for such a short-term investment, and a real feather in Dylan’s cap. A song Dylan wrote over fifty years ago, and still enjoys popularity today is resurrected by this sale and regrowth in popularity.

It is exciting thinking of the future pieces of art Adam Sender plans on purchasing.

Handy is Growing Exponentially

The mobile, online market for the home cleaning industry is growing rapidly. It has been two years since the company Handy launched. Currently, the company receives consistent books each week of over $1 million. According to Umang Dua, the company’s chief operating officer, Handy has grown exponentially. The new mobile app has transformed their business completely. Now, they feel like it is like being able to access an ATM machine from a cellphone. It offers better service and convenience for the service professionals and the customers.

When it comes to working for Handy, the pay is steady and reliable. The typical hourly wage for Handy cleaning professionals is about $15 to $22. The way the company is set up offers cleaning professionals the opportunity to choose their own hours and earn a good income. The platform offers flexibility and a guaranteed income. It eliminates the concerns that many cleaning professionals have about being paid for the services rendered and finding their own customers.

The revenue continues to grow due to the fact that Handy has strategically redefined their business structure with new apps and new branding. Companies that take advantage of the reality that more and more customers are turning to their cellphones and apps to make serious purchasing decisions can exponentially increase the revenue income of their company. Apps, cellphones, the internet, and technology has definitely helped boost the potential for all businesses. Reaching and retaining customers is a key factor to growing a successful business. Handy understands that keeping abreast of all platforms that can help their company continue to grow will only continue to strengthen their business.

As customer become more comfortable with purchasing and booking services via a cellphone, the potential to increase business and reach customers faster and more effectively is limitless. Additionally, by mandating background checks on Handy service professionals, customers can continue to use the service with peace of mind and assurance of quality services. Hanrahan believes that the Handy platform will end up being like a remote control that can be used from the comfort of a person’s home.

Handy looks at the future of the company going beyond just offering home cleaning services. While the majority of the company’s growing revenue is from home cleaning services, the company does not want to limit its continuing growth to one industry. About 85% of Handy’s income is from the home cleaning services while only about 15% comes from plumbing and handyman services.

Currently, Handy operates in 25 U.S. cities. It also offers services in London as well.

Success of CCMP Capital under the Leadership of Stephen Murray

Every corporation attributes its success to its leaders. The senior management teams of organization are stewards of the entity and thus, determine the direction of the organization in terms of profitability and productivity. A leader not only brings progress but also enhances co-existence among his employees. Company leaders are supposed to help their company grow and augment its revenue base.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can be described as a successful and charismatic leader. He undertook his economics degree from the Boston College. He later joined the credit analysis-training program, which was held at the world-renown manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Five years later, he received his business administration masters degree from Colombia Business School and was recruited at the MH Equity Corporation.

Murray held the position of Head of buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. As he gained experience, he was able to use his skills to co found CCMP Capital, which had a buyout and growth equity team. The company was also a spin out of JP Morgan Chase. Together with his resourceful team, he turned CCMP into a large private equity corporation. He rose through the corporate ladder to become the chief executive officer of CCMP. Mr. Murray has served on the board of multiple companies such as Aramark, Pinnacle Foods, Warner Chilcott, AMC entertainment and The Vitamin Shoppe. Murray is married to Tami and they have 4 sons.
CCMP Capital started as a partnership enterprise but in august 2006, it became an independent entity. The firm deals in buyout and growth equity investments. Its services are global. The name of the organization represents the company’s initial partnership organizations, which are Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital and Partners.

The enterprise’s resources have partners who have in depth operating histories and management expertise. The various portfolio firms have development initiatives, which help in reaping benefits from CCMP’s proprietary resources. These initiatives enable the firms to gain a higher market value within a short time. The collaboration between the administration of each firm and CCMP Capital is designed to boost resources and assets while also creating revenues. In addition, they use the best policies for each sector besides designing cost reduction methods.
The company’s investment focus is in North America, Africa and Europe where they invest up to 500 million USD for every transaction. Their investments are geared towards helping businesses to develop and implement working capital structures. Aside from making public firms private, CCMP Capital offers management buyouts and provides diversification answers to different businesses. Through their investment strategies, the company has managed to build a reputation for its self and its leaders like Stephen Murray.