Improve Prevention Of Cervical Cancer

The scientific evidence in favor of new technologies for the prevention of cervical cancer is clear and well established. In addition, there are sufficient quality research studies conducted in the US that support these results with data from the region. On the other hand, the implementation of these new technologies is feasible, as shown by the successful experiences of some countries. All this points to the fact that the region is at a turning point in which the appropriate conditions for the incorporation of changes in cervical cancer prevention as and programs that allow a positive impact on the burden of disease are met.

The Regional Strategy and Plan of Action for the Prevention and Control of Cervical Cancer was developed in 2008 by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to respond to the high burden of disease and the limited impact of current screening programs on LAC. The PAHO Directing Council, comprised of the Ministers of Health of the Americas, adopted the strategy and passed a resolution urging Member States to strengthen their cervical cancer programs. The objective of the Regional Strategy and Plan of Action is to improve the capacity of countries to implement sustainable and effective programs for the prevention of cervical cancer and achieve a holistic approach through existing programs in adolescent health, sexual and reproductive health , Immunization and control of cervical cancer.

The CTCA has been working in partnership with the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention (ACCP) since 1999 and with the global Cervical Cancer Action coalition since 2007 to promote and strengthen the prevention and control of cervical cancer in low-resource settings . Demonstration projects have been developed using alternative technologies for screening in several LAC countries.

In addition, technical assistance has been provided to countries in the region to strengthen their cervical cancer programs. On the other hand, HPV vaccines were incorporated into the CTCA Revolving Fund, allowing large-scale purchases at a single price for all countries in the Americas that have introduced the HPV vaccine into their national public health programs. In terms of treatment, CTCA has a long history of working together with the Ministries of Health to improve the quality and access to radiotherapy services and to strengthen capacity for cancer treatment, working in a coordinated way with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

What ClassDojo Offers

Used by 90% of schools in the United States, ClassDojo is a way for teachers to build virtual, interactive classrooms to foster better relationships with students and their parents that places emphasis on promoting positive behavior in students. ClassDojo is accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones via the website and on iOS or Android applications.

Free to teachers, they have the ability to set up their virtual classroom with behaviors or school values that they wish their students to improve in. ClassDojo offers some suggestions in each area, however each teacher has the ability to customize the items appropriate for their classroom. They will also be able to use their page to keep track of a number of things such as class points, individual points, and attendance while allowing the generation of reports. Teachers can also post pictures and messages to keep parents up-do-date on what is going on in the classroom. Teachers also receive notification whenever they receive a message from a parent or a parent decides to sign up to participate in the ClassDojo experience.

For parents, ClassDojo offers access to behavior information, messages, notifications, and profiles of multiple children if more than one of their children has a teacher that utilizes ClassDojo. Messages are sent through a private messaging system while keeping contact details completely private.

Students are assigned a ‘monster’ avatar associated with their profile that is either randomly generated or handpicked by their teacher. Each student is able to access their own personal profile to see the amount of “Dojo Points” they have accumulated, including a breakdown of points earned over time. Students are also encouraged to share positive feedback in the classroom as well as on their profile.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America a Solution for The Cancer Patients

CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America), collaborated with Allscripts and NantHealth, to implement a solution for custom technology that will enable eviti, a NantHealth solution of clinical decision support (CDS), access to clinical services delivery in the Allscripts Sunrise EHR (electronic health record.

With an integration that is seamless of this CDS solution, the program of Clinical Pathways helps in informing the process of cancer treatment, without the interruption of the physician’s clinical services delivery. NantOS, clinical operating system direct interface was built with hundreds input of oncologists nationwide. It holds a data collection that is complete of evolving cancer care.

Clinical Pathways was designed keeping the patient in mind. It integrates available cancer research that is latest, treatment regimens, and also therapies that are complementary into the EHR of Allscripts Sunrise, this makes the oncologists be able to make care protocols curative list at the point of care.

CTCA has a main office in Boca Raton, FL. It is a is a five-hospital national network serving patients with cancer in the U.S. The five hospitals are based in the following metropolitan areas:
• Phoenix, Arizona
• Chicago, Illinois
• Near Atlanta, Georgia
• Tulsa, Oklahoma
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cancer Treatment Centers of America always follow an approach that is integrative to care of cancer using approaches that are conventional such as, integrative, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. CTCA offers integrative therapies that help in managing side effects such as anxiety, depression, malnutrition, lymphedema, fatigue, nausea, and pain.

Richard Stephenson established CTCA when his mother died because of cancer. He did not get contented with the options of treatments that were given to his beloved mother at her time of death. In the year 1998, he started the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital called the Midwestern Regional Medical Center located in Zion, IL.

Cassio Audi’s Talent in Music and His Career Development

Cassio Audi is professionally a financial management executive with over 23 years of financial experience within private and public and start-up companies. Cassio is result driven and has managed to streamline various business operations to enhance growth and profitability. Casio has exemplary skills in financial controls, a major scheme of increasing productivity, and optimizing the role of leadership in organizational management. Further, his sound interpersonal skills coupled with communication have him to meet high results in his career.

Cassio Audi has mastery skills in business planning, investor relations, accounting, financial management, and strategic development and resource management. His personality is open and straight forward. He believes in simplicity and being realistic. Besides his career in the finance industry, Cassio founded Viper rock band together with other members that include Yves Passarell, Felipe Mchado, Pit Passarell, and Andre Machado in 1985. Cassio’s role in the band was playing drums. He, however, left his role in 1989 to venture into business.

Cassio Audi’s talent was outstanding after the release of their first Album, The Killer Sword. The demo Album released in 1987 composed of Princess from Hell, Nightmare, and Killera. The release of their first album called Soldiers of Sunshine saw Audi play the drum sets. The band received tribute from several fans who specifically pointed out the need to refine the outstanding talent of the five.

Ever since, the Album has been redone and released severally receiving a four-star by Allmusic. In 1989 Cassio Audi left his music career after which the group successfully released their second album, Theatre of Fate. Cassio joined University to pursue a degree in business administration. He later enrolled at São Paulo and received an MBA in finance. In summary, Casio Audi has managed to gather a diversity of skills in financial management, real estate, and stock exchange beside his early music career.

Check out Cassio Audi and Viper on YouTube.

Eric Lefkofsky Increasing Success

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman from the United States. He is an entrepreneur and he is able to make sure that things are done the right way with the different businesses that he has. This has allowed him the chance to make things better than what they typically would be without his help.

The sales industry is something that isn’t exactly easy for people to break into. It takes a certain type of personality combined with other types of things to help them do better in sales. Eric Lefkofsky exactly that and it gave him the chance to make sure that things are better for the industry that he plays an important role in. He has been able to help the people who are in the sales industry to do different things with the way that he can do things with his business and other businesses in the following: click here.

Since Eric Lefkofsky has been in the sales industry, he has shown a lot of growth. Not only does he have growth within Eric Lefkofsky own businesses, he has also seen growth in the businesses that he helps out. He knows that it is so important to grow a business no matter what and that is the only way that they will be able to help themselves grow bigger with the way that things are done in the business. When it comes to growth, Eric Lefkofsky has provided a lot of that to people, businesses and even to himself. He plans to continue growing.

Eric Lefkofsky did not always have a plan to be ultra successful. He started out in a small town in Michigan and this was something that he knew that he had to get out of. He liked the small town but he did not like feeling like he was stuck with only a few Lefkofsky career opportunities. This gave him a chance to move forward and allowed him the ability to get in the business of sales and in the different industries that he now plays a major part in. He wanted to move forward from where he was in the beginning.

Even though Eric Lefkofsky didn’t particularly like the beginnings that he had, he knew that it was important to always keep that up and to remind himself of it. This was something that he did by making sure that he gave back to the community that he came from. He wanted to show people the different things that they could do if only they set their mind to it and worked hard to do different things. There are many ways that Eric Lefkofsky has given back including donating to charities helping people who are in different parts of the community that he currently lives in.

Since helping impressive companies like Groupon and Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has made a true name for himself in the business industry. He wanted to make sure that he was doing things the right way and this gave him a chance to move forward with these companies. He helps the companies that he is a part of and has been an exceptional leader in the way that he did different things. While they are technically in different industries, Groupon and Tempus are both a major part of the sales industry as a whole part.

Education and Philanthropy: The Life of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos saw the troubles of public education when she and her husband Dick were first watching their young children go through the system. Although they had the means to choose the right schools for their kids, they knew that other parents were struggling to support their families while still sending their young ones to the best places possible. This inspired Betsy to focus on education reform and give back to the community by improving access to education and school choice for parents everywhere, not just those who happen to live in specific zip codes. Betsy DeVos, our current Secretary of Education, is no stranger to philanthropy and educational activism, however. She got her start three decades ago at Calvin College, where she led political action committees and organized events. She has kept at it ever since, having an impressive list of causes that she has been involved in, chaired, or advised. This list includes: Children First America, Kids First, Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Alliance for School Choice, DeVos Institute for Arts Management, just to name a few.

She gave $7.5 million to Michigan school programs, which was a match from her partner organization the Children’s Scholarship Fund. Together, they helped Michigan school kids who were living in poverty become something greater. She also provided scholarships to young students who showed a drive toward business. Many students went on to earn their college degrees, and some even got their MA or MBA in business. But it’s not just the realm of education that Betsy DeVos has focused her philanthropy on. She has worked with church groups to help the homeless find jobs, get licenses, have showers, food, and shelter. One woman, Mel Trotter, entered the program and went from living on the streets to having her own place and a great job in only 40 days.

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There are many politicians that have helped important causes, however Betsy DeVos and her family also put their money where their mouth is. Her family has given over a billion dollars in charitable donations to great causes over the years. And just a few years back, they gave almost one hundred million dollars to various organizations and programs. About half of that went directly toward education. A fourth went to faith causes, and the rest was divided among art and health and community services. It isn’t every day that so many people are helped by this kind of charity. As a citizen that wants to see our great country succeed, I for one am glad that someone like DeVos is in charge of our nation’s education. Far too long, public schools have needed reforming. Now we have a reformer doing just that. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

Rising Coaching Prospect Yanni Hufnagel

Today’s college coach is working harder than ever. College coaching is a year round profession and only those that are able to meet the incredible demands of this profession are able to maintain a career in this field. The demands of recruiting, developing players, maintaining a clean program and winning can often be too much for a coach. Yanni Hufnagel has demonstrated that he is able to meet such challenges. His impressive resume has demonstrated this ability and his future in the profession looks brighter than ever.

The son of of Joni and Thierry Hufnagel, Yanni Hufnagel grew up in Scarsdale, New York. He developed a love for basketball at a young age. It was only after being cut from his high school team that Yanni realized his dream of playing basketball for a career were probably not going to happen. He began to focus his efforts on other parts of the sport. While working at the University of Oklahoma he got his first glimpse of coaching. Hufnagel earned the chance to work as a graduate assistant coach for the Sooners men’s basketball team. It was during this time he began to develop his talents and even got credit for helping to develop future NBA All-Star, Blake Griffin.

Yanni Hufnagel’s career really began to take off after his time at Oklahoma. Yanni worked as an assistant at Harvard University. Working alongside Tommy Amaker, Hufnagel helped to revive the Harvard basketball program. The team made it to the NCAA tournament multiple times during Hufnagel’s stay. Furthrmore, Yanni played a major role in developing some future professional players including Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders. Many across the college basketball world were taking notice of Hufnagel’s abilities.

After his stay at Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel had a number of other stops including working at Vanderbilt and California University. Hufnagel would gain valuable experience working for respected coaches like Kevin Stallings and Cuonzo Martin. Hufnagel continued to excell developing players. He is responsible for helping to recruit and develop players like Ivan Rabb, Jaylen Brown, Wade Baldwin IV and Matthew Fisher-Davis. Over the years Yanni has built an impressive resume. His ability to recruit and develop players serve as evidence that he should soon be a head coach at the division 1 level.

U.S. Money Reserve’s Exclusive eBook Focuses On Protection Of Wealth

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve released a well-detailed eBook discussing the various ways in which Americans can protect their wealth given the continuing global and political unrest. The eBook is entitled “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.”

In addition, the eBook avails clients an offer of 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins, which is purchased at cost. The report seeks to enlighten many worried Americans regarding how they can hedge against the increasing global economic risks and protecting their money by buying gold, which is a safe haven during global unrest.

Some professionals have noticed a perfect resolution of the looming economic risk given the accelerating global threats. It is for this reason that the company has taken upon itself to offer new clients with the exclusive opportunity of purchasing the 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins at cost. Notably, U.S. Reserve expects to sellout the U.S. government-issued coin at the special cost price.

Philip Diehl, who is the president of U.S. Money Reserve, posited that gold continues to be a safe haven in the globe. It is for this reason that during times of economic uncertainty, gold price surges. In addition, the executive posited that government-issued coins are less vulnerable and tangible to volatility, thus making gold a powerful tool for protecting client’s savings from potential losses and global risks.

Philip continues to rank as one of the most decorated directors of U.S. Mint. He is remains as a trusted source of government-issued precious metals.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Over the years, the organization has been providing its clients with the most exceptional gold coins. Their highest level of service has played a pivotal role in enabling their clients to trust them as one the largest distributors of platinum, silver and gold in the country.

Their experienced account executives have been helping their clients to choose the most appropriate and high quality precious metals. Today, these clients are in profit position owing to their wise purchases. U.S. Money Reserve’s team seeks to be the most trusted professionals in the market. To date, they have served over 400,000 clients.

The success of U.S. Money Reserve is anchored on its innovative functions that are undertaken by the inventory department, customer relations department, Vault and shipping department, and compliance and standards department. Moreover, the organization has recruited the services of coin research professionals, renowned numismatic expert and order verification personnel.

Philip Diehl has extensive experience in the financial sector. He is affiliated with the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) and Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT).

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Mikhail Blagosklonny And His Oncology Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned and much-respected oncologist. An MD in Internal Medicine, as well as a First Pavlov State University, he moved to the United States, where he became Associate Professor of Medicine at the New York Medical College, Valhalla New York in 2002. He came into his own with his move to Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2009 where he started working as Professor of Oncology.

His claim to fame had been his since partially vindicated hypothesis that rapamycin a reasonably well-known cancer drug would be just as useful in life extension. For him, this drug is the definitive formulation to bring about increased longevity. In the year 2014, it was discovered that Everolimus a rapamycin analog led to an increase in immunity in older humans and in a sense lent a great deal of credence to what Blagosklonny was saying all along. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a prolific researcher with his interests encompassing biogerontology, anti-aging drugs, and targeted cancer therapies He is also an author who writes about the aging hyperfunction theory, as also cell cyclotherapy and chemotherapeutic engineering. He also has the unique distinction of being responsible for more than 300 research articles, book chapters, and reviews. That apart he happens to be Associate Editor of Plos One, International Journal of Cancer and the American Journal of Pathology. He is undoubtedly amongst the world’s foremost oncology researchers.

If you ask him though, he will attribute all his hard work to the fact that he loves humanity and nothing would give his heart greater pleasure than the eradication of a disease. His claim to fame, however, is largely due to his passionate advocacy of the use of rapamycin to enhance human longevity. His advocacy is based on his own observations, and if recent discoveries tend to support this contention, then it certainly is a cause for major celebration by the medical community, as it appears that the tipping point in longevity research has arrived.

Since the earliest of days, it has been mankind’s dream to find the elixir of life and rapamycin does seem to in many ways take us far closer to the goal than we realize. If someday we do indeed reach the stage where mankind has much longer longevity we will have to give credit to passionate researchers like Blagosklonny. It is crusading scientists and researchers like him who end up making path-breaking research that changes the destiny of mankind

Blagosklonny’s seminal research both into the treatment of cancer and human longevity is something that will prove its weight in gold in the years to come. One man’s faith in his research abilities and rare passion for making mankind free from devastating diseases like cancer might one day lead to a definitive discovery the like of which has not been seen yet. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

The only way that medical science can achieve the noble goal of elimination of disease is by extensive research, and that is exactly what Blagosklonny excels in. As a matter of fact, he is an institution of research, all by himself.

Taking Control of Diseases Through Proactive Screening

The old adage that goes prevention is better than cure finds a literal meaning in the management of diseases. Staying away from disease by way of prevention is achievable, more advisable and highly recommended.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) observes that out of the 3.6 million deaths that occur in the United States each year, about seven out of ten results from chronic diseases that are potentially preventable. With the advancement of modern medicine, there is a breath of hope in the preventability of diseases, as far as man remains focused in developing and using this knowledge to his advantage and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Each human being carries a set of very different genetic combinations that expose them to various health risks. As such, each individual would benefit differently from life line screening. Consequently, life line screening tests vary from individual to individual and more information click here.

The privately owned Life Line Screening is a company engaged particularly in the screening of vascular-related diseases. It takes pride in having screened over 8 million individuals while engaging the services of highly qualified and certified professionals.

Ultrasound, finger-stick blood screening and Limited electrocardiograph are some of the modern technologies used by Life Line Screening to detect diseases.Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves referred to as sonography through which images of organs of interest are transmitted and the sounds coming from these organs are recorded.Ultrasound has been popularized in pregnancy monitoring but is also highly effective in the detection of bone mineral density through which osteoporosis risk is detected as well abdominal aortic aneurysm screening.

One of the best ways of taking care of your health is ultimately being in charge by actively keeping a closer eye on all health aspects.By highlighting symptoms to various diseases early, one is able to get the relevant advice in time.In addition, it is advisable to keep your lifestyle in check as this will help determine an overall outcome of your health and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

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