The Passions of Eric Pulier

As an American entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has had a long career within the public and the private sector with the main goal of helping solve some of the world’s most insolvable problems with the use of technology. Eric Pulier is an individual who has worked hard to become a valuable asset for companies and organizations that are involved in both the private and the public sector and has worked hard to make sure that even the poorest individuals and regions around the world are able to experience the benefits of his hard work. Eric Pulier has always loved learning and has worked hard to understand how to improve the world. Eric Pulier’s current passion is to figure out a way to offer universal healthcare to all and to find a way to make this expensive luxury into a necessity that is affordable by all in all the 192 countries in the world.


Eric Pulier has always had a passion for challenging himself and has always had a passion for learning new things. As early as the age of nine, Eric Pulier built his first computer and earned an interest in technology. By the age of eighteen, Eric Pulier had secured himself a spot at Harvard University due to the innovative computer software company that he developed. As a student at Harvard University, Eric Pulier excelled and even graduated with honors with a degree in both American as well as English literature. Though reading and writing have always been beloved by Eric Pulier, this individual has always believed that his career should benefit others.


For future goals, Eric Pulier wants to make sure that healthcare becomes a universal necessity that is affordable by all. Eric Pulier has extensive experience within creating policies and was even offered a prestigious position as one of the advisors for Al Gore while he served his time in office. Eric Pulier continues to be useful within both the private and the public sector and continues to make great changes that have already helped millions of individuals that are often without a voice. Eric Pulier believes he has many more decades left to help people.



Julie Zuckerberg: Standing At The Top Of Her Field

Julie Zuckerberg is a woman who stands out in the field of Talent Acquisition and Recruitments. Over the years, Julie has worked with numerous companies and has helped place numerous employees in positions supporting the business and the employee. Currently, Julie heads a team of incredibly experienced recruiters as part of her job at Deutsche Bank. At the company, Julie serves as the lead talent acquisition executive, a position which Julie has been in for quite some time now. As part of her job, she oversees all the recruitment and employee management activities that Deutsche Bank has entrusted upon her. Also, she also helps the top level managerial team in whatever way she can. In addition to all of this, Julie also handles all the negotiations that come to the Bank and also overlooks some of the contracts that Deutsche Bank aims to sign to form partnerships with.


Julie also conducts numerous training programs for the employees who are employed with Deutsche Bank. She trains them so that they can advance in their professional careers and lead teams efficiently. Julie believes that learning can be a tremendous asset when it comes to progressing in a professional field and therefore tries her best to impart her knowledge to younger and newer employees.


The team of expert recruiters that Julie leads have all been trained by her and possess tremendous awareness in the field of talent recruitments. Over the years, Julie has worked with numerous companies and organizations and as assisted them in matters of talent acquisition. When the company’s recruitment season is on, Julie is busy formulating the strategy which the company must take regarding their hiring process, while her team of recruiters handles all the on-site needs which take place on the day of recruitments.


As mentioned earlier, Julie has a keen interest in learning and always strives to gain something from the people she meets and the companies she works with. Through her career, Julie has been fortunate enough to meet many top level executives and individuals in business who have all taught Jullie valuable lessons when it comes to the professional world. Applying these lessons, Julie has managed to stand out from the crowd and make a name for herself in the field of talent acquisition and recruitments. As good as Julie may be in the field, she initially did not intend to join the world of recruitments. When in college, Julie pursued a major in Philosophy. She then switched courses to attain a degree from New York Law School in Law. It was soon after gaining this degree that Julie decided to change fields and enter the area of talent acquisition.


In Spite of the change of fields, Julie Zuckerberg has managed to apply all that she had learned in the past to her current work. One of Julie’s very first jobs was placing lawyers and paralegals in numerous law agencies across New York. Combining her knowledge of the fields, Julie was able to perform extremely well at this job, just as she does currently.


White Shark Media thinks your business is important

Every person with a successful web venture understands that they must please Google’s criteria in order to have a chance at a great search engine ranking. They may also know that the process of getting this criteria correctly installed on their website or web entity is called search engine optimization. Additionally, in order to market successfully on this platform, search engine marketing must also be performed correctly or their ranking will suffer also. However, people do not understand that this must also be performed in order to rank well on other important search engines beyond Google.


Bing does not command the market share that Google does, but it and other search engines are important, and ranking on them well is important. The business delivered via these search engines could be the necessary margin that produces profit for a web venture. This makes these search engines very important for many businesses because of close margins like these. However, knowing the criteria and relevant algorithms for even one search engine on one website is hard, and the online tools that gauge the success of your SEO/ SEM efforts can be vague or non existent. It is very important to know what drives the business a company is receiving. It allows a company to direct resources to successful things and away from things that are unnecessary wastes of resources.


The answer is a company that can do these things for you in a way that their efforts can be gauged to see if they are delivering on the promises that they have made to move your business forward. This company would have to be able to install your SEO/SEM efforts across as many websites as you have with equal fervor. This company is White Shark Media and to prove they mean business, they do not get paid until they deliver verifiable results.

Find out more about White Shark Media:




Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Makes Headlines at MarTech Advisors

Bob Reina is the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, a worldwide video marketing company. He has made media headlines with the release of his second article “Video Advertising Trends of 2017.” MarTech Advisor, a popular international source of marketing technology news and research, currently features Reina’s article. The article covered modern video styles and techniques used in 2016 and their significance in the 2017 marketing scene.


Reina said that he was glad to share his vision and perceptions with MarTech readers. He further emphasized that embracing video in marketing strategy will assist readers to grow intellectually and understand why now is the right time to adopt video marketing.


The Motivation behind Reina’s Article


Reina reminisced about his first product, Video Email, and his ability to explore the potential opportunities that existed in online video marketing. He emphasized that, even though it took some time for the concept to gain attention, companies around the world have gradually taken notice of it now.


Reina mentioned that his return to MarTech was motivated by the need to share essential tips on how to make use of video marketing and capitalize on its growing popularity in 2017. Reina shares his ideas, which are based on market analysis, consumer trends and the rising popularity of video products, with the IT experts at his firm. In his article, he describes the video as an invaluable asset to all marketers.


In May 2016, Reina, who also writes for the Huffington Post, made his first MarTech Advisor appearance with his article titled “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits.” The article became one of the most widely read expert opinion pieces in 2016. MarTech will share Reina’s new article with its 1.1 million subscribers as well as its global readership.


Talk Fusion


Bob Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 in Brandon, FL. Talk Fusion focuses on assisting businesses to overcome competition and raise their profits and sales. Similarly, it offers active strategies that aim to make marketing more memorable, interactive, and persuasive with video. As part of the company’s objective, it fosters a resilient commitment to giving back to communities and charities all over the world.





Brown Modeling Agency

Brown Modeling Agency is a very upscale modeling agency that opens the doors of opportunity very wide to models with beauty, talent and creativity. Based in Austin, Texas, President Justin Brown has remarkably made his business of fashion into a major marketing empire. That is gaining world-wide recognition for their ambition.

To have the privilege of passing the qualifications in order to model for the Brown Modeling Agency is a dream come true for those who can make the cut. Between working the runways, videos, commercials, making movies and being able to travel is a wonderful experience for fresh faces taking them to new places.

If one is disciplined, dedicated, and determined they can definitely succeed in this business. The work experience gained looks excellent on one’s resume and collaboration of various project participation assignments will definitely get the attention of the mainstream media making these models famous which is the ultimate goal.

This is something I wish I would have pursued right after high school and my career ambition of fashion design. It makes me wonder how my life would have turned out at this point in time. If you are young, ambitious, and beautiful go for what you really want out of this this life and don’t let nothing and no one stop you. Brown Modeling Agency is one in million, with hard work, dedication, and passion they can really make all your dreams come true. The sky is the limit with this agency, it is all up to you.


The Amazing USHEALTH Group

The USHEALTH group is a group of companies which continues to excel in Health insurance covers. It has partnered with trusted companies such as; Devon Health Services, Covinity, First Choice, Dentemax, CVS Caremark and Midlands Choice among others.

The services offered by USHEALTH Group are a packaged into different categories. These include: Accident Protector, PremierVision, Life Protector, Secure Advantage, PremierChoice, SecureDental, MedGuard, Income Protector and Essential Health Benefit.

These products have excellent benefits to buyers. The accidental protector in USHEALTH Group for instance provides covers for excesses in supplemental medical covers. These include cases in which extra cash covering accident related mishaps is needed. The advantage of this clause is the availability of lump sum money paid out when accident related losses occur. It also covers extra cost of co-pays and deductibles or any other expense not stated within the cover.

The company’s slogan of HOPE meaning “Helping Other People Every day” basically sums up what the staffs believes in. The workers at USHEALTH Group, agents and the entire management are dedicated to offering high quality services to impact on peoples’ lives positively. The advisors within the company are highly trained to prioritize clients’ requests. These qualities have made USHEALTH Group to win several awards in their particular categories. These include the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards not to mention the Gold Stevie Award.

The company stands out in its ability to tailor its insurance products based on the needs of their customers. Their products are affordable, not rigid and very secure. This is why you should be part of the amazing USHEALTH Group.

Guidelines to Content Marketing According to Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brazil

Jose Borghi is the current President and Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil. His sister invited him to attend a presentation of the advertisements that won the so much praised Cannes and that is where he developed an interest in the advertising industry. Borghi joined the Catholic University of Campinas and studied Advertising. Borghi has over 25 years of experience in the advertising world, and he has received numerous awards for his exceptional skills in the same area.

Jose Borghi began his career in 1988 as an editor at Standard Ogilvy. He then joined DM9DDB in 1994-1999 where he was involved in some campaigns such as Parmalat “mammals,” “Carlinhos,” Itau, and INBEV. Borghi joined Leo Burnett in 1999 as the Chief Creative Officer and earned a promotion to the CEO position in 2001. He is the one behind the Fiat campaign, which was the market leader at 2001. It is after this that he started his company, BorghiErh in 2002. He has worked with other advertisers including Honda, Asia Motors, American Express, Delta Airlines, April, Kellogg, Leaf Group, and Alpargatas among others.

His agency BorghiErh announced a merger with the global network Lowe &Partners in December 2006. Borghi served as the CEO of the ad agency that later changed its name to Borghi Lowe in 2012. After merging with Mullen, the company changed its name again to Mullen Lowe Brazil in 2015. Additionally, Andre Gomes the former vice president of the agency became a co-CEO alongside Borghi. At the agency, Mr. Gomes will take over the operations management while Jose Borghi is in charge of creativity and innovation. Mullen Lowe Group is a marketing communication network that brings together over 90 agencies with different cultures in more than 65 markets.

Content marketing involves the formulation of relevant materials that meet the needs of the customers. Jose Borghi gives different strategies to help the companies in content marketing and lead to a successful sale. Looking smart is one of the qualities towards success in content marketing, use features like the SEO optimizations and the buyer persona study. He also advises the companies to deliver useful information and not evidence about their brands that ensures that any consumer gets to know the key thing about a company. Additionally, individual’s presence is paramount, do not just leave information on the social networks but also make an effort to participate in the readers’ comments and answer their questions in time. The use of the content and inbound marketing guidelines leads to excellent results. for more.

Jose Borghi: Difference between Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing and How to Leverage Them

Nowadays, companies seem to be relying a lot more on marketing and advertisements as a way to generate sales and create awareness on new products or services. Good advertisements and marketing are dependent on content that will be put out there and the message they want to send. Many advertising companies have perfected the art of when to use content marketing as opposed to inbound marketing and vice versa.

This article attempts to shed light on Jose Borgi’s thoughts and feelings about content and inbound marketing.

According to Jose Borgi. The CEO of Mullen Lowe in Brazil, inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on the audience and their problems. Inbound marketing delivers relevant information that helps the target market solve the problems they are facing. Conversely, content marketing is a marketing strategy that puts out relevant information to the target market to prompt them to purchase the good or service being sold.

Many companies use inbound marketing to strengthen the brand name as well as gain customer trust and assert authority in the market. Companies and brands often find themselves trapped by the greed of wanting to attract more customers. Therefore, they execute rushed and thoughtless marketing campaigns that yield poor results.

Turning Poor Marketing Campaigns to Useful Campaigns

1. SEO Optimization

While some companies may get results by publishing content on various websites and blogs and social media platforms, they need to do more to sustain that success. Jose underlines the importance of SEO optimization. In content marketing, it is not enough to just create interesting content for the audience. The content has to present in a strategic way that accounts for the target market, market demographics, and the buying process among others.

2. Target Specific Niches

To create great content that not only reaches people but also forces them to react is imperative when it comes to market. For you to create great content, the first step is to narrow down your target audience to tailor the content in a way that relates to them. For example, you can decide to target senior citizens for particular products or services.

3. Ensure Content Reaches Target Market

Creating content that does not your target market is a waste of time and effort. Consider who the reader is and what is useful to them. Be creative when publishing the content. Take time, think, and do research on what kinds of sites you are likely to find the audience you seek. For instance, if your target market is the elderly, most of them are not online so you have to think creatively how you can reach them. for more.

Highland Capital Investment Fund

There are a lot of people who are using professional investing firms to help them bridge the gap with their investments. Over the years, Highland Capital has proven to have the best interests of customers in mind. Not only do they help customers invest for the future, but they are also there when it comes to helping in other areas. The company is really wanting to make a positive impact in the local community, and they have a lot of plans in place to do so. The Dallas area is growing rapidly, and this company wants to facilitate that growth in any way that they can.


Highland Capital


From the time the company was started, Highland Capital has always been about helping others get to the next level. When it comes to your personal finances, there are a lot of things to think about. Not only do you need to keep your debt levels at a manageable level, but you also need to try and invest for the future. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area of the economy. Not only that, but Highland Capital is investing in technology to make the investment process easier on clients. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in the economy and who want to take advantage of those changes.


Future Plans


In the coming years, Highland Capital Management wants to continue to grow at a rapid rate. Many people in the industry look up to the work that the company has done over the years. Not only that, but Highland Capital is investing time and money into the local community. They are hoping that these investments pay off over time. The company has experienced a rapid rate of growth, and the investment fund has done better than the market during this time. It is a great opportunity to invest in a great company, and you will get quality customer service from people who truly want to help you in your journey to reaching your personal financial goals.


Andrea McWilliams: A Skilled Strategist and Lobbyist

Andrea McWilliams has been a political force in Austin, Texas. She is a talented lobbyist, strategist and a political fundraiser. Her success can be attributed to her tenacity, persuasion and attention to details.

It is her unique expertise that gives her success in all the different projects that she has handled in both the public and private sectors. Andrea McWilliams has been referred to as a powerful force by different media channels including the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, USA Today, CNN and Newsweek. Andrea has been profiled by various publications for her work in the political sector.

She has been a recipient of various awards in her career including the Austin Business Journals under the ‘Profiles in Power’. In 2016, she was awarded the Texas Businesswoman of the Year at the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Andrea McWilliams was recognised as by the Girl’s Scout of Texas with the Woman of Distinction Award. In 2017, she received the Austin Fashion week Style Setter Award for her work and dedication in the non-profit organisation.


She has been an exceptional figure considering that she became the Chief of Staff at the age of 21 years. Andrea developed her skills in Public Relations while working for Public Strategist Inc. Through her expertise, she co-founded the McWilliams, governmental affairs consulting firm.

Andrea McWilliams has served as the Board Member of different organisations, and they include Rise Across Texas Challenge, Mexi-Arte Museum and the Austin Children in Crisis among others. She has also represented two non-profit Organisation; Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the KillCancer the that are dedicated to cancer prevention. In 2014, the Seton Breast Cancer in Austin named a screening room after Andrea.

Andrea McWilliams also serves a mentor to young women in Texas who are looking to venture into the corporate world.