A Haircare Experiment

In a recent article, a young woman summarized the results of an experiment with a popular haircare product called Wen by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html). Known to many as just Wen, this line features a cleansing conditioner than is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. It is said to be an excellent hair product, so this author decided to put it to the test.
For one week straight, this young woman used Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner daily. Upon the first wash, she noticed a difference in the volume of her hair immediately. She has thin hair normally, and was looking for a volumized boost to enable easier styling. By the end of her experiment, she was getting compliments left and right about how shiny and great her hair looked. Overall, she was happy with the results and enjoyed the increased volume that Wen gave her.

Sephora.com offers several different scents of Wen’s beloved cleansing conditioner and other hair styling products as well. After reading this article, it definitely gives Wen a good reputation. It definitely saves time on a hair regimen as well, as you only need that one product. Wen by Chaz is a great product that helps increase hair health, boosting volume and giving shine and bounce to your hair. Learn more about Wen: http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2016/03/liu-wen-model-interview.html

Igor Cornelsen Looks For Different Ways Of Making Good Investments

Investing is something each of us is constantly considering and looking for the best ways of making the perfect choices on findthebest.com to increase our own wealth through. For Igor Cornelsen and his clients at Bainbridge Investments the chance to explore areas of the world that may be seen as a little out of the box is something the expert in South American markets is constantly looking to encourage his followers to do; Cornelsen understands some of the markets that many North American and European financial experts have little experience of guiding their clients through.

For Igor Cornelsen the need for a wide ranging investment portfolio is something he has always looked to encourage his clients and those he speaks to through major news outlets to explore. One of the most important strategies IgorCornelsen feels any investor can explore is the looking at the opportunities offered by different industries and areas of investment. A good example of this is shown in the Brazilian economy Cornelsen believes is undervalued by many in North America and Europe, which sees strong areas of investment ranging from the tourism industry to agriculture and heavy industry. The vast difference in the different areas of the economy have seen the Brazilian economy grow at a time when global markets have largely been stalling.

Igor Cornelsen does not only look to encourage his clients to look for a diversified investment portfolio, but also seeks a higher level of success by exploring economies that have guaranteed trading with major nations of the world. Again taking the Brazilian economy as the example of his investment ideas, Igor Cornelsen believes the economy of the South American giant has been secured by the fact that a major trade agreement on imgfave.com was recently signed with China to guarantee the future of the economy in many areas.

Over the course of his career Igor Cornelsen has developed a strong group of clients and seen his skills as a financial expert in developing markets sought out by many major news organizations; among those who have sought the experience and advice of Cornelsen are CNN, who looked to him for advice on how best to invest in the Brazilian economy.

Don’t Drink The Water In Venezuela

Venezuela has seemed to hit an all-time low when it comes to the basic needs of residents. There is an energy shortage and an economic crisis, but it shouldn’t be a reason to supply residents with water that has a yellow tint and restrictions on the amount of energy that can be used. One woman lives in an apartment with her 8-ear-old granddaughter. The water that comes out of the faucet is yellow. Her family can’t drink this water. What makes it worse is that she never knows if there will be water at all. Some of the trucks delivering fresh water to residents have been robbed. There are respiratory illnesses due to the poor air quality. Some people who drink the water regardless of what it looks like have stomach illnesses. Officials including Danilo Diaz have also set clocks back so that children walk to school when it’s daylight in the hopes of using less energy. Officials believed that these changes would be for the best, but residents are frustrated with the effects and are demanding changes.


Spice up your styling routine with Wen By Chaz

Originally, reported on Bustle, a hair professional test out using WEN for one week. Her goal is to see if she can achieve her desired style results and to see if the product lives up to the glowing reviews from the guthy-renker website. Her day by day journey can be found here, with photos from each day. Though, keep in mind that each user will have unique results, so, try out Wen By Chaz for yourself!

The Sephora hair care line, WEN By Chaz, is an all-in-one cleansing conditioner. Wen By Chaz has been a top performing product and used extensively in salons across the globe. Wen By Chaz specializes in making a simple, easy to use product, that is tailored to each unique hair type which will deliver professional results at home or in the salon. The results tend to be consistent and help define and create reliable results while increasing hair manageability

If you are someone who loves beauty and hair care products giving Wen a try will be one of the best beauty choices you could make. The thick consistency of the product may be alarming at first, to those with fine strands or thin hair but, rest assured that the product will not weigh your hair down. The hair will plump up, leaving you with voluminous locks creating a full and luscious look. If your hair tends to get greasy quickly, you may want to style your hair daily to receive optimal results.

The ingredients in Wen will leave your hair immaculately moisturized. This product works by sealing in the natural moisture in your hair leaving each strand strengthened and fortified with healing ingredients. This will create a smooth and glossy finish after every styling. The shine this product typically creates is unrivaled by other consumer hair care products on the market.




Kyle Bass Proves He Has No Idea What He Is Doing

The only thing that Kyle Bass has proved since he first came onto the scene is that he does not know what he is doing. At best, he is someone who likes to talk a lot. He did make some money when the global economy went crazy, but he never showed that he could do anything other than that. He became famous because he was able to make some money on other people’s misery, but he is still talking about things that do not make any sense.

WSJ points out that Kyle Bass has been called a desperate gambler before, but a desperate gambler is someone who shoots his opponent when he sees aces and eights. At best, Kyle Bass is a fool who gets people to believe what he says because he is not very trustworthy. He is more like a political candidate who will say anything to get elected, and he goes on TV a lot to tell people things that make no sense.

There are a lot of economic experts who never agree with Kyle Bass, and just sit there wondering when he is going to be honest about his predictions. He is only partially correct some of the time, and then he is dead wrong all the other times. It is a good way for him to stay in the spotlight because he likes being there, but he is not doing people any favors. Anyone who has invested with Kyle Bass has probably lost money because his hedge fund has not had a good year in a long time, and people can look up the numbers for themselves. These same people can look up how bad it has been for his company even if they do not invest with him.

Kyle picks out places that seem really interesting when he talks about them, and he is able to whip people into a frenzy over something that is not really true. He said that China would fall apart, but it was just a little shake in the numbers. He said that the US would collapse, but the economy is still growing. He is just not a very trustworthy person, but people love him because he says things that look good on TV.

The bottom line on Kyle Bass is his own bottom line. He does not care about the people that invest with him, but he does care about himself. He is the kind of person who has to say something just to be heard, and he wants to sound smart when he does it. He is not going to make a right prediction any time soon, and he will lose people money when they invest blindly. Kyle Bass has proven he cannot be trusted with anyone’s money, and that might even include his own.  Find more information on http://usefulstooges.com/2015/08/24/kyle-bass-the-frantic-investments-of-a-desperate-gambler/

Outspoken Hedge Fund Manager George Soros Warns of Impending Crisis

George Soros is a very well known and highly regarded political commentator and economic and financial adviser. Back in 2011 Soros made a rather alarming argument that the economic implosion in Greece would be far more devastating for the future markets the world over, far more so than the financial housing collapse of 2007 and 2008. At a recent economic summit in Sri Lanka Soros once again return to the topic of market instability, this time however he was concerned primarily with China rather than Greece.

Soros argued that the massive market downturns and widespread financial instability on twitter.com which is currently causing havoc for investors and consumers in both the east and west has it’s roots primarily in the Chinese market. China went through a very bad time, financially speaking, recently, which Soros considers to be inexorably tied to the fact that the country has not rolled out a new plan to change up their economic growth model. In addition to this the Hungarian billionaire also noted that 2.5 trillion dollars had been completely washed out of the total global market this year alone. George Soros concluded with saying that the current state of the global market reminds him of the market situation that pervaded the world after 2008.

And this is far from wild speculation or armchair thought experiment, indeed the vast majority of the statistical data which has recently been taken on the issue tends to greatly support Soros’ argument. Take for instance the The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index which has noted a massive thirteen percent, the higher the percentage the worse the situation, hence why the volatility index is more commonly referred to as the “Fear Gauge.” Another volatility index, the Nikkei Stock Average has noted a forty three percent increase as of 2016. Despite all of this doom and gloom China’s market is stabilizing – if only for the present moment.

The Whole BMG Recap by Marcio Alaor

January can be quite a boring time of the year when one lives in the colder areas of the US, but for those who live in Las Vegas, that is a time for fun and festivities. Amazing isn’t it? Those who are reading this article are probably saying, why would January be considered to be fun?

Well, the answer to that question is a simple one, it is the month that the CES event is held every year on, making it a great time for celebration.
Many people in the world have become lost when it comes to finding a way to discover the newest information on the technology of today, and that is why the CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, was invented.

People have for a long time now been looking for an easy way to figure out all about the newest technology and about the technology of the future, without having to go through the hassle of going through millions of searches and data just to end up spending way more time than expected on figuring out the information needed. Aaportal found that that was the reason why the CES event was put into place.

Things like drones, electric cars and smart houses are a thing of the now these days, and those are the types of things that were talked about at the annual CES this year. Many years have passed since the first CES was held, and they are still going strong.

That is the reason why so many people have come from all around the world just to catch a glimpse of this amazing event. It is also why they have added so many new features to the event and have started adding way more information to their agenda so that they are able to inform the public on everything that they possibly can in the amount of time that they have with them.

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Marcio Alaor

The world has been in the grasps of making bad choices. That is why people like Marcio Alaor BGM are here to make sure that everyone is getting what they need in life.

The biggest thing that Marcio Alaor BGM is known for doing with his life is working for the BGM Group as one of the best of the best when it comes to being a team member available in the whole of their executive team.

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U.S. Money Reserve Has A Brilliant New Website


U.S. Money Reserve has risen to become one of the top sellers of precious metals in the United States. The company’s headquarters are located in Austin, TX, and sales, hundreds of thousands of sales, have led to the shipping of gold and other precious metals all throughout the United States.

The common way a buyer purchases gold, silver, or platinum from U.S. Money Reserve is to call on the phone and speak with a sales representative. As CBS 19 reports, U.S. Money Reserve is debuting a new way for customers to make a purchase. The company has completed redesigned its website. The new website maintains a fantastic layout that is great for research and purchasing.

U.S. Money Reserve deals in coins. Many of these coins are incredibly-designed ones produced by the U.S. Mint. (Interestingly, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, is a former Director of the U.S. Mint) As an online museum of outstanding coins, the new website truly is a marvel.

The twitter website is illustrated with numerous incredible photographic images. Since the website seeks to present an online catalog of its inventory, the presence of coin photos makes sense. What may be surprising is the incredible detail to the images. The coins truly appear like works of art.

The site does more than just display coins available for sale. U.S. Money Reserve has crafted a solid educational website, and the site is filled with incredible information. Someone who may never have purchased precious metals in the past probably has a lot of questions. The site is a great resource. Numerous questions can be answered by reviewing the content on the site.

A “Gold News Room” is highlighted on the site. Anyone who wants to learn about the changes and movements in the gold market can do so by reviewing the newsroom’s reports. This is not the only component to the site designed to enhance the visitor’s knowledge. The “Knowledge Center” covers a lot of topics related to gold coins in general. Visiting this resource is definitely worth it for anyone wishing to learn about the basics of precious metal coins.

Visitors can sign up for a free gold information kit, and they may also set up a free one-on-one consultation. The website truly does cover a lot of territory for consumers.

Of course, the site is designed to help easily process online purchases. Create an account, and simply add the coins desired to the shopping cart. Once the items are in the shopping cart, they can be checked out. Credit card payments are accepted.

Overall, U.S. Money Reserve has done a tremendous job with the development of this new site. Visitors are sure to be impressed.

Bronze Statue Honors Navy Men And Women


U.S. Money Reserve, one of the world’s largest distributors of gold and silver along with the U.S. Naval Foundation announced together that this month they intend to install a statue of a lone sailor at the Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii. The bronze statue will be dedicated in appreciation of the brave men and women who gave their lives on December 7th, 1941 to protect the American way of life and the Freedom enjoyed by of the citizens of the United States of America. The Lone Sailor statue is meant to inspire and honor all the great service men and women of America past, present, and future.

Reported on kusi.com, most of the backing for this seven-foot bronze statue will be coming directly from the sale of U.S. Money Reserves beautiful 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Coin sets. The 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold Coin is a beautifully crafted coin that respectfully honors the events of December 7, 1941, which then President Franklin D. Roosevelt described as “A date which will live in infamy.” All of the proceeds from the sales made by them are being set aside for the U.S. Naval Memorial Foundation and will help pay for the Lone Sailor Statue in Hawaii.

Located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. The United States Navy Memorial provides a living acknowledgment to the men and women of Americas naval services. The outdoor plaza of the memorial features a magnificent “Granite Sea” map of the world with towering masts, fountain pools, waterfalls, and the new Lone Sailor Statue.
The seven-foot bronze statue is the creation of sculptor Stanley Bleifeld, the U.S. Navy’s official sculptor. The massive bronze sculpture comes in two pieces: The sailor who stands seven feet tall and weighs in at 1000 pounds, and his sea bag and a ship’s cleat which weigh in at about 700 pounds. As a further tribute to the men and women of Pearl Harbor, steel from the USS Arizona will be incorporated into the base of the Lone Sailor Statue.

Original article published on Yahoo read it here at http://goo.gl/FAic8R

George Soros Backs Up Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Hedge fund Forbes billionaire, George Soros, has made headlines again following the donation he made to PAC. PAC is the platform that Hillary Clinton is using for her presidential bid in the forthcoming general elections. Hillary has openly expressed her wish to be the next president of the U.S. She received a total of $8 million from Soros in 2015 alone. Herb Sandler and Donald Sussman also donated $1.5 million each. It is proper to mention that in 2015 alone, PAC received a backing of $41 million.
Soros has been among the biggest financiers of the American politics. His donations will go a long way in enhancing Clinton’s presidential bids. Soros is seen as a bellwether in the middle of rich Democrats. The liberal is one of the few who individuals that have given a sum of eight figures in the election cycle. This is not the first time that Soros has spent an exorbitant amount in election campaigns. Soros donated more than 20 million in a bid to have President George Bush ousted in 2004. He also donated a million to Priorities USA in support of President Barrack Obama’s reelection. This information was reported on Politico as explained in the following link http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/hillary-clinton-george-soros-218494
George Soros is the founder of the open society foundation. He is also a well known philanthropist. Soros helped undermine the Eastern Bloc Communism infiltration by supporting cultural exchanges with the West as well as offering copier machines that were used in copying banned material.
After the fall of the Berlin wall, Soros established the Central European University, which was aimed at fostering critical thinking. His foundation has operational offices in Africa, Asia and United States. The foundation offers support to attorneys who represent persons that have been unlawfully incarcerated. Additionally, the foundation offers financial aid to needy students that want to pursue further education. Among those eligible for education sponsorship include underprivileged persons, young Roma students, refugees and marginalized groups. This information was mentioned on opensocietyfoundations.org as posited in the link below https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros
George history starts in Budapest, Hungary where he was born 86 years ago. He lived through the Nazi Invasion in Hungary during the World War II. George was lucky to flee when the Communists dominated Hungary in 1947. He landed in England and after doing a series of odd jobs; he enrolled at the London School of Economics.
Later, Soros moved to the U.S. where he established Soros an international investment fund. This fund was instrumental in providing Soros with much wealth. Soros is an accomplished author having published many of books. He has also written journals on matters of politics economy and society. This information was reported on georgesoros.com as highlighted in the following link http://www.georgesoros.com/the-life-of-george-soros/