Beneful Helps Dogs To Be Healthy

Unlike most of the other dog food brands that are out there, Beneful is a dog food brand that cares. This dog food brand has been trying its hardest to give quality dog food to pet owners since the very beginning. It knows the importance of a healthy diet when it comes to a pet, and it has made sure to always put only the healthiest of ingredients into the dog food that it is making. It knows that that is the most important thing that it can be doing, and it knows that it will be able to gain the trust of many pet owners by doing that.
Another way that Beneful has worked hard to gain the trust of pet owners it by putting out some really cute ads. The brand has created ads that have touched the hearts of pet owners, from an ad featuring a cute, little puppy and his new owner to an add that features all kinds of dogs working together to make a Rube Goldberg machine work. No matter what the dogs are doing in the ads they are always cute, and always healthy. Pet owners can see that, and that boosts their confidence in this brand. Beneful would not put out the kinds of ads that they do if they were not the brand that they are, and every pet owner feels that they can trust them because of that.
It’s a great thing for a pet owner to have a brand to go to again and again. It’s good for them to be able to know that that brand is there for them and will not let them down, and it’s a great feeling for them to have when they know that they are making a healthy choice for their pet every time that they feed them a serving of food from the brand. They will actually be able to see the difference in their dog when they feed him food from the Beneful brand compared with other dog food brands, and that will make their choice to only use it seem all the more worth it.
There isn’t much more to make a pet owner feel good about what they are doing than when they are able to purchase the right brand of food for their dog. When they pick up something from Beneful they will be able to know that their dog will be healthy and live a long life.

The MJ Impersonator That Continues To Thrill

So many people were fans of Michael Jackson. It is deceased but somehow he still manages to sell millions of records. This is the power of his legacy. He made music that was timeless, and this is why Sergio Cortes is able to make a living impersonating him. Sergio is certainly becoming one of the most recognizable entertainers in the impersonation world, and much of this has to do with this looks.

Cortes looks like Jackson. That is the ultimate key to his success. He is a great performer, and he has the moves that are signature Jackson moves, but he looks exactly like Michael Jackson. That is what makes him one of the most popular entertainers in the world of MJ impersonators.

Michael Jackson had a style of his own. He was a flashy entertainer. He is rather easy to imitate because he was such a flashy individual. Jackson had the glove and the glittery socks. He had the colorful costumes for stage performances. There were a lot of things that made him stand out. That makes it even easier for someone like Sergio Cortes to come along and duplicate his performances. Many people have tried to duplicate Jackson, but Sergio Cortes really is the best because he pays attention to detail. He has everything right down to the wire. He knows the costumes. He has the look. This all makes the impersonation look authentic. If Michael Jackson was not deceased some people would not be able to tell if it was Sergio Cortes or Michael Jackson. That is how exact the performance is.

The MJ impersonator that is able to make a living this way can be considered good at his job. That is what Sergio Cortes is able to do very well. He makes a living touring as Michael Jackson and people love what he has been able to bring to the stage. Michael Jackson has been around for decades, but he has always stepped up and done new things. That is what Sergio is doing to keep fans on their toes. He continues to make his MJ Tribute shows bigger and bigger. This keeps the buzz about him very strong. He allows more people to become fans of his work. This is the impersonator that people can depend on to do MJ justice. There is a lot of work that goes into the MJ Tribute shows.

The Essence of MJ: Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes

The essence of the King of Pop lives in Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes (aka Sergio Jackson). Born July 30, 1971, in Barcelona, Spain, Cortes spent his childhood as an avid fan of Michael Jackson, learning the music and the intricate choreography synonymous with the famed entertainer. When Sergio was a teenager in the late ‘80s, he began to model himself after Jackson and caught the attention of a local reporter who published photographs of the celebrity impersonator which resulted in numerous job offers.

In addition to his impeccably detailed dance moves, Cortes has the signature physical looks of Jackson from the definite jawline to the striking cheekbones. Cortes received his first bookings as an impersonator dedicating his performances to many of Jackson’s platinum-winning albums and world-renowned tours. He has appeared in numerous entertainment venues in Latin America and nationally known television shows, including the Peruvian talk show Laura.

Cortes’ live renditions of Jackson’s chart-toppers Billie Jean and Human Nature have left audiences enthralled as he uses his love for the late musician in order to present a stellar performance. In 2009, Cortes had taken the death of Jackson very hard but channeled his grief into his venue by revamping his show lineup. Cortes’ Michael Jackson Tribute Band now delivers with precision and is largely welcomed by adoring MJ fans.

Cortes has become a YouTube sensation with the little-known ballad Little Susie by the late Jackson in a 2012 performance in Mexico, his arousing a capella offering of You Are Not Alone as part his promotional video. and his emotionally-charged remake of Heal The World. The motivation behind his performances lies in his quiet and peaceful nature, sharing the same humanitarian philosophy as the late Jackson’s, expressing concerns for world peace and the betterment of the human condition.

Since 2012, the venue Human Nature Live (A Tribute To Michael Jackson) has toured in Italy and continues to thrill audiences across the globe. Cortes has a strong presence on social media and has been the topic of conversation by MJ fans globally by keeping the legendary artist alive through his music.

Statement Shoes for Men

Nothing can ruin a wardrobe like wearing the wrong shoe. It’s important to pair a great italian shoes with what you wear. Men are stepping up their shoe game this fall with classy brogues and loafers. This year thicker soles, rich colors and throwback collegiate styles are at the forefront. The shoes this season are so sporty yet stylish that you can wear them for both work or play. Luxury penny loafers are all the rage. Colors that are in style this season are dark gray or green. Loafers are a great way to look stylish while wearing pretty much anything. It’s wool suit season so that means a classic oxford. Oxfords are the perfect accessory that literally can be worn with anything. If you’re more of a sporty guy, high-top sneakers are it this season. If you don’t like the high-top look then go for a simple Puma in a dark color.

If you’re looking for a sexy, edgy or classic well made shoe then check out Paul Evans. Paul Evans shoes for men are made from highly skilled artisans in Italy. Only the finest quality of materials are used for each shoe. They have two showrooms in New York City but their business is done through the internet. This is how they are able to keep their shoes so reasonably priced with no markups and high overhead with retail spaces. The men behind Paul Evans traveled to Italy and were able to negotiate fair prices from the shoe makers. Every man should have a pair of their brown loafers in their closet. Their shoe prices start at around $350. It is almost impossible to find a good quality shoe for less than $300 these days. Bigger brands produce that may look great on the outside but the soles fall apart after just a few months. Paul Evans shoes will last you years beyond years.

Young Yeon-mi Park Troublesome Life Lightens the Way Out

“We are living in a just world full of freedom everywhere” may seem a great quote especially with the spread of the internet to the interior-most corners of the world but it is not. It even sounds weird to say out loud that deep into some corners of this world, lays brutal and retrogressive states where freedom is not at all an option.

It is quite challenging to lead a comfortable life in a state full of forced labor camps and where starving (even to death) is a normal occurrence that does not lay on the list of the State officials’ most pressing issues. Besides, a minor offence can lead you into serving many years in this forced labor camps.

One such person is Yeonmi Park’s father who was arrested and served 17 years in a forced labor camp for smuggling gold, nickel and silver to the Chinese traders in an effort to keep his family including her child Yeon-mi alive.

However, the most notable personality in this oppression whirlwind is the now international phenomenon Yeon-mi Park who has seen all the two totally contradicting worlds. As a child, she lived in the brutal nation of North Korea to witness the death of the mother to her best friend shot by the firing squad at a really tender age of nine. Also in the same vein, the 1993-born defector was forced to take grass and insects for survival

While in North Korea, all she had known (and also what other people had knew) was to first acknowledge and worship their leader, Kim Jong-II and second, to hate all the enemies of this regime. A notable punishment to these enemies was brutal bloody executions. She had suffered all the while until a film titled “Titanic” was smuggled into the state and found its way into her hands. Her eyes opened after watching the film and she saw a totally different world.

In 2007, the 21-year old together with her mother crossed the frozen river after her sister had crossed before them. While doing so, they dodged Chinese officials whose work was to detect defectors and return them into that dreaded country. Worse still, at the age of thirteen, her mother was fiercely raped by the traffickers.

Still in all this turmoil, the whereabouts of her sister were still a misery hence the thought of her as dead and her father, who later followed them out of North Korea, died in China due to colon cancer. Then came the severely frozen desert of Gobi that she crawled through with her mother to get to Mongolia. She later re-united with her sister.

Currently, she is an internationally sensation and activist who campaigns against the torturous life of her mother country. She has even produced a moving speech about her life experiences and that of the people of North Korea at Oslo Freedom Forum and The One Young World Summit in Duplin. She is now a high profiled face in the media with BBC naming her among the Top 100 Global Women.

FreedomPop Comes to the UK

The company that began offering freemium services, FreedomPop, has announced that the freemium services will now be available in France, Spain, Germany, UK, and many other countries in the Pacific Rim.

Upon the announcement of the launch, people who were interested could begin signing up for more information. In early September, FreedomPop on itunes began to contact those who had been interested in more information. The current stage of the launch – the alpha test – will be used to collect feedback in order to better prepare for the official launch.

The same plan that has made the company extremely popular and famous in America is only one of the plans that people can choose from. The free plan includes 200 minutes, 200 SMS and 200MB of data. The second plan costs $13 (nine euros) a month (much less than many conventional phone companies) and includes 1000 messages and SMS, 1GB of data, and free voicemail. The last plan costs $18 (12 euros) and comes with unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, and 2 GB of data.

There is no clear indicator of whether or not the alpha test will have a 4G LTE service. Other items included in the alpha test is a free on-month trial of the premium plan (which is usually $13 a month, or nine euros a month), up to 500MB of data rolled over for three dollars (or two euros), and even the ability to pay two euros or three dollars for Premium Voice. The alpha testers can also choose their number from a small selection of numbers.

Environmental Laws in South Africa: How Frans Schoeman Can Help?


Environmental law deals with regulations and laws related to the interaction of humans with their environment. Basically, environmental laws are created to forge a harmonious relationship between humans and how we protect our environment. Since the development of World Commission on Environment and Development, considerable progress is made towards enlightening present generation on how environment can impact their lives.

Where to Get Assistance?

In countries such as South Africa, certain environmental laws are still in development stage, which often makes it difficult to interpret various legal clauses. Perhaps, it is practical to hire a consulting firm that has experience in dealing with such legal matters. Frans Schoeman is among those highly skilled lawmen who can provide assistance on anything related to environmental law in South Africa. As the director of TG Minister Conulting and Phatsima Diamonds, he has first-hand experience of negotiating and drafting legal guidelines for businesses to follow. Frans Schoeman on scribd, years of experience and vast industry knowledge has already saved Millions of Rands for several South African and international firms.

Project Development

From a business owner’s perspective, environmental law plays an even more important role as almost all business projects in developing countries must abide by strict environmental control treaties. At the core of environmental law is the concept of sustainable development and integration. Sustainable development provides directions on how we can develop our communities without harming the natural environment. In fact, laws on sustainable development also provide guidelines on alternate methods that can be deployed to minimize the impact of human development. Another significant clause in the environmental law pertains to inter-generational equity. In simple words, the law states that everyone in the present generation has a right to equitable access to natural environment; whereas, the right of access is also reserved for future generations who must also have fair access to natural environment. Accordingly, these rights are protected by environmental law.

For large development projects, environmental law provides specific guidelines on multiple issues such as fair use of land resources, excavation limits, pollution control and public access etc. Unfortunately, most businesses ignore the concept of environmental prevention when designing a business plan. Despite severe penalties on ignoring environmental degradation, environmental prevention represents a very small portion of business plans. In reality, environmental clause strictly calls for detailed analysis on future harm to environment including licensing and authorization of business operations. Prevention of environment may also include preemptive measures to adapt policies that will not only protect natural environment, but also offer initiative for increased awareness among workers, project developers and other stakeholders. In some jurisdictions, environmental law encourages measures to use the latest technology and best available means to protect the environment. Therefore, it is important for business developers to understand the importance of using the best methods to prevent possible breach of environmental laws. For multinational companies, understanding environmental law is even more important as the development can impact natural resources of other States. For instance, the Stockholm declaration states that it is the duty of every nation to address concerns of neigbouring countries ensuring that the impact of mega-projects prevents damages to environment in other countries.


How Lime Crime Cosmetics was Born

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a brand that focuses exclusively on creating very exotic pastel and fluorescent colored makeups. The company has made tremendous strides in promoting a level of cuteness that is typically forbidden when a girl hits a certain age, hence the origin of the Lime Crime Cosmetics name.

I want you to imagine this: you have a very fairly-skinned and feminine-looking model, like Lindsay Wixon. Lindsay typically wears colors that are muted or either very extreme. For example, Lindsay will wear a red lipstick with a black eyeshadow and black eyeliner as well. That will be the entirety of the color palette that she is “allowed” to wear. With her very soft, fair features and youthful skin, people think that Lindsay is cute enough already, and that it’s only right to add black makeup with very crisp, red lipstick to make her look more adult and sexy. The philosophy of Lime Crime Cosmetics is a little different. Lindsay, being a fair skin girl will naturally look very attractive in all colors that are either neon, or fluorescent. Yet, in using this very feminine color palette, she would be making herself look even cuter that she already is. Her being this attractive would lead lots of opinionated people to ridicule Lindsay’s makeup, although she is the cutest girl in the room and gets all the attention from her male counterparts, while other girls are completely ignored. It is almost as if she is so sexy that it is a crime.

Her cosmetics work in large part has been influenced along with the inception of pop disco music in her native Ukraine. In the Ukraine, and Eastern Europe in general, there is an enormous dance pop scene. This is not the typical pop you think of when you think of American pop, this type of pop is typically underground, very feminine music that is labeled as of the pop genre because of its lighthearted, fun elements. Another huge difference is that pop is not considered to be wrong to listen to, like it is in America. In the Ukraine, this pop style is seen to be the style of music that all of the truly attractive and sexy people indulge.

Please take note that there are more Russian women than men and every girl has to make themselves stand out, so very sexy clothing and dress is common in countries like Russia and Ukraine.

Doe Deere speaks of going to her high school prom in Eastern Europe and wearing emerald green eye shadow. Because of her eyeshadow, all the guys paid especially close attention to her. She had never seen or experienced this level of attraction from the opposite sex before. She says of herself in an interview that she has never considered herself to be particularly sexy or attractive and that she has always considered herself to be normal. Yet, on the day that she wore this exotic-colored eyeshadow, she gained the attention of all of the guys that attended her prom. This is when she knew that there was something truly magical to this exotic makeup that she wore, yet, the variety available on the market then was very sparse, so when she moved to New York to study fashion, she experimented heavily with makeup and the elements see needed in order to make your own. She discovered the color palette that she wanted to use and created her first set of lipsticks, loose pigments and eyeshadows for Lime Crime Cosmetics, and the rest is history.

The Inevitable Rise of the Businesswoman in America

There are still many women that are fighting for their fights on a global level, but America is the land of opportunity. The playing field in the corporate world may not be completely leveled, but there are more opportunities for women than ever before. That is a major part of the celebration of women in business. Forbes and Fortune magazine recognizes these major players in corporate roles on an annual basis. Some are old; others are young. It shows a great spectrum of women that are becoming leaders for technology, retail and industrial businesses. This diverse leadership style shows that women can do just about anything when they are given the opportunity.

Much of the excitement has started years ago. There have been women breaking the glass ceiling for years, but Susan McGalla on PHX has become a major force that continues to provide inspiration to all that come after her. The great thing about Susan McGalla is her lengthy career experience. She has managed to develop a lot of brands over the years, and people still seek her guidance today. What Susan has shown the up and coming generation is that you have to be diverse. Getting stuck with one organization or one type of job description can be hazardous. This may be the ultimate reason that she has places a lot of energy into moving from one job to the next. She knows that it is better to have a spectrum of different skills. This is going to be the best way to show that you can handle anything that is given to you.

The business world has a lot of different roles for women to engage in. More women are able to see how they can move up as they take on the positions that other people may avoid. Marissa Myer, for example, took on a lot when she decided to become the president of Yahoo! at such a young age. The company was already in a downward spiral thanks to the other search engine juggernauts like Bing and Google. Marissa is still trying to pick the business back up and get up to the glory days that it was once known for. This is a difficult task, and it is one that she may ultimately fell to accomplish. The reality, however, is that she had to take this business on in order to build up her resume. She had to prove that she could handle the position.

When women in the business world come through in clutch situations its shows character. It also opens the doors for other women that are looking for a chance to make a splash in the business world. There are many women that are in marketing like Susan McGalla once was, but she was a grand exception to the rules. She didn’t look for anyone to open a door for her. She continuously worked her way up and made her own path. Others that want her level of success should follow her example.

Boraie Development LLC Continues To Achieve the Vision of Omar Boraie about New Brunswick

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. A respected real estate developer, Omar Boraie, owns this company. New Jersey is a state that has previously been hit by calamities, which almost brought the real estate business to its knees. A sluggish growth following the economic crisis of 2008/2009, high taxation, and sad turn of events of two consecutive storms spell dark days on the real estate development in this area.

However, one company has risen to the occasion where it has started real estate development projects to transform the area. Boraie Development LLC under the leadership of Omar Boraie is making ends meets in changing the face of the real estate market. It has seen great development and now people can take advantage of the growing housing industry that was one time almost collapsing.

Two storms that consecutively hit New Jersey resulted in damages estimated to be close to $31 billion. An estimated 200,000 buildings including houses were destroyed beyond repair in New Jersey alone. Boraie Development’s project in the area of New Brunswick is one good example of what the company is trying to achieve.

The vision Omar Boraie Development and his real estate company holds will bring success to this state. In the recent times, Boraie Development LLC has been initiating real estate development projects such as construction of the two condominiums in New Brunswick. The housing project will serve two market extremes that fall on opposite ends of the housing market. These condos are being constructed on sites that had been forsaken by developers.

Omar Boraie is an Egyptian immigrant who settled in New Brunswick in the 1970s. Omar Boraie came to New Brunswick to get a Ph.D. in chemistry; however, he soon heard a siren call to venture into the real estate. Omar Boraie saw the greatness of New Brunswick when he found it at its lowest point of development.

And, as Omar Boraie nears the final touches in the completion of his latest project, he is happy to have achieved two things. First, he has seen the vision of New Brunswick come true, which he saw about four decades ago; when people thought he was crazy. The dream is continuing to take its shape. Secondly, people now believe that he is no longer crazy for having thought of this success of New Brunswick.

The new project consists of a deluxe luxury high-rise residential that is being built on Somerset Street at the Aspire in the heart of the city. Boraie said that when he started in 1972, things were awful. One couldn’t walk on streets of the city after 4 pm because everyone had left.