I saw Keith Man using his Twitter time last night to rant about these, and I agree with most of his points. So I put together a list of three things that annoy me about Arche Age’s crime system:

  1. There’s no risk to planting farms out in the open.

There should be some type of risk involved if you pick a terrible spot for a farm. But there really isn’t, as most of the time you’re only out a couple of silver, and it’s easy to replace your crops and start again if somebody does rob you.

  1. The jury system needs an overhaul.

Most jurors don’t seem to care, they don’t seem to read the cases, and they just don’t seem interested at all. But the worst is when you run into the gold spammers, who spend the entire time just spamming their gold selling service.

  1. Reporting a crime is way too easy.

You should have to do more than just get close enough and hit “F”. There needs to be something involved with reporting a crime, something more realistic, so that the game doesn’t devolve into BS crime stuff happening. Or to reward skill of skilled thieves.