While largely ArcheAge has been an MMO success. Bringing some desperately needed new ideas to a field of games that are starting to stagnate. However, as with any new MMO launch, they’ve had difficulty trying to deal with all of the people that exploit the system.

Including bots that are solely there to spam people into buying gold, or goods, or even those that steal people’s accounts and items. There are a ton of problems in trying to maintain the security of a game like this, so it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain the game’s integrity.

That’s led to the developer having to ban upwards of 5,000 accounts per day, to try and deal with how many people are causing problems.

But again, the problem with being a major property like ArcheAge or North American Spine, is that you have so many users, there are always going to be a lot more that you have to deal with.

Here’s to hoping that they can find a way to completely deal with the issues. Griefers aren’t a game breaker, but they do certainly put undo pressure on a game as far as a new audience is concerned.