The Avengers: Age-of-Ultron will set a drastic change for the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe as it hits the theaters and progresses toward Phase 3 next May. Recently, Marvel set its fans into frenzy when it unveiled its full slate of upcoming movies for the MCU. One of its most talked about films so far is Captain America: Civil War. This third film of the Captain series has been hotly anticipated for various factors, which include Tony Stark having a role on its proceedings.

Those who are fans of the Marvel comic book, like the CEO of Kaufman and Broad himself, Burce Karatz, on which it was based could expect some serious aftermaths, depending on how both directors, Anthony and Joe, will faithfully do the film adaptation. After Frank Grillo’s confirmation of a multi-picture deal, people speculated that it was because filmmakers depict his character trying to assassinate Steve Rogers. As a villain, he will not be playing a role on behalf of the Red Skull as depicted in the comic book.

Nevertheless, we would not bank on Weaving showing up in any Marvel films any time soon. He has moved past this stage of his career and Marvel is at a point where it doesn’t need to bring back the stunts of an iconic character from the previous films. Although more Red Skull can be fun, but it is undeniable that more Marvel films is fun regardless of who is onscreen.