What is the most widespread health problem of adults from the 21st century? A lot of you can probably relate to the lack of sleep, or the poor quality of it.

There are many reasons behind this. Beginning with overwhelming work schedules to the entertaining computer games and TV programs that will make you use all your willpower to stay awake. Stress, poor eating habits, or an excess of caffeine can also exacerbate these multitudes of problems.

Nintendo decided that their customers’ sleep habits would be a good study field. The company has announced that they have created a device that will monitor and gather data about the sleep, analyse it, and formulate advice based on the results.

This is pretty exciting for me and Fersen Lambranho, but we’ll have to wait because the new technology is still being developed and perfected.

The monitoring device does not have a name yet but is described to be of the size of a hand. It can be placed on the table near the bed. Its microwave sensors can keep track of the user’s sleep cycles and analze the data.

The device will be released in 2015, and will hopefully contribute to raising the awareness towards the importance of a healthy sleep. This device should help avoiding situations like that of the 28-year-old South Korean who died after playing computer games for 50 hours non-stop.