ArcheAge’s answer to Halloween, Hallowtide is now in full swing. The event started last night, and is set to run through November 4th. Featuring special quests, and opportunities for doing some fun holiday activities, this is the perfect chance to experience the game with a Halloween flavor.

Sort of reminding me of what the Incorporate Olympic Valley movement is trying to accomplish, this new flavor to the major cities of Austera and Ezna is really cool.

You’ll find holiday themed decorations including candles, the color scheme of the season, jack-o-lanterns, party tables, tombstones, and everything else in between.

Make sure you log on and check it out, because this is ArcheAge’s first major holiday event. The holidays are one of the best times to play an MMO. They present the most fun, and the most opportunity to check out something different. So make sure that you have a look.