Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Find Success in Business Aimed at Women

Don Ressler and his Just Fab partner, Adam Goldenberg have been friends since 2001. Both, Ressler and Goldenberg have had previous experience starting up their own businesses before founding Just Fab. Mr. Goldenberg founded his first company, Gamers Alliance, at only 15-years-old. He was just out of high school when he sold the business to MySpace parent company, Intermix Media. Goldenberg dropped out of high school to accept the vice presidency at Intermix when he was still in his teens. It was there that he met Don Ressler who founded Fitness Heaven in 2000 and sold it to Intermix in 2001. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to found Alena Media that’s a company in 2006 after a news corporation had acquired Intermix in 2005.

Alena Media sold intelligent beauty care. Goldenberg and Ressler are behind the highly successful Hydroderm that tones the skin and reduces wrinkles. They also created Dermstore, Sensa, and Brand Idea that eventually became Intelligent Beauty. By March 2010, Ressler and Goldenberg founded Just Fab, an online company that sells, boots, bags, dressy sandals, shoes, jewelry, and clothing. The online fashion store has a membership of $39 per month unless the member decides to skip a month. Members get special discounts. Members can cancel their membership anytime without penalty. In 18 months, the membership has grown to 4 million members. In 2011, Ressler and Goldenberg had hired 36-year-old Kimora Lee Simmons to be the President and Creative Director of Justfab. Matrix Partners gave Don Ressler and Goldenberg $33 million to help start Just Fab. Just Fab is celebrity endorsed by such celebrities as Avril Lavigne and beauty experts Elle and Blair Fowler.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also own Fabletics, an atheltic store, also owned by actress Kate Hudson. In three years the store has become physical buildings and will be growing and growing across the country, little by little as time goes on. Ressler and Goldenberg also own FabKids and Shoe Dazzle.

Don Ressler and his wife, Ginger are very fond of fitness. Through Ressler’s many business endeavors, he had gained quite a reputation that had attracted the attention of Kate Hudson who wanted to meet Don Ressler and discuss how he could help her athletic clothing business. Fabeltics began as just an online athletic store that has grown to physical buildings and there is no stopping this business. Kate Hudson is growing quite a nest egg. Source:

Goettl Offers Tips for a Cool Summer

When elected to serve on the nation’s largest non-profit association of indoor environmental systems professionals, an organization representing more than 60,000 individuals, one must be an expert on the topic at hand. That’s the position in which Ken Goodrich, CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning, found himself last spring as the ACCA met in Charlotte, North Carolina for its annual meeting and expo. The announcement of Goodrich’s election to the board was officially made on Goettl Air Conditioning’s Linkedin page.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

With triple digit heat being a way of life during desert summers, Goettl is quick to provide tips to keep your air conditioner running efficiently so your home can stay cool. Such tips include having a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats give you the flexibility to easily set the temperature you prefer while you’re at home while adjusting the temperature upwards a tad while at work. Set the timer and your home is nice and cool when you return. Regular maintenance, including changing filters, is strongly encouraged to keep that piece of home cooling equipment running in tip top shape and to prevent break downs in mid-August. Having your air conditioning ducts cleaned also helps with machine efficiency. During the cleaning process, Goettl employees check for breaks in the ductwork, areas where all that air you pay to cool your home leaks.

Goodrich does more than just consider his clients’ comforts. He is also concerned about the welfare of our four legged friends during the dog days of summer. He recommends you consider when you take your pooch for a walk. If the surface is too hot to hold your hand over for 10 seconds, you should find a cooler time so those paws don’t get burned. While you are outside, if your pet has short or light colored hair, use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. They’re susceptible, too. Grooming them properly can aid with circulation and temperature regulation. Goodrich reminds us that while we can get a drink when we’re thirsty, our pets rely on us. Make sure there’s plenty of drinking water available. But not just drinking water. Many dogs, and a few cats, enjoy playing in the water. Set up a kiddie pool and let them splash! And finally, be aware that the garage posts many dangers to cats and dogs. Anti-freeze and many yard care products can be fatal.

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Securus Is A Very Simple App To Use

Securus is a very simple app to use, and it is something that I want to use because I need to be able to connect to people that I know who are in jail. I thought that I was only going to be able to talk to them over the phone, but now I have the app that allows me to basically do anything I want at any time. This is very easy to manage, and I love the fact that I can see the people that I talk to. I needed to set it up for my dad to see his brother, and now I can use to to check on a friend in my hometown.

Securus as a company, boasts an A+ accreditation from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The app they made has a very simple interface that I can teach anyone to use, and I have proven that because I taught my dad to use it. He is not a technology type person, but he is able to use this app on his phone easily. I have seen him making some calls on it, and he has never called me to ask what to do. It is very easy to use for me, as well. I have friends across the country that need my support, and it makes me feel good to know that I can support them.

I wanted to make sure that I could see the people I care about, and so did my dad. He has been able to make a lot of calls on the system, and I have been able to do the same. We have even been in the same house doing this, and that makes it even easier to know that both of us are getting what we need. I wanted to help my dad, and now I am helping myself with the Securus America app.

The website PR, also has articles about this company.

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Appearance Date Set To Validate Signatures

The CNE (Venezuela’s electoral council) has spoken out against criticism from the right wing MUD coalition regarding the over 600,000 supposed fraudulent signatures listed on the recall referendum. According to, the individuals who had signed the recall referendum must present themselves to CNE offices across the country between June 20 – 24 for signature verification.
This does seem to be the easiest way to sort out the whole signature mix up because over 300,000 of the signatures obtained were lacking in vital personal information, reveals Adrian Velasquez of CNE. The CNE does have a deadline of June 26th to validate all participant’s signatures. If all signatures get validated, then the MUD coalition will have three additional days to collect 3.8 million more signatures for the recall of the president.

The MUD coalition has been involved in a series of violent rallies protesting the apparent stalling on the part of the CNE to move onto the next stage of the process. The CNE fired back with statements posted on Open Corporates questioning the months it took to initiate the process due to internal strife within the MUD coalition. If the recall does not take place until next year, then President Maduro’s vice president would take over as the party’s leader for the rest of the term.


Billionaire George Soros makes Big, Bearish Investments

Billionaire George Soros has hit the news again. This time with decisions that are widely seen as controversial. George Soros has decided to go bearish on investments. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing people that are close to this matter, Soros Fund Management sold stock and bought shares and gold in gold miners. The fund cites a gloomy view of the economic outlook. Also, there is a high potential for huge market moves. It would destabilize the economy harming those with stocks and benefit those with gold.

The news about George Soros’ return to trading has been met with lots of speculation. As history has it, people anticipate that in the looming economic troubles, Gorge will benefit. With that in mind, many people await his decision, and a majority will follow suit. However, this does not guarantee profits. It only increases the chances of success.

The billionaire and philanthropist has built a reputation in handling trades and opportunities with a keen eye. In 1992, he made a bet against the British Pound. The trade earned him more than $1 billion in profits. With time, George Soros has a seen a decrease in the frequency of his trades. He has focused on philanthropy and helping other people achieve their dreams. Also, he continues to mentor young people that have the desire to rule the trading world. Soros has also enjoyed a huge political advantage as he funds the Democrats and recently the Super PAC for Hillary Clinton. The 85-year old continues to support by donating to other Democratic groups that support Hillary.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

George was born in 1930 in Budapest. Due to the effects of the Hungarian war, he fled to England where he studied and laid a foundation for his future career. While in England, he attended and later graduated from the London School of Economics. Later, he moved to the United States where he started a career in International Investment funds. George made a fortune while undertaking the trade, which he both managed and funded.

George is the father of the Open Society Foundation. With the organization, he has supported and empowered many students. In South Africa, he supported the apartheid war in Cape Town University. The life was philanthropy dates back to the early 1970’s where he started his career. To date, the Open Society operates in more than 100 countries. It focusses in training and empowering a free society where all right and freedoms are observed.

The 85-year old has gained substantial knowledge for people to trust his decisions. The decision to sell stocks and invest the monies somewhere else is an informed one. Therefore, over time, Soros has pulled such moves which have delivered the desired results.

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Brian Bonar: Receipts Yielding Him to Receive the Highest Honor

In 2010, Brian Bonar received the Cambridge Publishing’s 2010/2011 Executive of the Year for finance. With this being a great honor in receiving Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year, two females and two males of each discipline is chosen as the executive of the year. Also, the selection committee of this honor chooses the honorees based on their leadership abilities, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments.

Brian Bonar has proven to excel in these areas. He has about 30 years of professional experience in management in the finance industry. With him being the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation for over 10 years, he oversee the company’s operations. He is responsible for a wide selection of employer and employee benefits and aftermarket products. This company offers services to PEO businesses, and it is like a marketing liaison that supplies its customers with a broad of programs for employees that would increase business efficiency. These programs include financial management, risk management insurance (including business liability and workers compensation), employee benefits, business management services, and promotional services.

In addition to Bonar’s role in this company, he is also the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service, and he is the CEO and Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. His professional affiliations includes the American Finance Association, and he holds a Ph.D.

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All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has a very impressive resume of accomplishments. For one, he has served as Dalrada Financial Corporation’s director from August 1995 to December 1999. From that point on he became the chairman of the board for this company. He became the president and COO in July 1997. And in 1998, he became the CEO. Before joining Dalrada Financial Corporation, he worked for IBM, U.K. Ltd. for about 17 years before working as the executive director of Engineering at QMS, Inc from 1984 to 1988. From 1988 to 1990, he was working at Rastek Corporation in Alabama as the vice president of sales and marketing. In San Jose, he worked as a worldwide sales manager for Adaptec, Inc, and then he worked for Bezier Systems, Inc. in San Jose as the vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

Brian Bonar joined Dalrada Financial Corporation in August 1992 where he first worked as the director of technology sales until 1994. And during that same year, he served as the vice president of sales and marketing for five months until he was promoted to being the executive vice president. From that point, he thrived in this organization as shown above, and with his efforts he has gained the highest honor in 2010 of Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year. 

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Yeonmi North Korea Defender!

Yeonmi Park. Not quite a well known name, but she is becoming well known through articles written about her. She wrote a book about escaping North Korea when she was a teenager. She seems almost to have taken the world by storm with her story. She escaped North Korea in 2007, when she was only thirteen years old. She traveled. through China, the Mobi Desert and other places like that. She eventually reached South Korea by plane, where she now lives. The full article is at

Her dad was actually smuggling metal when he was alive so he could feed his family. He was ultimately sentenced to 17 years in a labor camp where he was treated badly. She said her dad died not knowing about freedom.
She didn’t even know the word freedom or the concept of being free to think the way that you want. It was new to her to be able to go wherever she wanted. She knew that happiness was food though, since it wasn’t often they could eat.

Yeonmi’s story is something you might think is fiction, or too sad to be real. It is real though. It is a story of hope and triumph though, since it has a happy ending. It is a story of just how strong the human spirit is. She was born in the wake of the Soviet Union collapse and in the middle of the North Korean famine. She was used to not being able to eat very much with no regularity, which is sad, but it is certain that she is grateful to be where she is now.

Helane Morrison the Heroine

History always remembers and time is a decent judge of character. Helane Morrison will dependably be on the right half of history. Her character, hardworking attitude and administration talents she has shown all through her work says it all. Be that as it may, even the best individuals have a significant degree humble foundations.


In the current world, we are living; it takes a distinct person to keep up moral uprightness all through their whole lifetime. Not everybody has the strong character to keep them on the straight and slender. I am particularly honored to mention Helane Morrison as one of these rare to find individuals.


From her beginning in media to her years in litigation and compliance, Helane Morrison has worked consistently to counteract debasement. She has worked towards securing the interests of the powerless. It doesn’t matter whether her center is the presentation of depraved specialists or upsetting the monetary workplace. What counts is the fact that she is a standout amongst the most prominent players in the business today. She is decided, capable and exceedingly compelling.


She has been making her blemish on the business for more than thirty years. That hasn’t hindered her from growing stronger. Helane Morrison, a self-made pioneer and who’s impossible has a no-intimidate attitude. This approach has played a great role towards changing the face of finance. Morrison is Assertive, unflappable and has the kind of sharp mind that leaves men and women in her wake. She has made an impression from the very moment she ventured on the scene and kept on doing right up till the present time.
Morrison gained significant experience working as a law clerk. After gathering experience for one year, she moved on to work with Supreme Court Justice. She worked with Judge Harry Blackmun, A famous champion for women’s rights. As a liberal judge, he made massive changes to outdated abortion laws and those administering sexual conduct and the period of assent. From Harry, Morrison began to develop her passion for equality. The enthusiasm turns into a repetitive subject all through her profession.

For ten years, she worked perpetually in organizations suit and protection of private securities. Morrison found that exposing violation to safety laws and defending those influenced was rapidly turning into the vital center of her profession. Amid those years at the firm, she was made in charge of directing a staff of more than one hundred workers. Of course, they hoisted her position to the full accomplice. Together with her group, Morrison regulated a progression of real examinations against degenerate merchants, three of which brought about implementation activities.

State Employees in Venezuela Work Two Days a Week

Venezuela is currently in the middle of a severe economic crisis. In addition, there’s an energy crisis because of a drought. The country relies for 70% of its energy on a single hydroelectric plant and, due to low water levels, it doesn’t produce enough electricity.
To cope with electricity shortages, there are daily 4-hour blackouts. The government initially gave 3-day weekend to public sector employees, which now have been changed to two-day workweeks for some as Reuters reports.

Critic Diaz Granados say that this won’t solve energy and economic crises, but will instead magnify country’s problems. This Latin American country suffers from shortages of such necessities as medicine and milk. Even nation’s major beer producer is cutting down production due to lack of sufficient hard currency to buy supplies.

Venezuelans aren’t happy with these developments. Many blame President Maduro’s government and an initiative to remove him from the office is taking place.More infor posted on

The Significant Improvements Made By the US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve is one of the most important companies in the United States of America. The importance of this company arises from the fact that it is the biggest and most trusted distributors of precious metals in the United States and in some selected foreign countries. A couple of changes have been made to the core mode of its business operation and running.

There is wide excitement from the investors as well as the staff working at the US Money Reserve following these recent changes in how it does business. The changes will make it easier for clients to interact with staff and they will certainly influence and increase investors in precious metals.

One of the great changes made by the US Money Reserve is through the website. Now, people can easily buy the bullions through their secured online system. This new development will make the whole process easier and simpler for the common investor. This would be done online. The new features made by the company are done as a way to better the services that the company offers to the customers. It will greatly benefit the people in the United States. The Website has a photograph of the current president of the US Money Reserve, Mr. Philip Diehl.

This is one of the most experienced people at the firm having worked at the US Mint. He brought vast experience to this company and is largely credit to getting the company where it is today. The development made on the website is also meant to provide information to clients or investors on why it is important to own government issued bullions. Potential investors can also receive information on how to purchase the metals through the secure online system. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – and US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most

The investors can interact more freely with the employees of us money reserve and seek important clarification on owning bullions. The online interactions are credited to Mr. Ryan Buchanan who has been overseeing this reconstruction to educate potential investors and make purchasing easier and less complicated.

The Client Connection Advantage helps the US Money Reserve easily interact with the investors and teach them how to make secure online purchases. The buy back guarantee offered by the company gives the clients an avenue for a refund on certified coin orders made.

The Team coin research and numismatic professionals ensures that this is done efficiently and that the clients reap maximum benefits. This article can also be found on CBS 19.

The US Money Reserve is the United States largest distributor of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the government. The company is based in Austin, Texas in the United States of America and was founded in 2001.