ClassDojo Stands Out

Seeking to improve the current institutional and social family network between teachers students and the entire society what ClassDojo has missioned. The entire fraternity of parents, guardians and foster individuals has to be well informed about the end period performance and behavioral changes that students develop. The community members seek education as a tool of development both economically and politically. When the results I terms of performance and behavior deteriorate then the whole group has a role to play. A well informed and up to date systems lacks in many institutions and thus, the efforts put front by ClassDojo to set the required pace.

Real actions

ClassDojo through its efforts is mobilizing teachers, students and parents into a societal togetherness for which they seek funds. The raised resources are directly invested in building decent classrooms for the students. The move is not only focused on the raising of money but also a stage on which guidance and cancelling can be offered to the children. The teachers can be used to help students develop good virtue such as generosity and kindness that would help them lead positive lives. The hope for change is believed to be an empowerment platform that in several ways it will help in creating group-up changes.

They say charity is home based and thus empowering parents who are naïve will positively inculcate a good connection between the three groups of people.The operation has been able to raise a good amount of money to facilitate the establishment and achievement of their strategic plans. The fundraising was able to collect twenty one million dollars that is been used to develop the system.

Technological advancements flock every single development today. Technology is being utilized in way of generating a platform over which ClassDojo can deliver its positive and encouragement information. Surprisingly, more than a hundred and eighty schools have been reported to use the system. What counts in the lives of people are never the big things that we do but rather the simplest positive help that we give keep strong Class Dojo.

Susan McGalla: American businesswoman and Executive Consultant

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and businesswoman. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has held an impressive number of positions for a variety of well-known companies and has enjoyed a great deal of success and opportunity through hard work and experience. She used to be the president of American Eagle Outfitter. Currently, she is on the board of HFF Inc. HFF Inc. is a company that offers real estate services commercially and is publicly traded on McGalla is also used to be a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh.

McGalla started her successful business career with the Joseph Horne Company. At the Joseph Horne Company, between 1986 and 1994, Susan McGalla worked a variety of positions in management and marketing. When she started her career at American Eagle Outfitters she began in women’s clothing as a divisional merchandise buyer. From there, she held a variety of managerial positions until she eventually became the chief merchandising officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters.

Susan McGalla has also worked as the chief merchandising officer and president for flagship American Eagle brand before she became the chief merchandising officer and president for the entire American Eagle Outfitters company. While McGalla was the president of American Eagle she supervised launching the 77kids and aerie brands.

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In 2009, McGalla ended up leaving American Eagle Inc. Afterwards, she decided to become a private consultant for the financial and retail investment industries. Next, she was appointed the the HFF Inc.’s Board of Directors. Also in 2009, McGalla became the chief executive officer for Wet Seal Inc. She succeeded Ed Thomas the former chief executive officer for the company. McGalla also founded a company called P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was raised with two brothers and her dad was a football coach. She later attended Mount Union College. She graduated from Mount Union College with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She also serves on the Board of Advisers at Mount Union College. Currently, she is married to a wealth manager named Stephen McGalla.

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Laidlaw Demonstrates Just How Interlinked Everything Actually Is

It almost goes without saying that economics is a rather complex area of modern civilization. But if I had to pick another equally complex areas it’d probably be either medicine or law. That’s why it really caught my attention when I saw a news story which linked all three of these together into a fascinating but quite complex whole. The article involved an investment banking firm called Laidlaw & Company and a medical research company by the name of Relmada Therapeutics. The basis of the story involved Laidlaw’s financing of research performed by Relmada. But overwhelming the entire discussion was a matter of a temporary restraining order and associated injunction issued against Laidlaw. The intent of the decision came down to preventing Laidlaw from spreading what was ruled misleading information. But personally I’m not very fond of discussion being limited in any form. Because of this I wanted to find out some answers on my own.

The best place to start seemed to be the silenced party. So with that in mind I loaded up Laidlaw’s website. What I found was an investment firm with quite the extensive history. In fact, they had such a long history that they had a timeline of their existence which rivaled what one might find in a museum. There’s a lengthy list of items which date back all the way to 1842. But what really struck me was the human element.

A company is really defined more by current leadership than history. And the site showed that Matthew Eitner and James Ahern were among the primary executive forces within the company. And I have to say, both men really impressed me. Their biographies clearly showed why Laidlaw was working with Relmada in the first place. Both gentlemen seemed intent on helping out medical research with their resources. This is the kind of invested altruism that I like to see in a company. And I have to say, it served to impress me as I continued to look into Laidlaw.

Makari de Suisse Products for Beautiful Skin and Complexion


Are you a woman who is looking for a product line that has the best makeup options for as many skin types and complexions as possible? There are many makeup lines and brands in the market but choosing one that works best with your skin is always an issue. People usually make wrong choices which may cost them. Makari de Suisse is one of those products which will help you whiten your skin and maintain it for a long time to come.


Makari de Suisse is a company which is situated in one of the countries that manufacture the most genuine makeup products, skin care products and skin whitening options for women and men from all over the world. The company is also recognized for giving keen and required standards to all the processes of manufacturing which they undertake.


There are many people who need skin products which they can use on a regular basis without damaging their complexion or make their skin look worse. There are also those who wish to start on a skin regimen that would help take care of their skin better and make it protected at all times. The moisturizing effects and the healing properties of the natural ingredients used in Makari de Suisse products make these issues easy to deal with.


Why should you consider products by Makari? There are many reasons why most men as well as women find Makari products useful. The first reason is that the company manufactures genuine beauty products. Those who want to whiten their skin can safely do so without being worried about the side effects which bleaching products have on the skin. Some also love the products by Makari because they have certain ingredients such as caviar which are useful for the skin regeneration and getting rid of dead skin cells.


If you want to reduce the effects of old age by using a product that actually works, choose Makari de Suisse products. The products may be your only option if you want to get rid of acne, spots, scars and even dry out pimples.

Tapping into Clay B. Siegall’s Vast Experience at Seattle Genetics

Mirna Therapeutics is a biotech company in Austin Texas that aims to develop and commercialize MicroRNA (miRNA) therapeutics. These are a class of drugs that are meant to suppress timorous growths in cancer patients. Mirna Therapeutics was founded in 2007 and has a portfolio of intellectual property rights to the medicinal application of miRNAs that its scientists have developed. The operations of Mirna Therapeutics are funded by private investors and the Texan State through the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and the Emergency Technology Fund.

MicroRNAs work by interacting with messenger RNAs, which results in gene suppression. With lengths of between 20 and 25 nucleotides, miRNAs are encoded in a person’s genome. They regulate the global gene expression naturally in the body with their primary responsibilities being the proper development of embryos, inflammation, immunity, and cellular growth and multiplication.

Scientists at Mirna Therapeutics have discovered that the presence, development, and spread of many cancers are partly due to the misregulation of miRNAs. As a result, they have found that positive therapeutic responses emanate from the replacement of down-regulated microRNAS.

The chief intention of Mirna Therapeutics is to be a success in the field of cancer research and treatment through the innovation of various oncology products. To achieve this ambition, the company announced the appointment of Clay B. Siegall, PhD to its Board. This move took place on January 30, 2013, and was meant to make use of Clay Siegall’s immense experience and achievements in the biotech sector. So, what influenced the move to appoint Clay B. Siegall to the board of Mirna Therapeutics?

Probably the most notable reason for the appointment was the over 20-year track record that Clay Siegall has in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked and continues to work for various companies that include Seattle Genetics and Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. The University of Maryland (Bachelor of Science (B.S.), zoology) educated scientist also holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), genetics from George Washington University. He is the founder of Seattle Genetics and acts as the company’s board Chairman and CEO. Since its inception in 1998 and with the stewardship of Clay B. Siegall, Seattle Genetics has produced a variety of antibody-based cancer remedies that include ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin).


InnovaCare Health, leading at providing Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private companies that are licensed by the government. The government compensates the companies for all the service provided under the plans. The program was introduced to provide better quality services at a cost efficient manner.

Medicare Advantage plans are designed to cover all services that were covered under the original Medicare. On the other hand, the plan may fail to cover for various services that are considered medically unnecessary. Nevertheless, clients can receive additional services that are beneficial and not included under the original Medicare.

The difference between the original Medicare plan and Medicare Advantage plans is that insurance policies under Advantage are provided by private companies. Medicare advantage plans also cover extra services in addition to all services in the original Medicare. They have a fixed yearly out of pocket spending.

The general plans offered under Medicare Advantage plans include Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and Private Fee-for- Service, special needs programs, Provider Sponsored Organizations, and Medicare Medical Savings Accounts.

Even after enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan, clients will still have to compensate for their monthly hospital insurance. All Medicare advantage plans have to offer both Part A and Part B premiums.

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Due to the different rules that encompass Medicare Advantage plans, clients are advised to contact their service providers so as to be informed on how and when they provide services. Different insurance providers have different set of rules.

To be legible for Medicare Advantage plans, you have to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B premiums, reside in the place where your program is offered, and be free of an End-Stage Renal Disease.

When you want to make a decision to enroll in Medicare Advantage plan, visit a reputable service provider that will advise you on each Medicare Advantage plan and how entering into a given scheme may be beneficial based on your current state of health. InnovaCare Health is a provider that you can trust and rely on for the best service.

InnovaCare’s excellent service delivery stems from the leadership of its executives. Rick Shinto, the CEO of Innovacare, has a wealth of experience having worked in numerous healthcare organizations for more than 20 years.

Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer, has served various executive positions for close to 20 years in leading healthcare companies. Based on the leader’s experience in health matters, a client is assured of excellent healthcare services at InnovaCare.

Life history and accomplishments of Helane Morrison Hackronym

A town named Brooklyn in New York was the place where Helane Morrison was born and received her education. She did her bachelor degree at Northwestern University where she learned all about journalism, but this was not enough. She later decided to join the University Of California to study Law while still being the editor in chief of California Law Review and 1984; she earned herself a Juris Doctor. People in different place try and view education as a thing meant for men only, and I think Helane sought to prove them wrong as she had a passion for education as she knew education was surely the key to success.

She was later approved by the State Bar of California, and all her dreams to practice law started when she served as a law clerk in U.S Court of Appeal for the Seventh Circuit under Richard Posner. She climbed the ladder by working in various places later such as the Supreme Court of the United States. Her achievements did not end there, but rather she went ahead to be a partner in Howard law firm. She later moved to work as the leader of San Francisco office which dealt with Securities and Exchange Commission for around eight years. Then she moved to Hall Capital Partners where she is currently working as the Managing Director and Chief Compliance.

Hall Capital is among the most accomplished organizations in California though it is run by women entirely. I think the decision ever to join Hall Capital was to prove that women can rule the world and that they can develop the country. Morrison also had her reasons for deciding to join Hall Capital Partners. One of them was the remarkable leadership culture which had been demonstrated when dealing with financial industries. She had also realized that investors had not regained their trust in the sector and one of her goals while working in Hall Capital is to recover the investors’ confidence in financial markets.

I think the position in which Morrison holds; she can be able to achieve her goal and her efforts in fighting corruption is what proves that a woman can do better. Helane track record is based on upholding ethics and following the law where she exposes every individual regardless the position if they break the law.

Makari Skin Products

Makari is dedicated to making available high quality products for its users. This, they do using natural ingredients that result to a positive and likable difference in skin tone and appearance among its many users. These products are available as serums, soaps, creams and capsules which help users to finally get the skin they have always wished to have. The users have an added advantage of getting very smooth skin since the products are moisturized. Dark spots and discolorations are done away with after constant use of these products. The clear, bright and even look left on the skin is also long lasting.

Some of Makari skin bleaching products are designed to deal with specific skin issues. Thus the users can go for specific products depending on their skin problem without having to try out or experiment with all of them. There are products available for tackling skin discolorations, uneven tone, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and many more. Specific products work best for specific skin type and needs. The users are therefore able to pick out what they need since the products are specifically available for specific needs.

Makari skin products are free of chemicals that are harsh and irritable to the skin. They are hydroquinone free and lack other harmful ingredients. The ingredients used are all natural and include mulberry root, citrus, licorice, algae, carrot extract and caviar which are nourishing and give the skin the luxurious treatment it needs. Mulberry extract for example is a potent extract that increases the ability of the skin to heal and promotes healthy production of skin cells and this is of high advantage to the users. All in all, most of these ingredients contain vitamins and minerals that aid in skin health.

Lastly the products are available in a wide range for men, women and babies too. Makari is constantly inventing and producing new products especially for black skin while at the same time observing scientific requirements. In stores where they are sold, samples are made available, so the buyer has an opportunity to try it out and decide whether it works for them or not.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Find Success in Business Aimed at Women

Don Ressler and his Just Fab partner, Adam Goldenberg have been friends since 2001. Both, Ressler and Goldenberg have had previous experience starting up their own businesses before founding Just Fab. Mr. Goldenberg founded his first company, Gamers Alliance, at only 15-years-old. He was just out of high school when he sold the business to MySpace parent company, Intermix Media. Goldenberg dropped out of high school to accept the vice presidency at Intermix when he was still in his teens. It was there that he met Don Ressler who founded Fitness Heaven in 2000 and sold it to Intermix in 2001. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to found Alena Media that’s a company in 2006 after a news corporation had acquired Intermix in 2005.

Alena Media sold intelligent beauty care. Goldenberg and Ressler are behind the highly successful Hydroderm that tones the skin and reduces wrinkles. They also created Dermstore, Sensa, and Brand Idea that eventually became Intelligent Beauty. By March 2010, Ressler and Goldenberg founded Just Fab, an online company that sells, boots, bags, dressy sandals, shoes, jewelry, and clothing. The online fashion store has a membership of $39 per month unless the member decides to skip a month. Members get special discounts. Members can cancel their membership anytime without penalty. In 18 months, the membership has grown to 4 million members. In 2011, Ressler and Goldenberg had hired 36-year-old Kimora Lee Simmons to be the President and Creative Director of Justfab. Matrix Partners gave Don Ressler and Goldenberg $33 million to help start Just Fab. Just Fab is celebrity endorsed by such celebrities as Avril Lavigne and beauty experts Elle and Blair Fowler.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg also own Fabletics, an atheltic store, also owned by actress Kate Hudson. In three years the store has become physical buildings and will be growing and growing across the country, little by little as time goes on. Ressler and Goldenberg also own FabKids and Shoe Dazzle.

Don Ressler and his wife, Ginger are very fond of fitness. Through Ressler’s many business endeavors, he had gained quite a reputation that had attracted the attention of Kate Hudson who wanted to meet Don Ressler and discuss how he could help her athletic clothing business. Fabeltics began as just an online athletic store that has grown to physical buildings and there is no stopping this business. Kate Hudson is growing quite a nest egg. Source:

Goettl Offers Tips for a Cool Summer

When elected to serve on the nation’s largest non-profit association of indoor environmental systems professionals, an organization representing more than 60,000 individuals, one must be an expert on the topic at hand. That’s the position in which Ken Goodrich, CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning, found himself last spring as the ACCA met in Charlotte, North Carolina for its annual meeting and expo. The announcement of Goodrich’s election to the board was officially made on Goettl Air Conditioning’s Linkedin page.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

With triple digit heat being a way of life during desert summers, Goettl is quick to provide tips to keep your air conditioner running efficiently so your home can stay cool. Such tips include having a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats give you the flexibility to easily set the temperature you prefer while you’re at home while adjusting the temperature upwards a tad while at work. Set the timer and your home is nice and cool when you return. Regular maintenance, including changing filters, is strongly encouraged to keep that piece of home cooling equipment running in tip top shape and to prevent break downs in mid-August. Having your air conditioning ducts cleaned also helps with machine efficiency. During the cleaning process, Goettl employees check for breaks in the ductwork, areas where all that air you pay to cool your home leaks.

Goodrich does more than just consider his clients’ comforts. He is also concerned about the welfare of our four legged friends during the dog days of summer. He recommends you consider when you take your pooch for a walk. If the surface is too hot to hold your hand over for 10 seconds, you should find a cooler time so those paws don’t get burned. While you are outside, if your pet has short or light colored hair, use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. They’re susceptible, too. Grooming them properly can aid with circulation and temperature regulation. Goodrich reminds us that while we can get a drink when we’re thirsty, our pets rely on us. Make sure there’s plenty of drinking water available. But not just drinking water. Many dogs, and a few cats, enjoy playing in the water. Set up a kiddie pool and let them splash! And finally, be aware that the garage posts many dangers to cats and dogs. Anti-freeze and many yard care products can be fatal.

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