Nine9’s CEO Anthony Toma Shakes Up the Talent Industry

If you have ever dreamed of seeing your name spelled out during the final credit scenes of an acclaimed film or gracing the catwalks of a high profile fashion showing then the inherent struggles and pitfalls of breaking into a notoriously competitive and difficult industry should come to no surprise.

For those who have set their aspirations and goals a little less lofty, the process of vetting prospective talent agencies, the constant auditions for spots among talent recruiters, as well as rejection are relatively unknown. For most, the process of becoming a star starts with being noticed in a competition or by catching the eye of casting directors in daily life.

Though less known, the reality of the crucial role that talent agencies play in not only starting a career in show business but being able to maintain that career is a daily issue for many looking to begin their career and pursue aspirations of stardom. Click Here for full article .

Nine9’s UnAgency Approach To Recruiting and Developing Talent

Nine9 Talent Agency , a revolutionary talent agency created by successful businessman Anthony Toma, takes a unique approach to pulling in prospective talent and cultivating their future careers. Built around the idea that 99% of prospective actors, actresses, and models are being under served by their current talent agencies, Nine9 provides its clients not only with casting opportunities but also the real world skills they will need to succeed once they finally earn a chance.

Adding to the revolutionary approach, Nine9 operates solely for its clients benefit within a commission free environment. Visit Nine9 at Facebook .

Anthony Toma and His Vision for Nine9

Nine9 is the creation of Anthony Toma, who found success within several different industries before creating his latest endeavor, who’s vision for what a talent agency should be is completely unique within the industry.

If you would like to learn more about Anthony Toma’s unique approach to talent recruiting please visit


As Equities First Services Gains Traction, Julie Lapoint, The Director Of Operations Gives An Advice

Whether beginning a new business or operating with a lender in securing finance, it is essential to select partners who are reliable, proven and who can assist you to meet your objectives. Julie LaPoint – The Director of Operations at Equities First oversees the execution of each transaction the company completes. And in that capacity, he finds the pleasure at Equities First working with legal financial advisors to ensure every transaction is completed in an efficient, secure and institutional fashion. Julie LaPoint indicted that; in her experience, she has leant the value of choosing the right partners.

At Equities First, the specialists partner with the key law companies such as Ice Miller, Morgan Lewis &Bockius and O’Melveny & Myers and other top-tier world financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, DBS, Credit Suisse and the New York Mellon Bank in ensuring EFH borrowers feel secure during their decisions when transacting with the company.Julie LaPoint advises that; before engaging with any potential partner, it is vital to first define the capabilities and characteristics you need to make your success goal a reality. You should also select a partner with specialized industry experience and knowledge that you may need in addition to the one that aligns with your core values and mission.

It takes years of devotion to establish such relationships, and Equities First has undergoes due diligence inspections and frequent audits to make sure the business exercises and organization viability meet the precise standards put in place by the company’s financial and legal partners. Equities First applies three criteria when choosing professional partners. First the company views your experience to determine whether the partner has necessary experience in meeting the EFH needs. Second is performance to consider about the track record and whether they meet their standards as per the expectation. Expertise is the third one which is often viewed as a mixture of the first two. Partnering with the best empowers Equities First to achieve best in what the company does.

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Equities First; Returning the Power to the Borrower

Equities First provides lending services on securities for high net-worth individuals and businesses. The company offers loans on the basis of the future performance of bonds and stocks. The company is based in the UK. It has been in operation for more than a decade. The firm responds to proposals to clients within 24 hours. This is in line with their goal of providing quality services. Their years of experience have helped them to streamline their process from the start to the end of the week.

They have a unique and innovative model that allows them to take shares as collateral. The interest rates of the loan range from 2-3%. This is very low compared to alternative lenders. Their rates are lower than mortgages and bank loans. This makes it very appealing to clients. The loan is calculated from the average share price over the course of three days. It is important to note that higher stock prices usually attract higher loans. The firm offers a loan-to-value ratio of 75%. This makes it harder for the loan to default even when the stock drops.

The loan that they offer is non-recourse. The client gets to stay with the cash even if the stocks perform poorly. Equities First will not come to claim their money if investment goes bad. Equities First confirms that the loan defaults if the stock drops to less than 60% of its initial price at the beginning of the lending period. The client can choose whether to buy back the shares when the term expires. The client does not lose anything because they end up in their original position. This model is different from that of other lending platforms. It is an excellent choice for people that own shares and would like to raise funds as fast as possible. Meet their team :

Maximize Every Dollar Of Your Hard Earned Money

NexBank is a number one contender in the banking industry that allows their customers to maximize their money. You’re hard earned money should never be taken in excessive fees with your current financial institution. John Holt, is the CEO of NexBank, and at a recent Financial Conference he says, his objective is remaining competitive and putting his customers first. PRN Newswire has indicated that they’re one of the largest growing financial institutions in the industry. Their personalized accounts allow their customers to have access to their money at anytime, from any device.

NexBank Gains Remarkable Capital

Recently, the superior NexBank institution was responsible for raising $2.4 million in common equity. This gives them a remarkable total of over $40 billion dollars in assets. Rest assured, that with their financial institution your money is FDIC insured. You assume little to no risk, housing your hard earned money in their bank. The significant gain will allow them to expand and restructure their general counsel. Thousands of people have already switched to NexBank with over 246,000+ additional online customers. Unlock the door to financial freedom and plan for a well deserved vacation or invest in your retirement.

NexBank is based in Dallas, Texas and focuses on three core financial services. They focus on investment, commercial, and industrial banking services for thousands of customers around the nation. You can also purchase a house with their first-time home owner program through a combined effort with Dallas based Habit For Humanity. They offer lower interest rates and monthly mortgage payments to their mortgage customers. A friendly customer service representative is there to assist you 24/7 with account information. You’re invited to visit the exclusive NexBank website for more details.


James Dondero the Business Leader heading the best Credit Management Firm

James Dondero is a successful business leader, and his focus is mainly on credit management and analyzing equity markets. He has been in the credit and capital industry for more than thirty years. The experience Dondero got from his previous workplaces was sufficient, and he founded Highland Capital Management. He is the company president, and he oversees all the firm’s operations. He has developed various services that the corporation offers to investors in retail business and institutions. James Dondero’s firm Highland Capital is managing assets worth over $19 billion.


James Dondero’s began his career started in 1984 when he joined the Morgan Guaranty training program. James attended the University of Virginia Mcintire which teaches commerce. At the University Dondero got double majors in finance and accounts with 1st class honors. To add to his qualifications, he is a Certified Management Accountant and also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He worked for the American Express in 1985 as a corporate bond analyst, and in 1989 he became the company’s portfolio manager a duty that he performed diligently. His responsibility as the portfolio manager was to manage over $1 billion funds income money.

He has also worked for Protective Life’s GIV branch as the company Chief Investment Officer. Under Dondero’s leadership the company growth rate rose and by the time he was leaving it was worth more than $2 billion. Dondero is a committee member of various boards such as Nexpoint, CCS Medical, NexBank and cornerstone health care among others.


James Dondero is recognized in the financial markets as a very accomplished leader, and he has bagged numerous awards and honors such as the Morningstar. His firm Highland Capital has gained popularity as one of the best credit management firm, leading investors are working closely with the company to manage their loans effectively. He offers his services with a lot of integrity and transparency, and the reputation of his business has grown around this values.



Equities First Stock “Loans” – Deals Too Good To Be True

For those with stock and need the great arrangement from Equities First Holdings; you begin by providing your shares as collateral. You just pay a fee of 3 to 4% every year for 2 to 3 years, following which you cater for your reimbursement and your whole shares are taken back into your account. To many individuals, that is somewhat affordable and furthermore the products accompany less expensive loan costs. Far superior, they offer a ‘non-recourse loan’ so if everything turns out sour, you can keep the cash, and Equities First holds your shares.

So you don’t fear about the value, regardless of whether it goes up or not. In the event that it goes up, you receive the rewards without further charges. Equities First details even uncover to you this is an unprecedented way to keep you from the peril of holding the stock! You ought to just express an objective to pay back the cash towards the finish of the plan. Another awesome thing is that your “principle interests” are not influenced.At first, the money you get is put on a 3-day ordinary estimation of the share cost. It is to your best benefit to see that share cost is high as achievable for that period.

However at a subliminal level, you are encouraged to deal with your PR to push up the expense remembering the true objective to get the best pay-out. In any case, there are concurrences with the courses of action. In the event that the stock value drops underneath the 80% of the given loan, the loan is named defaulted yet there is nothing to fear as they don’t go to your neck as observed with conventional loans. That once in a while happens, yet in the event that it occurs, you are given a margin call and talk about with you on whether to end the arrangement or not. Some can choose to pay the money or even leave and the final decision belongs to the borrower. At Equities First, things are done in a modernized way!


What To Watch On HBO GO


The recent shows on HBO are easily binge-worthy, while some of them have a huge following of fans that can have endless conversations about the characters and the conflicts through which they endure.

The Night Of is a modern look at the prison and judicial system for a defendant of foreign descent and how they are treated based upon their ethnicity. It all starts with a top-notch college student attempts to go out to his first college party that winds up going awry and changing the rest of his life.

Game of Thrones is most likely the number one best shows on HBO Go and it doesn’t take long to see why. With characters that are easily relatable or inspiring going through constant trials and tribulations coupled with the uncertainty that they will survive each episode. This is an edge of your seat rollercoaster ride not for the feint of heart, because it is now common knowledge that the good guys don’t always prevail in this show while the villains come in multitudes of devious and monstrous ways, which makes it tough choosing a favorite character knowing that no one is safe from “The Game.”  Plus there are plenty of shows other than GoT to watch, especially if you’re sick of trying to find books like Game of Thrones to whet your appetite.

Greg Finch and his Practice in Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery performed to address the issues involving the musculoskeletal system. While performing these procedures, both surgical and non-surgical methods can be used. Usually, most of the disorders in the musculoskeletal system occurs due to sporting injuries, degenerative diseases, tumors, trauma, and infections among many others. Studies shows that among all the disorders affecting the system, there are a few that are more frequent;

Joint Replacement

This type of procedure is a little bit intrusive. It is, however, done to relieve pain in the joints. In most cases, it is performed on patients who have end-stage arthritis and require joint replacement. The replacement is done to increase mobility. The most common joints replaced are the knees and the hip joints. The replacement is done by the use of a metal or plastic surface to guarantee painless motion.

Shoulder Joint Replacement

Replacement of the shoulder comes second. The shoulder is the most used joint in the musculoskeletal system. People who suffer from a series of injuries on the shoulders are viable candidates for this procedure. The method relieves shoulder pain over time and increases the range of motion. Patients who don’t require shoulder replacement benefit from a process called shoulder arthroscopy.

Spine Surgery

People who need spine surgery have degenerative diseases, spinal stenosis, or myofascial pain syndrome. Most of these conditions develop as a result of the aging process. The operation is done to improve and increase the activity of patients suffering from back pain.

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon with specialties in spine surgery. He bases his practice in Auckland, New Zealand. Finch has years of experience from different hospitals. Today, he works at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services.

After graduating and attaining FRACS, Finch spent two years working in the USA, UK, and Germany. He has trained in all aspects of spinal surgery with a particular interest in minimally invasive surgeries. He is a member of Spine Society of Australia and the American Spine Society.


How Real Estate Companies in Brazil Are Shaping the Country’s Economy

An increase in Brazil’s population has necessitated the need for more housing in urban and rural areas. However, urban centers such as cities and towns are expected to receive a bulk of the amenities due to their vital role in economy growth. With a population of 209 million, Brazil is in need of adequate real estate to accommodate both residents and multinational corporations. Enterprises such as CBRE, Sotheby’s International Realty and Construcap have cemented their status as top real estate companies in Brazil.


Earning such a good reputation has not been an easy task. A lot of effort and dedication to excellence are needed to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. For instance, institutional investors such as corporations play a vital role in commercial property and retail investment. Companies such as Telefonica S.A and Banco Santander S.A have invested over $ 50 billion in setting up industries and prime real estate in the country.


Services Offered


No matter the brand, each company specializes in an array of services that meet the needs of customers. Such services range from asset management, leasing, retail services, investment, hotel & tourism consultancy, corporate services and development.


Real estate institutions manage various assets owned by clients to achieve optimal benefits and reduce risks as well. To achieve this, they advise clients on suitable locations to procure or construct real estate with the aim of maximizing returns. Such insight has proven to be beneficial in the delivery of cutting-edge solutions.


Development is the hallmark of every real estate company. As such, they have dedicated every ounce of energy to construct state-of-the-art residential and commercial buildings. However, such beautiful buildings can only be achieved through site identification, entitlements and leasing of properties.


About Construcap


Construcap is a top construction firm based in Brazil. Since its formation, the company has specialized in infrastructure and energy sectors of both public and private markets. The company is committed to implementing sustainable projects as a means of protecting the environment. Additionally, the enterprise adheres to a strict policy in the development and training of workers.


Just like other firms, Construcap complies with corporate social responsibility to uplift the living standards of the community. Additionally, such strategies instill a sense of appreciation and respect from employees. Not only do they promote personal growth but also improve the reputation of the firm.

Equities First Holdings is an Affordable Finance Strategy

Equities First Holdings is an alternative source of finance to both accredited and non-accredited institutions. For the company, they delight in becoming part of the solution to your needs during the harsh economic crisis. For this reason, they have developed one of the most comprehensive stock-based loans in this arena. The company also offers solutions for both individuals and enterprises. For you to secure the fast working capital, be sure to engage in better business understanding. Therefore, you will be sure to achieve more through their loans in an economic crisis. For you to get a better loan, your stocks will be evaluated in a risk-checking manner. For this reason, they will determine the best loans to give you. Once you secure the loan, you will still have no engagement with the loan provider and read full article.

The company is always in search of the high-net-worth individuals to secure the fast working capital. For his reason, you end up working with different capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in this arena. Therefore, working with the company gives you the ultimate development strategy needed to secure fast working capital. The low-interest rates characterize the stock-based loans. For this reason, you have all the capabilities to attain the loan at the lowest interest rates possible. As a matter of fact, no one has a beer understanding that is having better results through Equities First Holdings.

Equities First Holdings has been recognized as the most affordable source of working capital. During the harsh economic crisis, the company noted that the intake of the fast working capital was growing on a massive scale. For this reason, they went on to found a better way of increasing their lending strategy. They also partnered with other banks to ensure money flow to their clients is always on the upward trend. As a matter of fact, we must develop better solution capabilities during this economic crisis and contact it.