The Leviathan raid is shaping up to be one of the coolest that ArcheAge has to offer once it goes live to the public. The raid started an open beta on October 22nd, and will be an official part of the game very soon. But so far, as you can see from the trailer above, it’s looking like one of the best parts of the game already.

Leviathan is a gigantic sea dragon, and the fight has 7 different phases on PvE game worlds. But on PvP is where the Leviathan fight really shines.

After the battle is over, the players on both sides, pirates and otherwise, fight it out for possession of Leviathan’s body. Which means you literally have to fight tooth and nail, in order to get anything from the raid that you’ve just completed.

That will be extremely rewarding and fun for one team, and remarkably frustrating for the other. Can’t wait to try this out when I can get my guild together with Ken Griffin. Going to need a loooot of planning before we can attempt this though.