Reasons You should Study Kabbalah

It is a common thing for individuals to wish to understand themselves well and know the reason they are living in this world. There are lots good things in the world, and everyone wants to live a healthy life and be able to afford these right things in life. For example, it is normal for human beings to love one another. They will also appreciate the love they get from their friends and family members. People also want to buy good things like cars and live in safe houses.

However, we live in a place where these things can be different from what we think. The life you are living now may not be the life that you have always wanted to live. As a result, people ask themselves a lot of questions that may not be answered unless you go to the right direction. For, instance, a child may be concerned why he/she was born in the world where there is so much suffering. An adult may wonder, why there is so much concern regarding looking for wealth and getting rich yet there is competition to get these things.

If you have ever found yourself asking these questions, then kabbalah centre is the right time for you to understand the working of nature and the universe. There are a lot of things that happens in our life. There are times that we may be having happy events in our life only for the celebration to end tragically and bring sadness all of a sudden. There are times that we may achieve but other times we are down and we fail to make things that we expected in our lives.

The above predicament can be solved by studying and having the knowledge of Kabbalah at the fingertips. The wisdom of Kabbalah will help you in overcoming all these problems that you may face in life. It will make you live a comfortable life, and you will be happy with the achievements that you make in this life of today. All you need is to be dedicated and learn Kabbalah with all of your heart, and you will be free from the chains of this world. Remember that Kabbalah is a way of being enlightened. As a student, you receive instructions that will make you live in this world and experience a full fulfillment that you have always wanted.

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The amazing business strategies that saw EOS beat market veterans like Chapstick

That EOS lip balm has made its mark among the millenials is a fact. From the mega stars like Taylor Swift, who is the brand ambassador to the Asian Markets, to Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus, you can spot them carrying a pot of that delicious smelling and attractive balm in their bags. However, the journey to becoming the most popular lip care product in a market that is swamped with veterans like chapstick was not an easy one. The company may have caught a lucky break because of the innovative leadership of Sanjiv Mehra.

The past few decades have been dominated by the presence of brands that never missed at the cosmetics section of the drugstore. Every female knew that lip care meant getting a tube of chapstick, and it they were feeling like experimenting, the best they could do was switch the plain with an interesting scent. The manufacturers of the lip balms seemed to be stuck in the tube, literally, and were only playing with the price tag to try and outdo one another.

When Sanjiv and his team came in, they decided it was time for an evolution. They rethought the tube and replaced it with a pot, it was great, but there was a challenge. The main challenge was that the pot was a little bit unhygienic. They had to streamline the design to make it possible for the pot to be applied directly to the lips and they did. They included interesting colors, flavors and gave the containers a delicious click sound when closed, and the perfect evolution in lip care had been set in motion.

The next challenge was to get someone to market their product. They were lucky to find a woman in Walgreens that liked their product. The product moved so fast that Well, Target and Walmart started stocking. Online stores such as Amazon, Ulta and eBay( started selling EOS products too. Then, they decided it was time to try and sell the product to the one age group that would end up making all the difference, the millenials. They organized campaigns and had stars like Miley and Kim sell the product, and it was an instant hit.

It is the usefulness and the pleasure that came with the use of the balm that made it as popular as it is today, states Mehra. The business is projected to get even better in the next few years. For more information, visit the Evolution of website.

The Secrets To Duda Melzer’s Success

Duda Melzer, whose real name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, is the President of Grupo RBS in Brazil. Duda Melzer is a highly accomplished businessman with years of managerial experience and a history of academic accomplishments. He is a highly sought-after expert in communications, and RBS is the second most awarded communications group Brazil.

Strong Family Ties And A Great Education

How has Duda achieved everything he has in such a short period? There has to be a magic formula, right? No, his secrets are nothing beyond hard work, good mentoring, and a strong education.

Duda Melzer’s grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, founded RBS in 1957. The company transformed into a media conglomerate over the years. Duda obtained his degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande Do Sul. He later attended the Harvard Business School where he earned his MBA. It’s no wonder he’s been successful with such a good education and learning from the experience of his family.

Jumping Right Into Business

Duda Melzer jumped into the business world right after school. He became a master franchiser for Sweet Sweet Way, a multi-national corporation. He later worked as a consultant for Booz, Allen, Hamilton and worked as a senior analyst for Delphi. Then he was appointed CEO of Box Top Media in New York. He entered into his family business in 2004, and 2012 was named the chief executive officer of the company.

His View Of Leadership

Duda Melzer believes people and business skills are the cornerstones to effective leadership. He wants people to want to love where they work, and he strives to use them to their full ability. He does this by identifying their strengths and placing them in positions where those strengths are the most beneficial. He said, “A company reaches unimaginable places with a team formed by people who are passionate about what they do.”


AXA Multinational Insurance and Senior Vice -President Vincent Parascandola

AXA Multinational Insurance located in Paris, France who offer Life, health, casualty, and Property insurance. They also are investment managers as well as providing other financial services worldwide. The company was founded in 1817, some 200 years ago, and as of 2015, they had 166,000 employees.

Their primary operating area is Western Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Africa. AXA is made up of independently run businesses, subject to the regulations of all the different countries they serve.

The AXA name was adopted in 1985. The reason they chose the AXA name is because it is easily pronounceable by, any nationality, and therefore would be consistent with their international presence.

Their global locations are extensive with offices in the United Kingdom, The Isle of Man, Canada, the Middle East and Gulf, Mexico, the United States, as well as in Asia in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Thailand, and in Africa.

They are very active in the philanthropy field supporting research that will help to understand and prevent the risks that can threaten the environment as well as human life and society in general. They have funded 256 research projects in the space of three years. There are 22 countries that have the research funding with 42 nationalities participating.

They pride themselves in helping people and businesses learn how to take steps that will ensure financial security. They can help with paying for education, life insurance, retirement funds as well as how to save and invest in your future.

They support the UNICEFF program to help fight childhood obesity in Mexico, which has one of the highest rates of this problem. They along with UNICEFF support approximately 6,000 Mexican mothers to improve the eating habits of their children and to get the proper amount of physical exercise.

Vincent Parascandola, Senior Vice-President in the New York Office of AXA is a Financial Consultant and a Wealth Management Advisor. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School in 2015 with a certificate in Retirement Planning Specialist. He has also attended Fordham University, Graduate School of Business Administration, where he earned a M.B.A in Finance and a B.S in Finance and Economics.

He has also been awarded the prestigious AXA Advisors Retirement Planning Specialist title which is given for completing a program that only financial professionals on a nationwide basis qualify for.

Omar Boraie A Real Estate Developer Who Has Contributed A Lot In The Fight Against Cancer

Omar Boraie is a real estate investor and developer who has made a lot of money in his business. Most of his developments have been developed to the highest standards. Mr. Boraie has been very involved in charitable causes, and it has been very commendable. In a report by, Omar Boraie and his family have pledged over $1.5M as part of Rutgers University’s ’18 Chair Challenge’. Omar Boraie contribution will be very imperative in propelling research in the field of precision medicine at Rutgers Institute of New Jersey, where the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science has been established. The Rutgers University has continued being committed to offering high-quality education, with a lot of focus in scientific research specifically in the medical field and in the fight against cancer, which is listed among the five killer diseases in the world. Another donor who has not been identified has also contributed another $1.5M to the ’18 Chair Challenge’.

The study of genomic science and precision medicine has been critical in changing how medical practitioners approach cancer treatment. The genomic science allows oncologists to treat tumors on a level that is genetic and this has made cancer more manageable resulting to a notable progress. America launched a precision medicine initiative, which focuses on finding treatment for cancer and other chronic illnesses.

In a report by NJ Biz, Mr. Boraie pledge will be very paramount in helping patients who cannot afford cancer treatment. Mr. Omar has a background in chemistry, and he has an interest in cancer research the reason why he contributes handsomely towards the fight against cancer. Omar Boraie has been of great help during the development of New Brunswick as the ‘Healthcare City.’ His philanthropic support will forever have a positive impact in the fight against cancer. The contributions he has made have changed lives all over the world, and he deserves to be applauded. The generous acts that Omar Boraie has done are a challenge to other successful business persons to contribute to charity.


Inside The Great Leadership Story of Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto

InnovaCare is a major provider of well-managed health services in the Northern part of America. The services offered by this company are channeled through the provider networks and Medicare Advantage schemes. These services are delivered successfully through well-defined models that are cost effective and fully in sync with the advancing technology.

The InnovaCare Health mission focuses on changing the management of healthcare so that all the emerging challenges arising from today’s healthcare complexities. The company prioritizes its relationship with its patients and builds all of its models on quality and innovative foundations. The growth of InnovaCare can be attested to the quality of leadership it has. This quality can be clearly seen from the people at the helm that is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operations Officer.

InnovaCare is led by Richard Shinto who serves as the president and CEO. He has previously served as the president and chief executive officer of Aveta Inc. He also served as the CMO at Namm California. Before going aboard Namm California, he served as the COO of Medical Pathways company on The list of companies Mr. Shinto has served is quite long.

Mr. Shinto has over twenty years of experience in medical and operational healthcare since most, if not all, of the companies he has served are under the scope mentioned above. Mr. Shinto has published several articles on clinical and healthcare medicine on Yahoo. He has also helped spearhead many distinct kinds of research in the same, helping in innovation and technological advancement.

The second important person who is helping steer InnovaCare is Mrs. Penelope Kokkinides. She holds the position of Chief Administrative Officer, and she rejoined this establishment in 2015. Penelope was aboard InnovaCare Inc. holding the post of Chief Operating Officer. She also held the same position while working at Aveta Inc. Like Mr. Shinto, Penelope has over twenty years of experience in the health care field while specializing in programs affiliated with the government. Before going aboard InnovaCare, Mrs. Penelope worked for Centerlight Healthcare where she was tasked with general management on She also served at Touchstone Health and Americhoice holding various senior positions.

The leadership at InnovaCare consists of highly qualified individuals. There are other members of the administration section with great stories, but the two top members mentioned above are the people tasked with spearheading the company towards the required direction. It is evident that investing in great leadership significantly steers an establishment to success.

Clay Siegall leads way in cancer fight

Clay Siegall, founder of Seattle Genetics, has lived his entire life dedicated to the study of treatments for and the eventual eradication of cancer. After receiving his Ph.D in genetics from George Washington University in 1987, he went to work for the National Cancer Institute. He was quickly noted as a rising star in the cancer research field. Three years later, he was extended a job offer from Bristol-Meyers-Squibb to join their team as a senior researcher. He accepted and for the next 7 years worked on novel cancer therapies, including a cutting-edge new drug class called antibody drug conjugates.


Dr. Siegall published over 70 papers in his time there, but he increasingly felt constrained and longed for more latitude in his topics of research and experimental direction. In 1998, he left Bristol-Meyers-Squibb to found his own firm, Seattle Genetics.


With just $20 million in venture capital and no patents, products or history of earnings, he built Seattle Genetics from the ground up. In 2001, after just three years of operations, he thought he had amassed a sufficient portfolio of drug research and patents to take his company public for the first time. The market agreed. In one of the largest IPO’s ever in the drug sector, Dr. Siegall raised more than $1.2 billion through his company’s initial sale of stock. This reflected a firm that had gone from zero to holder of multiple game-changing patents and a roster of world-class researchers rivaled only by the biggest players in the pharmaceutical industry.


Over the next decade, Dr. Siegall oversaw the development of many patented processes and the initiation of 12 new drugs into the development pipeline. In 2011, Seattle Genetics received FDA approval for its first ever drug, antibody drug conjugate Adcetris, to be marketed and used for the treatment of classic Hodgkin’s lymphoma and anaplastic large cell lymphoma. This represented a major victory for Seattle Genetics which was the culmination of nearly 15 years of intensive research and many trials.


Today, Seattle Genetics has 12 drugs in the development pipeline and 20 more that have been licensed to other firms. Dr. Siegall has contributed greatly to the body of cancer research and will be a player to watch in the coming years.

Picking A Highly Regarded Company For Investment Advice

If you are considering getting into the investment niche, or if you’re searching for a qualified financial management company, you’re not the only one. Many people want to start investing but have no idea effective ways to go about it.


They search on the internet for professional advice so they will be able to select the right opportunity for them. There are many companies out there offering a vast range of investment services and it is imperative to do your homework before making a decision.


Laidlaw & Company is a properly established investment banking and brokerage provider, focusing on rendering personalized investment recommendations and profitable ideas to clients, including public and private institutions, contractors and high net worth individuals. The company has been around for years and highly reputable.


One of the most problematic aspects of investing is finding trusted suggestions. With so many financial and investment consultants promising to help you achieve your goals, it can be challenging to decide who to pick.


To ensure complete satisfaction, it is advised to opt for an organization that has a fabulous reputation in the field. Choose a firm that has an established history of guiding clients toward success.


Laidlaw & Company is highly trustworthy, renowned and renders top notch investment solutions. Laidlaw and Company has many positive reviews and is devoted to really helping clients reach their desired level of success. The company’s top experts take the time to ensure that every expert that works with their firm is transparent and honest in their dealings with clients.


Laidlaw & Company is your clear choice for top quality investment advice and tips. Check out Laidlaw & Company by visiting the enterprise’s website. You will get out more information about Laidlaw & Company and the excellent support services they render.


The Growth of Fabletics

For women around the world that have been wishing for a way to combine style and comfort during all occasions including work, exercise time, as well as their hangout time, this has now been accomplished thanks to a brand new brand that has been growing at an exponential rate in popularity and has guaranteed the combination of beautiful and mobility. This new brand is known as Fabletics, a new brand name that was created by Kate Hudson who wanted to create clothing for herself and for her family that could combine the desire to be stylish as well as the desire to be comfortable.


Kate Hudson is a growing businesswoman with a growing name who has been able to create a niche for herself through the new athletic gear that she has created that can be worn in any occasion. Whether it be for work, for an extremely formal occasion, or for the gym, Kate Hudson and her team of experts have created a variety of options that can change for any single occasion. Though the market is within active wear, Kate Hudson and her marketing team have also marketed these outfits as the perfect thing to wear on the go or going to working. As a working mom herself, Kate Hudson has wanted to create a product that she also would wear everyday and would help her stay comfortable with her busy and on the go schedule.


The idea of Fableticss was launched in 2013 and has grown at an exponential pace ever since due to the desire of women to look great and to feel comfortable. Kate Hudson has finally created a product that has inspired women to want to be active and to want to live a healthy life. Kate Hudson has designed her clothing for women of all shapes and sizes who exercise in different ways. Whether it is chasing a kid, running a marathon, or sitting in an office, these outfits make anyone feel fantastic.


The goal of Kate Hudson is to make her clothing line so much more than a style. Kate Hudson also wants to make her clothing a way of life and to promote activity without the stress to lose weight. Fabletics has been receiving so many great reviews that sees Fabletics of growing even more in business in the future as more and more women get access to wear these high quality products.


Sucessful Real Estate Broker Todd Lubar Expands His Company

TDL Global Adventures CEO Todd Lubar is a legend in his own right. In his long real career in real estate and finance, he’s always put others first and gone out of his way to help make people successful. The relationships he’s developed over the years with other professionals like CPAs and financial planners has garnered him a wealth of information.


In 1999, Todd acquired Legacy Financial Group. He solidified his position, which helped him expand his lending base. He kicked his real estate focus into another gear when he purchased Legendary Properties LLC in 2002. He made a significant profit flipping residential and commercial real estate. This also helped him establish nearly $25 million in credit at a number of major banks.


His foree into the mortgage banking industry began with the opening of Charter Funding. The parent company, First Magnus Financial Corporation, is listed as one of the United State’s largest privately owned mortgage corporations.


After 12 years, Lubar found another niche he was able to capitalize on. He branched out into high-risk lending as a means to reach the under-served.


As the mortgage industry went to a slump in 2007 and 2008, Todd Lubar found other lucrative business streams. He started his own commercial demolition business and acquired contracts from some of the largest corporations in the U.S.


The automotive scrap and recycling industry also proved lucrative. His company grew way beyond expectations, which ultimately led to public trading on New York Stock Exchange.


Lubar resides in Bethesda, MD with his wife and two children.