The Essence of MJ: Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes

The essence of the King of Pop lives in Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes (aka Sergio Jackson). Born July 30, 1971, in Barcelona, Spain, Cortes spent his childhood as an avid fan of Michael Jackson, learning the music and the intricate choreography synonymous with the famed entertainer. When Sergio was a teenager in the late ‘80s, he began to model… More →

FreedomPop Comes to the UK

The company that began offering freemium services, FreedomPop, has announced that the freemium services will now be available in France, Spain, Germany, UK, and many other countries in the Pacific Rim. Upon the announcement of the launch, people who were interested could begin signing up for more information. In early September, FreedomPop on itunes began to contact those who had… More →

Environmental Laws in South Africa: How Frans Schoeman Can Help?

Overview Environmental law deals with regulations and laws related to the interaction of humans with their environment. Basically, environmental laws are created to forge a harmonious relationship between humans and how we protect our environment. Since the development of World Commission on Environment and Development, considerable progress is made towards enlightening present generation on how environment can impact their lives.… More →

The Inevitable Rise of the Businesswoman in America

There are still many women that are fighting for their fights on a global level, but America is the land of opportunity. The playing field in the corporate world may not be completely leveled, but there are more opportunities for women than ever before. That is a major part of the celebration of women in business. Forbes and Fortune magazine… More →

Boraie Development LLC Continues To Achieve the Vision of Omar Boraie about New Brunswick

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. A respected real estate developer, Omar Boraie, owns this company. New Jersey is a state that has previously been hit by calamities, which almost brought the real estate business to its knees. A sluggish growth following the economic crisis of 2008/2009, high taxation, and sad turn… More →

Mobile Wireless Services for Tablets and Mobile Phones

Tablets are interesting pieces of technology in that they offer a lot of good use on Wi-Fi hotspots. At the same time, there are tablets that can handle mobile data services as well. These tablets can be signed up with any mobile service provider as it depends on the tablet. There are special services that allow users to purchase data… More →

CCMP Capital Is America’s Most Powerful Investment Firms

The future of CCMP Capital Advisors depends on entrepreneurs like, Stephen Murray, to manage the firm’s investment operations. Known for cultivating significant relationships with his clients and in the community, influential figure hopes to motivate his team of professionals with his strategic business practices. Essentially, under his profound leadership, the firm has assisted many high profile individuals and prominent corporations… More →