Who Is Greg Hague?

Want to finally sell your home at the price you deserve? Are you tired of not knowing where to go or look in order to get your home at the right places and listings? There are countless people who are missing out on seeing some serious buyers into their home because they don’t know exactly where to look. The 990… More →

Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Backs Program to Help Underprivileged Youth

Bruce Levenson, former owner of the Atlanta Hawks supports an education initiative that targets disadvantaged youth. Bruce and his wife Karen were instrumental in the creation and funding of this initiative. This program, the “Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management” (http://www.philanthropy.publicpolicy.umd.edu/) instructs and empowers young people to become leaders of non-profit organizations. The center provides potential leaders with the skills… More →

Selecting A Trusted Home Cleaning Company

Are you looking for an established home cleaning company? Need to have your residential place thoroughly cleaned and kept in great condition? If you are very busy or do not have the inclination to handle the cleaning of your home, Handy Home Cleaning Company can help you. With today’s hectic lifestyle most people do not have time to take care… More →

Andy Wirth: Clean Energy Is A-Politcal

In response to Reno City Council’s recent vote to support the Clean Power Plan, Andy Wirth, CEO of Sqauw Valley Ski Holdings, wrote an op-ed that applauded the decision. However, Wirth claims that we are at a critical point when it comes to clean air initiatives, and he urges readers to ask for even more from their elected officials. “The… More →

The Prime Vacation Destination With Superb Accommodation Solutions

Too much work without play makes jack a dull boy. This is not merely a saying but also a very essential philosophy among many people in the world today. The modern world is considered a more busy world in comparison to the past. This situation can cause severe stress, depression and drain one’s ability to perform and operate to full… More →

James Dondero the President and the Manager of the Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the current president and the co-founder of the Highland Capital Management. He resides in Dallas Texas, and he is the one who oversees Highlands’s investment strategies.He is in charge of all the operations that affect either the retail or the institutional products at the Highland Capital Management. James has a 30 years expertise in investing, credit and… More →