The Truth About Soap Operas

Television, it’s been the best form of entertainment since talk radio lost its relatively dull glamour. Since the years of the boob tube’s marvelous invention there have been countless shows aired in a variety of genres, many of which have become iconic household names. However, there is one genre in particular that has often gotten a bad reputation despite the… More →

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Speaks His Heart About The King of Pop

Impersonator Sergio Cortes possesses a natural resemblance to Michael Jackson as he speaks, the same bright clothes, soft voice, and open demeanor as the King of Pop. This is the same for all impersonators around the world who make themselves into their favorite artists not just for the stage but basically for their life. One look at the Facebook… More →

US Money Reserve Helps a Texas Food Bank

  A business has continued their tradition of giving back to the local community and their current program involves the Capital Area Food Bank in Texas named “CrowdRise“ that has a mission to provide relief to hungry individuals across Central Texas and has over 300 partners that they work with to achieve that goal. The donor and organizer of this… More →