Manhattan Real Estate Company Moves Up in the Quarter Analysis

Luxury Real Estate Company TOWN delineates their quarterly outcome with upbeat triumph. The firm released their titled, “Aggregate” of the 2015 report that highlights the rise of sales throughout the last quarter. The article through the Virtual Strategy website informs of record tacking trend that settles in Manhattan upscale real estate. The article explains, “The Aggregate is a comprehensive study… More →

Recommended Vimeo Channel: Jon Urbana

One of the most successful people that I found to be truly inspiring, and who is still alive today to speak of his triumphs, is Jon Urbana. This man has been through a lot of great discoveries in the realms of business, Villanova sports participation, aviation, photography, music and videography. Noted Twitter expert Jon Urbana has started one of the… More →

Yeonmi Park’s Escape To Freedom

At the young age of 13, Yeonmi Park escaped from North Korea with her mother. Though, the two were uncertain of their fate outside the border, it was a risk they were forced to take in order to survive. Yeonmi’s father had been forced to live in a labor camp after his involvement on the black market was discovered by… More →