Diehl and Soros Talking Dollar Declines for Future

  The long-term value of the dollar is going to decline soon. The dollar has been steadily increasing in value over the past 18-24 months. According to the podcast with Eric Dye, U.S. Money Reserve president, Phillip Diehl believes Gold will be the new savings and IRA accounts for middle age and retiring individuals. Influential people are already discussing the… More →

Slyce: Visual Search Platform Is A Cut Above The Rest

In a recent article by Live Mint, titled “Visual Search Startups Are Getting Vital In Ecommerce,” the author clearly states that a number of start up businesses are emerging from the background of the internet into the foreground of our daily lives. These companies, many of which specialize in creating a simpler and easier online shopping experience, have been growing… More →

How to Make Sure You’re Getting a Real Deal When Buying Gold

  During a recent radio podcast, Philip Diehl, a former director of U.S. Mint, had spoken about the outlook for gold prices. As Mr. Diehl claimed, the American dollar will eventually lose some of its value, and that is good news for gold prices as declines in the dollar lead to increases in precious metals, which also include platinum and… More →