Yeonmi North Korea Defender!

Yeonmi Park. Not quite a well known name, but she is becoming well known through articles written about her. She wrote a book about escaping North Korea when she was a teenager. She seems almost to have taken the world by storm with her story. She escaped North Korea in 2007, when she was only thirteen years old. She traveled.… More →

Helane Morrison the Heroine

History always remembers and time is a decent judge of character. Helane Morrison will dependably be on the right half of history. Her character, hardworking attitude and administration talents she has shown all through her work says it all. Be that as it may, even the best individuals have a significant degree humble foundations.   In the current world, we… More →

State Employees in Venezuela Work Two Days a Week

Venezuela is currently in the middle of a severe economic crisis. In addition, there’s an energy crisis because of a drought. The country relies for 70% of its energy on a single hydroelectric plant and, due to low water levels, it doesn’t produce enough electricity. To cope with electricity shortages, there are daily 4-hour blackouts. The government initially gave 3-day… More →

The Significant Improvements Made By the US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve is one of the most important companies in the United States of America. The importance of this company arises from the fact that it is the biggest and most trusted distributors of precious metals in the United States and in some selected foreign countries. A couple of changes have been made to the core mode of… More →