Appearance Date Set To Validate Signatures

The CNE (Venezuela’s electoral council) has spoken out against criticism from the right wing MUD coalition regarding the over 600,000 supposed fraudulent signatures listed on the recall referendum. According to, the individuals who had signed the recall referendum must present themselves to CNE offices across the country between June 20 – 24 for signature verification. This does seem to… More →

Billionaire George Soros makes Big, Bearish Investments

Billionaire George Soros has hit the news again. This time with decisions that are widely seen as controversial. George Soros has decided to go bearish on investments. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing people that are close to this matter, Soros Fund Management sold stock and bought shares and gold in gold miners. The fund cites a gloomy view… More →

Brian Bonar: Receipts Yielding Him to Receive the Highest Honor

In 2010, Brian Bonar received the Cambridge Publishing’s 2010/2011 Executive of the Year for finance. With this being a great honor in receiving Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year, two females and two males of each discipline is chosen as the executive of the year. Also, the selection committee of this honor chooses the honorees based on their leadership… More →