White Shark Media Is A Top-Tier AdWords Company

Google AdWords is a marketing service that drives in traffic by displaying ads at the top of search engine pages. AdWords is a little bit different than search engine optimization methods in that it drives in traffic through automated advertising means, and requires a little more expertise to create effective ads. If you’ve tried Google AdWords and don’t feel that… More →

The New PR: Online Reputation Management

For your information, your online reputation is altered and created what everyone says about you. For this reason, perceptions are not facts. However, they can be opinions, rumors, and conjectures. Michael Brown, the former president of FEMA, was limbered because he never responded to Hurricane Katrina. He spends several months trying to cure his bad reputation through numerous appearances and… More →

Ray Fernando And A New Approach To Employee Evaluations

Raj Fernando is the founder and CEO of Scoutahead.com, a company he started in 2016. The company’s purpose is to provide an online application that replaces the paperwork of corporate annual employee evaluations, thus giving companies a more flexible system of evaluating its employees. Instead of an annual evaluation that is dreaded by both supervisor and employee, Fernando’s company offers… More →

Reviewing The Contribution And Achievements Of Eric Pulier In Promoting Humanity

Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur with foundation in technology and journalism. He has nurtured several successful entrepreneurs and his literary works have contributed to the growth of the business world in many ways. Pulier also emerges as a fluent public speaker, a privilege he uses to advise and mentor young professionals with ideas that can transform the world. He… More →