Australian Invasion: Why Honey Birdette is winning the US lingerie war

In a move opposite to struggling US brick-and-mortar retailers, Australian brand Honey Birdette is expanding retail storefronts from three to forty stores by the end of next year. Success today is dependent on cyber innovation and Honey Birdette is no stranger to the e-commerce bandwagon.
With a whopping 375% increase in sales last year, Honey Birdette is offering consumers something they cannot find at antiquated lines like Victorias Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood. Consumers want fresh styles, brands like Victoria’s Secret have used the same fabrics, colors, and designs for decades. Most women abhor wearing the same brand of lingerie as their mothers.
The American consumer has fallen madly in love wth Honey Birdette. So much so that Honey Birdette is rolling out an extended selection, especially for the US consumer. Honey Birdette hasn’t forgotten the UK, branching out with additional ten stores to open in the United Kingdom alone.
What is more surprising is that Honey Birdette is Australia’s first sensuality boutique. The story begins as two friends sip champagne and wonder why there is an absence of couture quality lingerie. What is more stunning is that this happened in 2006, the Australians have been deprived for a really long time. Honey Birdette is a wonderful idea, not just targeting the good girl consumer- but providing play toys that historically have catered to “bad girls.” Whips and chains have gone mainstream like tattoos….now everyone wants one.
Their website, as well as their line, is- ultra sexy. Nothing subtle with a flair for the dramatic, Honey Birdette appeals to the performer, as well as the voyeur, in all of us. In a different category than Agent Provocateur or Trashy, Honey Birdette is at a reasonable price point. At $90 a set ($30 briefs & $50 for bras approximately), this retailer takes direct aim at the sluggish and uninspired mid-priced lingerie market. Victorias Secret and Fredericks do not stand a chance- America roots for Honey Birdette.

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