Todd Lubar – President at TDL Global Ventures

Todd Lubar is the TDL Global Ventures President. Todd Lubar is also one of the managing directors of the Legendary Investment Company. According to him, he always acknowledges the reason why business is located in a way that facilitates profit. When he founded his first company, he worked hard to activate the business through development fractions to assemble the most… More →

Kabbalah Centres are the Hub of this Ancient Wisdom

In 2016, over 40 cities around the globe have one or more Kabbalah Centres open, but the first was started in 1922 when RavAshtag founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel. Up until that time, Kabbalah has been a spiritual wisdom that was only passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. The name Kabbalah means received teachings… More →

UKV PLC Seeks A Greater Understanding Of The French Wine Industry

The London based wine merchant UKV PLC believes each and every wine consumer should know as much as possible to make an educated choice about the wine they are seeking to purchase, collect, or simply enjoy drinking. Unlike most wines where the vineyard itself produces a label that gives an explanation of the grape variety used and some basic information,… More →

Sawyer Howitt: Racquetball’s Future

In order for a sport to succeed in the United States and arguably the world it needs a transcendent star. The NBA has LeBron, and before him Michael Jordan. Professional Men’s Tennis has the likes of Agassi, Sampras, McEnroe, and Connors. At the present time, the sport of Racquetball lacks star power and predictably mainstream acceptance and recognition. Those in… More →

Australian Invasion: Why Honey Birdette is winning the US lingerie war

In a move opposite to struggling US brick-and-mortar retailers, Australian brand Honey Birdette is expanding retail storefronts from three to forty stores by the end of next year. Success today is dependent on cyber innovation and Honey Birdette is no stranger to the e-commerce bandwagon. With a whopping 375% increase in sales last year, Honey Birdette is offering consumers something… More →

Tidal Promises Improvement with Desiree Perez Taking Charge

Tidal may be the underdog in the multi-dollar music streaming industry as at now, but Desiree Perez is putting efforts to change this status. In her declaration, Perez made it very clear that the company is here to stay and make profits. The founder, Jay-Z, is an individual who knows how to protect his investment. Seeing the trend that Tidal… More →

A Review Of Sam Tabar’s Successful Career Up To This Point

Recently, Sam Tabar joined Awearable Apparel as the new chief financial officer. The inclusion of the financial expert in Awearables Apparel’s management team will provide the young company with the experience needed to overcome financial difficulties that it may encounter as it moves towards to a growth trajectory. Sam plays an active role on the FullCycle Fund’s management team where… More →

Tips for Managing your Company’s Online Reputation

The most successful businesses have a great reputation both online and offline. Therefore, the importance of online reputation is integral in business success. Managing of online reputation is something progressive. You cannot just work on it in one day. That is why most companies choose to hire professionals to do it for them. However, this does not mean that you… More →

Alexandre Gama: Choosing An Advertising Expert In Brazil

Advertising is extremely important if you want to become successful in business. Alexandre Gama is a highly reputable and experienced professional and has done excellent service for numerous organizations and businesses in Brazil. Alexandre Gama has handle many well-recognized advertising campaigns that have helped build great brands. Alexandre Gama carefully reviews his client’s needs to learn about their current advertising… More →