Greg Finch and his Practice in Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery performed to address the issues involving the musculoskeletal system. While performing these procedures, both surgical and non-surgical methods can be used. Usually, most of the disorders in the musculoskeletal system occurs due to sporting injuries, degenerative diseases, tumors, trauma, and infections among many others. Studies shows that among all the disorders affecting the… More →

How Real Estate Companies in Brazil Are Shaping the Country’s Economy

An increase in Brazil’s population has necessitated the need for more housing in urban and rural areas. However, urban centers such as cities and towns are expected to receive a bulk of the amenities due to their vital role in economy growth. With a population of 209 million, Brazil is in need of adequate real estate to accommodate both residents… More →

Equities First Holdings is an Affordable Finance Strategy

Equities First Holdings is an alternative source of finance to both accredited and non-accredited institutions. For the company, they delight in becoming part of the solution to your needs during the harsh economic crisis. For this reason, they have developed one of the most comprehensive stock-based loans in this arena. The company also offers solutions for both individuals and enterprises.… More →

Timothy Armour Rebuffs Warren Buffet In Latest Article

In a recent article world famous multi billionaire, Warren Buffet was taken to task by another well known investor and financial expert, Timothy Armour. For those who may not be familiar, Timothy Armour is a exceedingly successful Los Angeles based businessman, primarily known for his leadership of Capital Group’s (a well known financial service company) research arm in the capacity… More →

Chris Burch: Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. Christopher Burch is also the Founder and President of the Burch Creative Capital Company. Since he was in college, his entrepreneurship skills were made manifest when he created a multi-million business company in the line of fashion and technology. Christopher Burch has worked to sustain this business for his… More →

Troy McQuagge; One Of The Best Investor The Investment Industry Has To Offer.

Every individual works hard with the intention of prospering and being acknowledged for their good work. For you to be recognized it has to mean that you have done a precise job that makes you outstanding from other folks. When it comes to the case of Troy McQuagge, it’s hard to imagine he had anticipated being named the CEO of… More →

Desiree Perez Carrying Tidal To The Top Of App Stores

Desiree Perez has been a close associate of the famous singer Jay-Z for decades. She has been running ROC Nation and SC Enterprises alongside her husband for many years. For her latest gig, she has taken on executive responsibilities for the music streaming service Tidal. Perez has also worked closely wit many artists to help them win awards and market… More →