Jason Hope Talks about the Future of Internet of Things and How it will Change Lives

Jason Hope is a supporter of Internet of Things. He is an entrepreneur and a writer who writes articles on the latest technology trends and new products in the market. Recently, he has been writing a lot of articles on Internet of Things. It is one of the latest trends in the technology industry. It is the technology that allows… More →

Is Warren Buffett Right or Wrong?

There’s much debate about Warren Buffett’s wagered against hedge fund managers on Wall Street. According to Buffett, he can earn better returns on simple, long-term investments than the traditional high-quantity investments hedge fund managers usually make. For common people, this discussion is a bit confusing. Thankfully, people like Timothy Armour are explaining the wager more clearly. Warren Buffett’s wager is… More →

Troy McQuagge is Honored as the CEO Of The Year

Recently, One Planet Awards named Troy McQuagge as the Gold Winner. McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc., was recognized as the CEO of the Year by the premier global award program that honors business and professional excellence. The program is open to all organizations in the globe, including non-profit and for profit entities, large and small companies as well… More →

What you should know about Don Ressler, the co-founder of JustFab and CEO of Fabletics

Commitment and readiness to accomplish the excellent things in life have agitated lots of professionals to execute many things that people thought were impossible. It is the similar dedication that has made Don Ressler up to the accomplishment of his success in the projects he has dealt with along the way. As a productive entrepreneur, Don Ressler has been regarded… More →

Ray Fernando And A New Approach To Employee Evaluations

Raj Fernando is the founder and CEO of Scoutahead.com, a company he started in 2016. The company’s purpose is to provide an online application that replaces the paperwork of corporate annual employee evaluations, thus giving companies a more flexible system of evaluating its employees. Instead of an annual evaluation that is dreaded by both supervisor and employee, Fernando’s company offers… More →

Darius Fisher and his New Award

Businesses as well as individuals that both rely on the opinion of the public in order to be successful have now started to invest in the reputation management industry, an industry with creative professionals that are all dedicated to not only negating any negative comments or reviews about the individual or company, but are also experts in creating a positive… More →

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Find Success in Business Aimed at Women

Don Ressler and his business partner Adam Goldenberg have been friends since 2001. Both Ressler and Goldenberg have had previous experience starting up their own businesses before founding Just Fab. Mr. Goldenberg founded his first company, Gamers Alliance, at only 15-years-old. He was just out of high school when he sold the business to MySpace parent company, Intermix Media. Goldenberg… More →

Brian Bonar: Receipts Yielding Him to Receive the Highest Honor

In 2010, Brian Bonar received the Cambridge Publishing’s 2010/2011 Executive of the Year for finance. With this being a great honor in receiving Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year, two females and two males of each discipline is chosen as the executive of the year. Also, the selection committee of this honor chooses the honorees based on their leadership… More →