Philadelphia Lawyer Karl Heideck Talks About The Litigation Process

Litigation attorneys are usually responsible for civil issues and carry the duty of preparing cases for trial. Most cases, however, 90% to be precise, never go to trial since most end up being settled out of court. Civil litigation lawyers work in different areas such as law firms, boutique companies or even in private practice. Larger law firms, however, provide… More →

Karl Heideck’s Fruitful Career In Litigation

The legal profession is interesting, challenging and diverse. There are many branches of law which a lawyer can practice when they get admitted to the bar. When you choose a career in law, one of the benefits is that you can do anything form practice to teaching. One of the best areas of practice for a lawyer is litigation. In… More →

Sujit Choudhry- An Authority in Comparative Law

Comparative law refers to studying the relationship between two or more legal systems and noting their similarities or differences. Comparative law compares legal system in an effort to gain a good understanding of the legal principles arising in foreign countries. During this age of globalization and the intertwinement or complexity of international private and public law, comparative law is important… More →