Julie Zuckerberg: Standing At The Top Of Her Field

Julie Zuckerberg is a woman who stands out in the field of Talent Acquisition and Recruitments. Over the years, Julie has worked with numerous companies and has helped place numerous employees in positions supporting the business and the employee. Currently, Julie heads a team of incredibly experienced recruiters as part of her job at Deutsche Bank. At the company, Julie serves as the lead talent acquisition executive, a position which Julie has been in for quite some time now. As part of her job, she oversees all the recruitment and employee management activities that Deutsche Bank has entrusted upon her. Also, she also helps the top level managerial team in whatever way she can. In addition to all of this, Julie also handles all the negotiations that come to the Bank and also overlooks some of the contracts that Deutsche Bank aims to sign to form partnerships with.


Julie also conducts numerous training programs for the employees who are employed with Deutsche Bank. She trains them so that they can advance in their professional careers and lead teams efficiently. Julie believes that learning can be a tremendous asset when it comes to progressing in a professional field and therefore tries her best to impart her knowledge to younger and newer employees.


The team of expert recruiters that Julie leads have all been trained by her and possess tremendous awareness in the field of talent recruitments. Over the years, Julie has worked with numerous companies and organizations and as assisted them in matters of talent acquisition. When the company’s recruitment season is on, Julie is busy formulating the strategy which the company must take regarding their hiring process, while her team of recruiters handles all the on-site needs which take place on the day of recruitments.


As mentioned earlier, Julie has a keen interest in learning and always strives to gain something from the people she meets and the companies she works with. Through her career, Julie has been fortunate enough to meet many top level executives and individuals in business who have all taught Jullie valuable lessons when it comes to the professional world. Applying these lessons, Julie has managed to stand out from the crowd and make a name for herself in the field of talent acquisition and recruitments. As good as Julie may be in the field, she initially did not intend to join the world of recruitments. When in college, Julie pursued a major in Philosophy. She then switched courses to attain a degree from New York Law School in Law. It was soon after gaining this degree that Julie decided to change fields and enter the area of talent acquisition.


In Spite of the change of fields, Julie Zuckerberg has managed to apply all that she had learned in the past to her current work. One of Julie’s very first jobs was placing lawyers and paralegals in numerous law agencies across New York. Combining her knowledge of the fields, Julie was able to perform extremely well at this job, just as she does currently.


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