Malini Saba: Providing For Disadvantaged Women

One thing I like about Malini Saba is that she is not one of those people that will leave others behind once she makes it to a more successful area of her life. She will look back and provide a lot of tools for other women to follow in her footsteps. She will also provide encouragement to other women throughout the globe that are also born in unfavorable circumstances. One thing she is here to provide is hope. She knows what it is like to be down on her luck. She also knows what it is like to have to fight against so many forces. This is why she is willing to provide help and support.


Her willingness to provide for others beyond her family has resulted in her forming a foundation called Stree: Global Investments in Women. While she has a love and regard for all types of people who are struggling, she pays a lot of attention to the women that are struggling for various reasons. For one thing, she does not like the oppressive state of the system’s behavior towards women. She wants to see women beat the system and make their own success with their own system.


While Malini Saba is a philanthropist for women, she is also wise. Therefore, other women will benefit from her wisdom. She is also willing to reach women through raising her daughter to know the requirements of success. She knows that if she is able to get her daughter to run a successful career, then Malini Saba herself is successful.


One thing that Malini wants to give to women is the ability to value themselves. For one thing, women have been taught that they are less valuable than men. Yet at the same time, there has been a change in the dynamics between men and women. Malini is an example of a woman who has realized her own value and made her own life. While she has had to stand up in the face of opposition, she has managed to build a couple of successful ventures with Saban and Stree.


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