Nine9 is the Home of Talents.

Are you a model, an actor or an actress? Are you looking forward to establishing a successful career in modeling and acting? The place that nurtures you is none other than Nine9. It gives you perfect opportunity and supports you to start and also advance your career. Cali C tells of her success story. She reveals that there is much that she learned since she joined Nine9. She says that the Meet $ Greet instructors are not mean with their experience and knowledge. They readily share it, and this has made Cali C very grateful. She goes ahead and appreciate her photo shooting experience with Greg Daniels and describes it as amazing. After being part of Nine9, Cali C has started seeing responses to the applications she had made on casting. She excited and appreciative. See Photos .

Cali C is not the only one with these sentiments. Lorena C is a model. She is glad to announce that she began working with I Rock Fashion and Daniel Robert. She had an incredible experience in her first show and had a real connection with the audience, a thing that she loves. Black Fashion Week USA also hired Lorena. She owes her success to Nine9. Read GlassDoor Reviews .

Nine9 was started in the year 2003. Its mission was to offer tools and relevant resources for persons with talents to prosper. For the 12 years that the company has been in existence, it has experienced an enormous grow to the extent of becoming a national leader in casting. Values are responsible for this growth. At Nine9, teamwork is crucial. Nine9 has an experienced and organized staff with a top client relation. The team values customers and therefore treats them with respect and kindness. They work all through to ensure that the talents receive opportunities from its database contacts and also receive casting. There is a broad range of possibilities at Nine9 which include runway, music video, films among others. Watch Video Here . for more.

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