Todd Lubar – President at TDL Global Ventures

Todd Lubar is the TDL Global Ventures President. Todd Lubar is also one of the managing directors of the Legendary Investment Company. According to him, he always acknowledges the reason why business is located in a way that facilitates profit. When he founded his first company, he worked hard to activate the business through development fractions to assemble the most sophisticated platforms in business. Todd Lubar is also considered as a prominent businessman and serial entrepreneur based in the United States his reputation has preceded his folly in the business world. For over 20 years of professional experience, he has worked in the real estate industry to develop the most sophisticated platform for business achievements. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar is also considered as one of the most prominent mortgage entities in the industry. Since he was working at a local mortgage company, he has gained enough experience to be known as the most proficient real estate agent in the industry. He has also helped in the founding of more than 25 real estate industry agents in a way that facilitates better business capabilities. For those who are willing to entertain innovation, you can’t accept to eliminate better business deals. Todd Lubar is acknowledged for his business capabilities as a way of professional increment capacities. You can search him on Google.

Todd Lubar has also worked for several other industries than the mortgage industry. In the real estate environment, Todd Lubar has worked to develop the best solutions to those who have problems in the industry. He has also worked in the financial and business world as a financial capitalist. He is the founder of the Todd Lubar Capital Company based in the United States. With his vast experience in business and mortgage, he is pleased to serve humanity in a sophisticated way. He has also liberated his business for further business management schemes.

After working in the credit and finance space for over two decades, Todd Lubar realized that he wanted to help other people fulfill their dreams. For this reason, he decided to eliminate the most sophisticated barriers that bar people from acquiring the loans of their value.

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Kabbalah Centres are the Hub of this Ancient Wisdom

In 2016, over 40 cities around the globe have one or more Kabbalah Centres open, but the first was started in 1922 when RavAshtag founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel. Up until that time, Kabbalah has been a spiritual wisdom that was only passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

The name Kabbalah means received teachings or traditions, and though it is not a religion, Kabbalah has its roots in Judaism, This spiritual wisdom dates back to the foundation of the Jewish culture with Moses, and the study of Kabbalah was traditionally only available to the upper segment of priests and prophets.

When the first Kabbalah Centre was formed, it broke all the traditions of this belief because now anyone who was interested in learning about Kabbalism could come to the Centre.

Rav and Karen Berg came to the Kabbalah Centre in Israel and studied under Rav Ashtag for almost a decade. Then, they returned to America and started a Kabbalah Centre in NYC in 1985. This was the first Kabbalah Centre in the U.S. and the Bergs taught classes on the principles of Kabbalah and translated ancient Kabbalah documents into English.

By the year 2016, Kabbalah Centre offer much more than instruction. They have developed and become central meeting places. Besides instruction in the principles of this ancient wisdom from the elder Kabbalists, the members hold dinners monthly to share their ideas and the Centre has volunteering events so the members can reach out into the community to help those in need. Anyone who is interested is welcome to the classes and more information click here.

Today, there are five Kabbalah Centres in the U.S.: NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona and Utah, but the Internet has also opened up the world to Kabbalah. Streaming out of the LA Centre, the Kabbalah University is available 24 hours a day, In the past century, Kabbalism has grown from only being studied by a small group of people to letting the entire world learn about this ancient wisdom and its teachings. If there is no Centre in your city, go to for more information.

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UKV PLC Seeks A Greater Understanding Of The French Wine Industry

The London based wine merchant UKV PLC believes each and every wine consumer should know as much as possible to make an educated choice about the wine they are seeking to purchase, collect, or simply enjoy drinking. Unlike most wines where the vineyard itself produces a label that gives an explanation of the grape variety used and some basic information, the French wine industry uses labels produced under government direction; labels in France create a different option for consumers as the concept of terroir remains influential for those who feel they enjoy the flavors and aroma’s of French wines.

Experts from UKV PLC explain the concept of terroir places as much value on the location grapes grow in as it does on the variety chosen for any wine; labels use the appellation system that rates the area a vineyard is located in up to the Appellation d’origine rating that is reserved for only the top wine producing locations in France. French wine experts believe the grape is important, but the climate and soil conditions of a vineyard also add flavor and subtle hints of the minerals found in the ground to add to the complexity of many French wines, according to the experts at UKV PLC.

The UKV PLC company offers consumers many benefits when looking to both buy and sell wines from all regions of the world. UKV PLC has built a network of contacts that include wine experts, fellow wine merchants, and private individuals who are contacted when the company attempts to aid a client in selling their prized wines.

Better Monitoring by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been around since 1986. The company is located in Dallas, Texas and its reach of operation extends all across the United States of America, and in recent years Securus technology started providing their service in Canada as well.


The company is a large one, and it is geared towards providing security solutions to business of any size, police departments, jails, prisons, and the likes. Securus Technology has also started providing services to large property owners and families.


The company of Securus Technologies has been making their customers very happy. The services they have provided their clients with, and the technology solutions have allowed clients to look after the safety of their property and businesses. Security and reliability are one of the features that a business requires in order to survive and grow. Securus technologies have provided clients with the means to prevent crime and to put an end to any ongoing crime that had been committed by corrupted members of the staff.


The many satisfied clients of Securus Technologies have expressed their satisfaction on the internet – on the website of Securus Technologies, on forums, and in public online letters. Both the technology and the software provided by the company have been performing up to par. Many of the reviews share the stories of success and crime prevention as well as about improved monitoring.


State prison officials have also expressed that the monitoring software and technology they have purchased from the company have been to their satisfaction. One of the reviews reads that the prison had been experiencing a lower level of security and the monitoring has also been less than what had been desired. The correctional facility had partnered up wth Securus Technologies and after the software and the technology had been installed, things have gotten noticeably better.


Sawyer Howitt: Racquetball’s Future

In order for a sport to succeed in the United States and arguably the world it needs a transcendent star. The NBA has LeBron, and before him Michael Jordan. Professional Men’s Tennis has the likes of Agassi, Sampras, McEnroe, and Connors.

At the present time, the sport of Racquetball lacks star power and predictably mainstream acceptance and recognition. Those in the know with the knowledge of the sport have been troubled by this fact for years. Racquetball is a great game that should be part of the national conversation when it comes to athletics.

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Fortunately, for Racquetball Aficionados everywhere the transcendent star that the sport has been waiting for has arrived. Sawyer Howitt, in his late teens, playing out of the Racquetball Club in Portland, Oregon is a name to remember. Should Howitt keep up his current pace, it is only a matter of time before he vaults into the national conversation and is the name to know when it comes to Racquetball.

While the majority of Howitt’s experience has come in the Oregon State High School Ranks, Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball future is bright. Possessing talent, charisma and an ever growing name recognition, it is only a matter of time before Sawyer Howitt, the future of Racquetball becomes the sports most recognizable name in the present.



Australian Invasion: Why Honey Birdette is winning the US lingerie war

In a move opposite to struggling US brick-and-mortar retailers, Australian brand Honey Birdette is expanding retail storefronts from three to forty stores by the end of next year. Success today is dependent on cyber innovation and Honey Birdette is no stranger to the e-commerce bandwagon.
With a whopping 375% increase in sales last year, Honey Birdette is offering consumers something they cannot find at antiquated lines like Victorias Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood. Consumers want fresh styles, brands like Victoria’s Secret have used the same fabrics, colors, and designs for decades. Most women abhor wearing the same brand of lingerie as their mothers.
The American consumer has fallen madly in love wth Honey Birdette. So much so that Honey Birdette is rolling out an extended selection, especially for the US consumer. Honey Birdette hasn’t forgotten the UK, branching out with additional ten stores to open in the United Kingdom alone.
What is more surprising is that Honey Birdette is Australia’s first sensuality boutique. The story begins as two friends sip champagne and wonder why there is an absence of couture quality lingerie. What is more stunning is that this happened in 2006, the Australians have been deprived for a really long time. Honey Birdette is a wonderful idea, not just targeting the good girl consumer- but providing play toys that historically have catered to “bad girls.” Whips and chains have gone mainstream like tattoos….now everyone wants one.
Their website, as well as their line, is- ultra sexy. Nothing subtle with a flair for the dramatic, Honey Birdette appeals to the performer, as well as the voyeur, in all of us. In a different category than Agent Provocateur or Trashy, Honey Birdette is at a reasonable price point. At $90 a set ($30 briefs & $50 for bras approximately), this retailer takes direct aim at the sluggish and uninspired mid-priced lingerie market. Victorias Secret and Fredericks do not stand a chance- America roots for Honey Birdette.

Tidal Promises Improvement with Desiree Perez Taking Charge

Tidal may be the underdog in the multi-dollar music streaming industry as at now, but Desiree Perez is putting efforts to change this status. In her declaration, Perez made it very clear that the company is here to stay and make profits.

The founder, Jay-Z, is an individual who knows how to protect his investment. Seeing the trend that Tidal has taken over the past few years with constant changes occurring in the management, Jay-Z did not give up his dream of joining the big leagues in music streaming business, check this on . This is why he went all the way and brought Desiree Perez, a renowned name in changing the music business world. This was Jay-Z’s strategy in doing more than just survival despite the stiff competition.

According to Desiree, the curiosity that fans get from these moves can be used to the advantage of the company and trigger its growth. Jay-Z may have employed different strategies to see his company thrive, but the most notable and commendable one was bringing Desiree to handle the multi-billion contracts, related story on  This is her forte and an area where she thrives best as evidenced by the different deals that she has been able to close before.

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Jay-Z may not be aware of how to handle the business but knowing who to bring in has worked to his advantage. Desiree has been a significant part of his transitioning from rap to music streaming business, a fit that is not as easy as she has made it appear. Perez has been successful in handling her own businesses, which can be viewed as a positive thing since it roves that she knows what she is doing, useful link here.

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A Review Of Sam Tabar’s Successful Career Up To This Point

Recently, Sam Tabar joined Awearable Apparel as the new chief financial officer. The inclusion of the financial expert in Awearables Apparel’s management team will provide the young company with the experience needed to overcome financial difficulties that it may encounter as it moves towards to a growth trajectory.

Sam plays an active role on the FullCycle Fund’s management team where he serves as the CFO. He is also charged with duty of providing the company with legal advice. The company seeks to provide the public with cheap and cleaner fuels. Ibrahim Al Husseini founded the company in 2013. His goal is to see the company transform polluting fuels found in municipal solid waste into environment-friendly fuels.

The entrepreneur has an impressive career history considering that he has worked for different leading corporations. Sam worked at Merrill Lynch as a capital strategy manager. Here, he worked closely with fund managers and coached them on various topics. He was also responsible for building his team and consulting on how to enhance the company’s operations.

In addition, the executive leader worked as a deputy manager of marketing at Sparx Group (PMA). Sam Tabar managed the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific. He was able to increase the company’s profitability margins in the region.

Over the years, Sam Tabar has invested in different businesses, including start-ups. These companies have hugely benefited from his financial assistance and mentorship. Sam was particularly impressed by the social objectives of Thinx.

This start-up seeks to empower women by providing them with feminine hygiene products. Most women in Africa have benefited from the company’s initiative. According to, Sam Tabar graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University. In addition, Sam holds a master’s degree in law from the esteemed Columbia Law School.

Soon after graduating from university, he worked as an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, & Flom LLP. While at the firm, he advised clients on hedge fund formation and structure, employment issues, compliance issues, and investment management agreement. To this end, he developed interests in the financial world. He worked for different corporations before he returned to practice law at Schulte Roth & Zabel LL as a senior associate.

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Tips for Managing your Company’s Online Reputation

The most successful businesses have a great reputation both online and offline. Therefore, the importance of online reputation is integral in business success. Managing of online reputation is something progressive. You cannot just work on it in one day. That is why most companies choose to hire professionals to do it for them. However, this does not mean that you cannot do a few things yourself. Here are some steps you can taking to enhance your online reputation.

Reputation Monitoring

Reviews on your business have the ability to make or break your business. It all depends whether you are able to stay on top of your game. As suggests, in order to do so, you need to ensure that your IT and PR function work in collaboration to identify negative articles on your company, immediately they are posted. Also, if your company handles highly sensitive data, you need to identify if there is breach within your company. Sometimes, poor reputation is geared by internal forces, rather than the externalities. So, be sure which is contributing to your poor reputation before you can come up with an action plan.

Claim Your Listing

Claiming of listings is often undermined. But, this is by businesses who do not understand just how important it is to your online reputation. Claiming your listing allows you to keep track of your reviews. This way, you can give timely responses to negative comments, thus, helping clarify the matter. Therefore, if you still haven’t claimed your listing with sites like Yelp, it is the high time you did.

Have Bad Articles Taken Down

If you are wondering if this is possible, the answer is yes. Although, the easiest way to deal with bad articles is to bury those using positive articles, there are professionals who can actually have your negative searches delisted.

Bottom Line

No one is immune to an attack on their online reputation. However, how strong e emerge from it is depend on how vigilant we were in the first place. Also, it depends on the strategies used to deal with the matter.

Alexandre Gama: Choosing An Advertising Expert In Brazil

Advertising is extremely important if you want to become successful in business. Alexandre Gama is a highly reputable and experienced professional and has done excellent service for numerous organizations and businesses in Brazil. Alexandre Gama has handle many well-recognized advertising campaigns that have helped build great brands.

Alexandre Gama carefully reviews his client’s needs to learn about their current advertising methods and strategies before determining the best way to handle the project. He has the expertise and resources to create winning advertising campaigns and he can make your product or company a household name.

From providing designing or developing advertising message to setting up a campaign and handling the advertising management, Alexandre Gama uses his expertise to provide top notch service to clients and help them reach their goals. Get in touch with Alexandre Gama and find out how he can help you with your advertising.