Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Makes Headlines at MarTech Advisors

Bob Reina is the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, a worldwide video marketing company. He has made media headlines with the release of his second article “Video Advertising Trends of 2017.” MarTech Advisor, a popular international source of marketing technology news and research, currently features Reina’s article. The article covered modern video styles and techniques used in 2016 and their significance in the 2017 marketing scene.


Reina said that he was glad to share his vision and perceptions with MarTech readers. He further emphasized that embracing video in marketing strategy will assist readers to grow intellectually and understand why now is the right time to adopt video marketing.


The Motivation behind Reina’s Article


Reina reminisced about his first product, Video Email, and his ability to explore the potential opportunities that existed in online video marketing. He emphasized that, even though it took some time for the concept to gain attention, companies around the world have gradually taken notice of it now.


Reina mentioned that his return to MarTech was motivated by the need to share essential tips on how to make use of video marketing and capitalize on its growing popularity in 2017. Reina shares his ideas, which are based on market analysis, consumer trends and the rising popularity of video products, with the IT experts at his firm. In his article, he describes the video as an invaluable asset to all marketers.


In May 2016, Reina, who also writes for the Huffington Post, made his first MarTech Advisor appearance with his article titled “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits.” The article became one of the most widely read expert opinion pieces in 2016. MarTech will share Reina’s new article with its 1.1 million subscribers as well as its global readership.


Talk Fusion


Bob Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 in Brandon, FL. Talk Fusion focuses on assisting businesses to overcome competition and raise their profits and sales. Similarly, it offers active strategies that aim to make marketing more memorable, interactive, and persuasive with video. As part of the company’s objective, it fosters a resilient commitment to giving back to communities and charities all over the world.





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