Tidal Promises Improvement with Desiree Perez Taking Charge

Tidal may be the underdog in the multi-dollar music streaming industry as at now, but Desiree Perez is putting efforts to change this status. In her declaration, Perez made it very clear that the company is here to stay and make profits.

The founder, Jay-Z, is an individual who knows how to protect his investment. Seeing the trend that Tidal has taken over the past few years with constant changes occurring in the management, Jay-Z did not give up his dream of joining the big leagues in music streaming business, check this on pagesix.com . This is why he went all the way and brought Desiree Perez, a renowned name in changing the music business world. This was Jay-Z’s strategy in doing more than just survival despite the stiff competition.

According to Desiree, the curiosity that fans get from these moves can be used to the advantage of the company and trigger its growth. Jay-Z may have employed different strategies to see his company thrive, but the most notable and commendable one was bringing Desiree to handle the multi-billion contracts, related story on templeofthecave.com.  This is her forte and an area where she thrives best as evidenced by the different deals that she has been able to close before.

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Jay-Z may not be aware of how to handle the business but knowing who to bring in has worked to his advantage. Desiree has been a significant part of his transitioning from rap to music streaming business, a fit that is not as easy as she has made it appear. Perez has been successful in handling her own businesses, which can be viewed as a positive thing since it roves that she knows what she is doing, useful link here.

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