What To Watch On HBO GO


The recent shows on HBO are easily binge-worthy, while some of them have a huge following of fans that can have endless conversations about the characters and the conflicts through which they endure.

The Night Of is a modern look at the prison and judicial system for a defendant of foreign descent and how they are treated based upon their ethnicity. It all starts with a top-notch college student attempts to go out to his first college party that winds up going awry and changing the rest of his life.

Game of Thrones is most likely the number one best shows on HBO Go and it doesn’t take long to see why. With characters that are easily relatable or inspiring going through constant trials and tribulations coupled with the uncertainty that they will survive each episode. This is an edge of your seat rollercoaster ride not for the feint of heart, because it is now common knowledge that the good guys don’t always prevail in this show while the villains come in multitudes of devious and monstrous ways, which makes it tough choosing a favorite character knowing that no one is safe from “The Game.”  Plus there are plenty of shows other than GoT to watch, especially if you’re sick of trying to find books like Game of Thrones to whet your appetite.

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